What is the Main Causes of Racism in the America?

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery in 1865, so it has been 150 years and we still have problems; why? From what I have seen, and I have been in every state but two, racism comes from two main areas; race indoctrination and perversion of racial facts. Many people have racism ingrained into them from the time they are babies, Whites, Blacks, Spanish, Muslim, and all other races. There is not one race out there that doesn’t have a racist faction in it, these factions teach from the time of birth, their children to hate sometimes specific groups, and in other cases, every other group. These factions can pervert a religion to be racist, follow a religion to be racist, it can be racism totally void from religion, or it can be out of fear of another group, founded or unfounded. The second reason is because many want to blame their failure, or their races failure on other races, they refuse to believe the truth about their own race. This is compounded when they trust the lies politicians have been telling them forever without ever checking out the facts from an unbiased source.  

Anytime you bring up racism in America, the first response you get is slavery. Do you recognize the name Anthony Johnson? Mr. Johnson was the first person according to colonial records to own a slave in 1655; Mr. Johnson was Black. Many people in America have been taught and believe that blacks were the only permanent slaves in America, but they are wrong. Not only were the Blacks permanent slaves, but the Chinese, Indians, the Irish, and many others Europeans and non-Europeans were all permanent slaves in America. The majority of the time these slaves were sold into slavery by their own kind; Blacks by tribal leaders, Chinese by their own government, Indians by conquering chiefs, and Protestant Irish by Catholic Irish, so on and so forth. Slavery is still alive and well in almost every Islamic nation yet over half of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council are made up by these countries and other known human rights violators; doesn’t this seem off to you?

Many Liberals want to pervert history to say what they want instead of the truth, this is because the truth will end their false narrative and then they would lose their standing and power. This is the main reason anytime something happens that could be considered racist, they start the blame game without any evidence on their side to show it was racist. In the past 25 to 30 years, it has been a pretty even playing field, the problem is the Liberals who control the big cities have put almost all of their residence into Economic Dependent Slavery most of whom are minorities. There is no chains or cages, just free handouts; this kills their motivation, dreams, and mostly effect minorities holding them into this vicious circle. Now you have almost every major inner city collapsing under these unsustainable liberal policies like Detroit, once the icon for what every liberal city will be; but it still is, a failure.

When you teach racism, everything viewed will be through a racist slant, just take the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case for an example. In 2006, the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case was where Gail Mangum, who was a striper, falsely accusation three men of rape because they wouldn’t give in to her trying to extort them for more money. Brother Al and Jesse was accusing these “White Men” of everything under the sun including racism, but once the evidence came out there was egg all over their face. Gail Mangum did had sex with three people, but the DNA reported them all Black and one was her boyfriend. Did Brother Al and Jesse ever apologies for the hell they drug these men and their school through; No! Why, because they are racist. The New Black Panthers leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, threatened these men’s lives and nothing was done by the US Justice Department which at that time was under a Republican President; why? What if it would have been the KKK or Arian Nation threatening three black men, would the US Justice Department have done something then?

These days it is even worse, a word is only racist if a certain race says it? No, it is racist no matter who uses it; so why are the leaders of the different races not teaching their people it as wrong? The new racist phrase is, “they have a micro-aggression of racism”; give me a break. On the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) campus, students announced a protest against the UCLA Education Professor, Val Rust for creating a, “hostile and unsafe climate for Scholars of Color”. The students claimed they had been victimized by racial “micro-aggression”; what was the offence Mr. Rust did? Mr. Rust’s offence was correcting the student’s grammar and spelling; can you say “Crying Wolf again.” I have seen real racism from professors, you could take Professor Saida Grundy comments:

The bad thing is she is still teach there, there was really nothing done to her even after she made fun of White Rape Victims. What if a white male would have said this? This pillar of the community was Charged & Arrested for setting up Sex Profile to frame a rival; just the type of person we want molding our children.

Even when the system does something right, like the University of Memphis, by firing racist professors like Zandria Robinson, the collegiate system has a way of screwing it up again. She has now been hired by Rhodes College, across town from the University of Memphis and the faculty is not too happy with it. In my opinion any professor or school teacher for that fact, who is blatantly racist should NEVER be allowed to teach again. The only three people I hold in this standing is child abusers, child molesters, and racist because all are violating their victims, mentally and physically, just in different manners. Until we get these racist teachers and their protectors out of the school system from kindergarten to doctorates, we will never get rid of the majority of racism. Until we get rid of the racist community organizers like Brother Al and Jesse, we will never get rid of racism. And last, until we get rid of a government overreach or economic justice system which uses handouts to hold people in fiscal slavery, we will never get rid of racism. Covering up racism from any group doesn't help anyone, but you can see it happening in Cincinnati Ohio. You wonder what fuels racism between all the racist; it is cover ups like this one. When real racism happens, it will be considered a farce and people will start taking the law into their own hand like you see in all the big cities today; think about it. 

We can beat racism but first we must hold our own communities and the people within them accountable for their actions or inaction. We in our communities need to push everyone within our communities to be a contributing part of our communities instead of leaches. Once we from across all our communities, racial, religious, and economical quit blaming other for our position; once we from across all our communities start having pride in our work, most of the racist factors will die because we will then have a purpose. If we keep blaming others from all races for our economic position demanding handouts for doing nothing, racism will never end.

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