Freedom of Speech or Not

I am a supporter of the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech but should there be a limit on freedom of speech? I say No, even though there are people spreading their vitriol, who is going to make the judgement of what should be limited. We already have a problem today when we refuse to call the truth what it is; Islamic Terrorist are Terrorist, Aliens crossing the US border illegally are Illegal Aliens, and a racist spewing hatred is a racist. I see people from all racist committing Racial Misanthropy, the problem is Political Correctness (PC). PC has brought most people to the point that they can’t see it or refuses to acknowledge this fact.  

Misanthropy-is the general hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature.

Racial Misanthropy-is the general hatred, distrust or disdain for a race of people.

We know these people as racist and they are in all races. All of them spew hate filled venom but they all have “Freedom of Speech” to do so; but should they and who is going to determine what is racist. I cringe every time I hear the N-word but I can’t hear hardly any Rap music without it using the N-word; that is their Freedom of Speech. The problem is the bias raised if any other race uses it which is a double standard. I hate all racist groups but if we limit their speech, where will the political correctness end. When it comes to racism and hate, you must understand there is true racism and hate and then there is perceived racism and hate. I have stood toe to toe against White, Black, and Latino racist, I will continue to do so but I have also seen Whites, Blacks, and Latinos who people assumed were racist when I knew they weren’t, and you not what assuming make you. There are several areas where these feelings are emotionally elevated, with symbols, with organizations, with businesses, and in today’s world, in social media.

The “Swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being"; it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. The “Nazi Party” took it and made it something racist and hateful, few realize that for 5,000 years before the Nazis, it meant the opposite. Today it is perceived as racist, hateful, and thanks to the Nazi Party, it still does and will for a long time. Many flags and emblems today carry historical meaning for people remembrance of their ancestors. At the beginning of WWII, the Japanese were as racist as you could get and the Japanese Battle Flag was offensive to all who fought them; but today it is just a symbol of the past. This is how many in the south view the Confederate Flag as a symbol from the past, most with ancestry in the south, it, just like the Kamikaze Flag, is a symbol of the past for most Japanese. I am from the south but you will never see me fly a Confederate Flag, but you will never see me say someone can’t fly it as well. I had family on both sides of the conflict but most people don’t even realize what the war was started over.

What everyone calls the “Confederate Flag” is actually the Southern Cross and wasn’t the flag of the Confederate Nation but a battle flag like the Kamikaze flag.

The actual first Confederate National Flag is shown above and was the “Stars & Bars”.

I have seen the Confederate Flag flown in different settings which were not racist in nature but due to ancestry and heritage as shown above.

I have also see celebrities wear it without anything being said unless they were white.

I have also seen racist organizations but with a hateful difference. There is no doubt that discrimination and bigotry still exists in groups like the KKK, NBP, La Raza, Arian Nation, Nazi Party, NAACP, and the National Action Network, but that hatred in in their hearts, not a flag or any other emblem. Any group that shows the general hatred, distrust or disdain for a race of people is being Misanthropic. When you see the Gays go after the Christians to try and destroy them, their business, and their lives because they believe differently, they are being Misanthropic. When you see a group exclude people based on their race such as KKK, NBP, La Raza, BET, Ebony, NAACP, Arian Nation, Nazi Party, and the Congressional Black Caucus, they are being Racially Misanthropic. Anytime you see a group dividing by race, it is a racist, bigoted group. Our constitution allows racist, bigoted groups to say what they want; it is a Freedom of Speech issue. If you want to burn the American Flag, the US Supreme Court says you can because it is a display of freedom of speech the same way it is if you fly the American Flag.

Freedom of speech in itself can be very offensive, I see people offended by many flag like the Confederate Flag, but also see them offended by the Rainbow Flag, La Raza Flag, New Black Panthers (NBP) Flag, Nazi Flag, Mexican Flag, Puerto Rico Flag, ISIS Flag, and many more. Anyone can find anything to claim you are a racist but flying one of the above flags is Freedom of Speech, not being racist. Is there any time when you can be discriminated against because of your Freedom of Speech? You may not know it but all Americans are not allowed to exercise their Freedom of Speech. In the US military you are limited in what you can say because the politicians are your boss, but what about normal people and businesses. Has political correctness stifled our Freedom of Speech even if you are telling the truth?

A female employee at a St.Louis non-profit organization was fired after her boss discovered (via Twitter) that she had been maintaining a secret sex blog. Her employer informed her, “We simply cannot risk any possible link between our mission and the sort of photos and material that you openly share with the online public.”

A female teacher at Barrow County, Georgia, was asked to resign from her job at Apalachee High School because of photographs and status updates she posted to Facebook. She was on vacation in Europe and some of her photographs included her visits to the Guinness Brewery and a local pub in Dublin showed her drinking alcohol and one update used an expletive. When the principal found out about the photos, she was told to render her resignation or face suspension.

Were these peoples Freedom of Speech violated? Unless there was something written in the hiring documentation I would say yes. Neither of these incidents effected their job or ability to do their job. It looks to be political correctness rearing its ugly head, but can firing be justified because of your speech?

A waiter at the Beverly Hills Barney Greengrass, had Hung actress Jane Adams skipped out on a $13.44 tab. Her agent called and paid the bill but didn’t give a tip. The waiter, complained on Twitter in which were seen by Ms. Adams a month later. Ms. Adams gave the waiter a $3 tip, then had the manager fire him.

He could have hurt the business but he was telling the truth, Jane Adams was the criminal in this case but showed how much of an arrogant ass she was by getting the waiter fired. This just shows the elitism and vindictiveness of liberals. You saw the same when Speaker of the House John Boehner went after everyone who voted to remove him as speaker. If the government keeps chipping away at our freedom of speech, trying to pass bills like the “Fairness Doctrine”, we will lose our freedom of speech.

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