The Hard Truth Brother Al and Jesse Will Never Admit


This is strait from the FBI’s data base, CDC’s data base, and The U.S. Department of Education so if you have any problem with the numbers, its your personal bias not looking at the facts. I wrote a post talking about this same thing back in July 2013 called “The Hard Truth about Our Society and Its Downward Spin” and now we can see plain as our hand in front of our face, what I said would happen because of the lack of the family unit in our inner cities. As I have said before, I am a realist and look at many items as black and white because the truth is black or white; being impartial about facts is hard, it’s even harder when you are emotionally attached to the subject. You must separate yourself from your emotional bias and look at the facts no matter how hard the truth is to swallow.

I defend the police the majority of the time but not always because even though I know 95% of the police out there are good, there are many who are not, and in the big cities it is even worse due to what is known as “The Blue Brotherhood.” Most of the time in the big cities, we have a major problem with the lower income people not trusting the police and with all the stories you hear, just like with fairy tales, in what is said there is some truth. Martin Luther King when he protested was always non-violent which made the other side loose all credibility especially when seen across the nation. If you follow Dr. Kings teachings today, you would first pick cases that were the police were truly wrong; Michael Brown has all the evidence saying he didn’t have his hands up, assaulted the cop, was running at the cop, and all shots were in the front, not the back as some “witnesses” had said; he was a thug killed legitimately by a cop doing his duty! The Eric Gardener is a different story, the cop had been in trouble before and this time killed someone, unintentionally I believe, but Mr. Gardener is still dead. This cop did have violent tendencies shown in his official record, did use an unauthorized choke hold, and should have been indicted on charges and according to Dr. King, there should be peaceful protest stating this point. If the protesters would not have destroyed the property like you seen in Ferguson, you would have credibility but because you did destroy Ferguson and now have incited the murder of two cops, have lost all credibility. The part that Al Sharpton and the other race baiters will never admit is they are responsible for these police officers death just as much as the one who pulled the trigger; if they were not stoking the fires of hate, these two cops may still be alive today.

I do believe there are cases out there like the Mr. Gardener case which you should protest but when you have people on social media saying, kill every cop out there, no one is going to say a word when the cops kill the protesters and claims self defense; you have just given who you say is the aggressor a reason to escalate aggressions instead of reduce aggressions. I know Mr. Garner isn’t the only case where you have police brutality like Mr. Robert Davis (a black man) in Louisiana who was a school teacher which was captured on tape; the chief of police and the mayor of New Orleans were both black so are they racist against blacks? I’m sure there are plenty of more because in many big cities especially, the police have forgotten about “To Protect and Serve” and are running under the premise that they are untouchable. They do in many cases in big cities discriminate like shown here with two different protesters getting treated two different ways. Discrimination happens against all races but when you yell discrimination and police brutality in cases where it was not present, the people will get tired of your lies. Then when you have a real case, it will be ignored because you have no credibility and have cried wolf too many times. When your protest burns down a town or destroys property, once again, you have lost all credibility. The next time anyone goes to protest, no matter the race, ask yourself, what would Dr. King do, he was the best example for protesting we have ever had and he didn't stoke the fires like Brother Al and Jesse, he tried to bring peace.

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