An EPA/IRS Law Needs to be Passed

In our laws and in our US Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, that is unless you are dealing with the EPA or IRS. Over the pass few years and being intensified in the last six years, both the EPA and the IRS have been taking peoples property, money, and even throwing them in jail without one charge being filed or any reason being given. These two agencies have bypassed the complete US Constitution by making up their own laws without going through congress, penalizing US citizens without due process, and targeting We The People for political reasons; this needs to come to an end!

The first part of this bill need to be written so that the States have final say so in all EPA matters dealing with their citizens property; before anything can be seized or frozen the state must agree with the findings and the EPA must have a valid warrant in detail about what evidence they have found, how they obtained it, and present it to a state judge; if there is no evidence or it was obtained illegally by trespassing, they cannot proceed.

Second, there must be a clearly defined roles that the state will allow the EPA to do in each individual state. Currently the EPA is trying to force it’s will on every state by saying it regulates all standing water, so if it rains you can’t do anything with that puddle in your front yard. A man who went through his state to get all the right paperwork and permits to build a pond was told he had to remove it of be fined by the EPA $1,000 a day, the state stud up for him and told the EPA to shove it and it is currently in court.

Third is, if anyone is caught targeting anyone or business for political reasons, they will be fired, will be banned from working in any area of government including schools, and will go to jail for a minimum of 10 year with no pardon available from the executive branch. This can apply to all agencies in the government.

Christine O'Donnell is a Tea Party activist and former Republican Party candidate best known for her 2010 campaign for the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden. She was targeted not once, but twice by the IRS, once during her campaign and the other just recently. When she confronted them, they finally dropped all charges but still haven’t returned all here money. They charge the public interest if we are late on a payment so shouldn’t they give interest when while they have your money? Christine O'Donnell along with hundreds of Democrats and Republicans were targeted by the IRS for disagreeing with the Obama administration. There were hundreds of more people and businesses, both Democrats and Republicans, targeted by the EPA for the same reason, they opposed the Obama administration. This is not only UN-constitutional, but immoral and unethical; for you people who think it doesn’t matter if someone does immoral and unethical actions in their private life, this is why it does. Their character and moral standard in their professional life will reflect the character and moral standard of their private life; if they don’t have any character and morals in one, they won’t have any in the other.

To add to the above, if money is seized by the IRS, they must pay interest on it at 5% APR compounded daily if they loose in court; the money will come out of their general fund and will not be subsidized. If the IRS is late on people receiving their tax returns, the same rule applies.

What is currently going on is tyranny and what our founding fathers warned us about. They warned us about activist judges who instead of interpreting the law have started making laws like we see with gay marriage and our American flag not being able to be worn on certain days because it offends people; if they are offended they can leave our country. These judges need to be removed from the court system; when a judge can overturn the will of the people to serve a political agenda, we have a problem. This problem is within all of our agencies, not just the EPA and IRS. We have judges signing off on open search warrants for the NSA which violate the US Constitution; we need to reel all these agencies back in.

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