Police Brutality: Stark Differences Over Michael Brown and Eric Garner Cases

My point has been proven unfortunately; I said when you take a thug like Michael Brown who was waiting on his court date for assault, who had just robbed a store, who had just assaulted a store owner, and assaulted a cop, then try to make him a poster child for “Police Brutality”, you are screwed in the head and will loose momentum or fail to get traction when it really happens. Now let’s take a look at Eric Garner, he had a criminal record but he also had a job and in his later years was known as the “Neighborhood Peacemaker”. They said he was resisting arrest but If you watch the video you will not see what I would call resisting arrest, or at least not in a violent way. This is where the liberal theology (both Democrat and Republican) comes into play and is actually was a contributor to his death. He was being arrested for selling single cigarettes without paying taxes; didn’t he pay the taxes when he bought them? The liberal theology says get all the money you can through taxes, it says you will be enslaved to our rules or suffer our wrath, and it says we will show you we can violate your US Constitutional rights and get away with it. Eric Garner lost his life because the liberals need control over all your life, and enforcement of that control no matter what happens to you.

Now let’s look at the cop’s side of things. With the Michael Brown incident you have Officer Darren Wilson who has had a perfectly clean record up to this point with no complaints or disciplinary actions and the race baiters want to say he was just looking to shoot a black man. These people are worthless just like the reporter who put his whole family at risk when she gave out his home address. In this case, this is where a thug met a cop and the cop did his job, if the thug would have followed the cops directions he would have still been alive. Now let’s look at Officer Daniel Pantaleo who put the illegal choke hold on Eric Garner that ended up killing him. The police department says he didn’t use a choke hold and it wasn’t illegal, just not allowed; wouldn’t that make it against police policies? Below is the Army’s Choke Hold view and Officer Daniel Pantaleo Choke hold, they are identical. 

Daniel Pantaleo had already been subject of two civil rights lawsuits in 2013 for falsely arresting and being over aggressive even ordering two black men to strip in the street (which is illegal); the charges against the men were dismissed. Now the grand Jury with all races just dismissed Officer Daniel Pantaleo charges as doing nothing wrong. If you have liberal judges who can limit what you can see, then you have basically seen a warning given to the community, mess with us and the same can happen to you; I wonder why they don’t trust the cops?

I am almost always on the cop’s side but I am a realist and if it is wrong, it is wrong. I would say on average 95% of all police are good people just wanting to do their jobs but many become drunk in their power or the Department they work for makes them worse to the public by having quotas, someone must be arrested in this event, or you must enforce these stupid rules the local government has made like taxing a single cigarette. The police has brought miss trust of their communities on themselves as well by having the “Blue Flu” when the unions don’t get their way, protecting bad cops behind the “Blue Curtain” because cops don’t rat on cops, and even taking things personal when they should be professional. I have cops in my family and it is interesting to see what they talk about when you’re just being quite and they don’t realize you are still there.

This is why there is so much distrust in police, the 5% taints the image of the other 95%, and when was the last time you seen a cop just walking the neighborhoods saying hi to the citizens, or when someone has a problem and needs to talk to a cop, the first instinct of the cop isn’t to arrest someone but try to constructively help the situation; this is how you gain a communities trust. But many of the cops are frustrated, the liberal legal systems release good collars before the police have even finished the paperwork. I have a friend in California who arrested an illegal alien MS13 gangbanger, the man was deported and all was well until my friend seen him on the same corner again 2 weeks later and here is were the liberal rub comes into play. Even though my friend knew he was in the country illegally, even though my friend knew he was a violent criminal, and even though my friend knew he was going to commit other crimes, according to California law, he can not touch him because he hasn’t seen him committed a crime; wait, wasn’t coming into this country illegally a crime? The police get frustrated and I understand but the citizens in these areas keep voting these same liberal politicians in who are making these same idiotic laws with the after effect of being less safe and then want to blame the cops for their problems; they need to look in the mirror. Get away from this Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi liberal mind set and start voting for politicians who believe in the Constitution and protecting our rights. Once you start getting the liberal judges out of the Supreme Court and all lower courts, then we will move away from the unrest we have today because when a criminal, civilian or cop, commits a crime, they will go to jail.

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