Islam Will Be the Death of Our Country

A wise man once said, “Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it” Edmund Burke. You can add to this, “Those who don’t learn from the doom of others will themselves be doomed” Me! If we looked at our history and the history of other nations, you can see the truth about Islam as a whole. Thomas Jefferson ordered the translation of the Quran because he understood the Violent Islamic society is our enemy as well as any peaceful society. He understood to defeat an enemy of freedom you must know the society, you have to discover their beliefs, find their end goals, and their weaknesses. After reading the Islamic Holy Book, Thomas Jefferson became its most harsh critic as a religion (as he was of all Abrahamic religions). He discovered by reading the now translated Quran that the Islamic religion belief were contradictory to freedom. He discovered they were commanded to lie, rape, and murder to the point of genocide all non-Muslims and were proud of their god being known as the “Great Deceiver” which in President Jefferson’s Bible was known as Satan. He found out through their holy book and their own words and actions that any who are not Muslim are not worthy to live. What Thomas Jefferson found back in the early 1800s is still true today, if you want proof, just watch the news. Our nation was built on premises that the Islamic world will never stand for, integration, equal rights for all, Freedom of or from Religion, Freedom of Speech, and freedom itself.

When I first started my blog it was because I notice not only the news agencies, but the government was covering up Islamic viciousness not only across the world but on American soil. When I wrote, “The Truth about Terrorist Attacks on American Soil” back in 2013, it was after years of seeing the truth about Islam in their countries first hand and our government acting like they are a friend of America. There has been many good Muslims try to integrate into the America’s melting pot only to be threatened or be a victim of an honor killing. The statistics from the FBI web site showed that 77% of all terrorist attacks on US soil was committed by Muslims. Our government for the last 40 years has never really tried to subdue this hateful enemy. The only harsh response was after 9/11 and that only lasted a short time. When the FBI has a list of 35 plus Muslim Terrorist Training camps in America, why are we not eradicating them? Isn’t the government’s primary purpose to protect its citizens? When we look at other countries who are ran under Islamic Law (Sharia Law), who our liberal politicians call a Peaceful Religion, we can openly see the Atrocities, and Honor Killings committed in the name of the Muslim Religion. Their actions and the facts speak loader then words, unfortunately in some areas of America, Sharia Law is already being practiced within America’s borders. If you are from the LGBT crowd, any religion crowd, and even the atheist crowd, you should really be paying attention because according to them, you are to be killed on the spot in many cases. We have US Judges of Muslim descent protecting violent Muslim perpetrators and not the American People.

According to the Federal Government (if you believe them), they stop 1,000 Islamic attacks for every 1 that is successful, this is really outstanding until you look at the gravity of the facts. The violent Islamist succeeded with 85 successful attacks on US soil (that we know of), that means there has been around 85,000 attempts. One thing the Islamic Terrorist world has mastered is what is known as “Lone Wolf Attacks” (Single Person Attack) and “Small Group Attacks” (Cell Attacks) which is hard to trace to any specific Masque or group unless they take credit for the attack. You need to ask yourself two question, “Do you feel safe?” and “Do you believe your children and other loved ones will be safe?” What happen in Tennessee can happen at your work site, you kids schools, and can even be worse. Hezbollah and Hamas are infamous for blowing up school buses and shooting up schools and so we will see this as well. We are allowing over 127, 000 visas to Muslim people, they come from the same countries who say they want to kill us with an estimate population of 1.62 million in the US, many on expired visas. A question for you; how many of the 9/11 terrorist were on expired visas? All 19 of them. How much havoc could 1.62 million Islamic Terrorist or supporters of Islamic Terrorism create in America? Think about this, if Faisal Shahzad’s car bomb in New York’s Time Square would have detonated, there would have been thousands of casualties from the blast as well as the falling glass. The Islamic Terrorist have been planning a Biological/Chemical attack in the US since the early 1960s and succeeded in Dalles, Oregon on 29 August 1984 effecting close to 800 people in what is known as the Rajneeshee bioterror attack. If these Islamic Terrorist ever get a kilo of Anthrax to the top of a skyscraper in a big city and let it go, there will be hundreds of thousands of casualties.

When you have any Liberal Politicians from either party who care more about getting votes then protecting Americans, we have a problem. When you have a Liberal Secretary of State refusing to send extra security to an embassy after multiple probing attacks, Benghazi is what you will get which shows she doesn’t care about the people. When you have a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, the wife of a top Muslim Brotherhood leader (yes, the terrorist group), Mohammed Morsi, it makes you wonder who has her loyalties. When you have terrorist groups or country like Iran calling for the destruction, why would you give them money and relax sanctions. I guess after President Obama and Hillary removed known terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood off the Terrorist Watch List, you don’t have to wonder anymore; actions speak louder than words. Could it be because President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founders and leaders? If you put this all together with Hillary’s illegal private server that was wiped before it could be interrogated, you have to ask the question of Why? If Hillary wasn’t doing anything illegal and treasonous, why would she wipe all the information? If Hillary wasn’t doing anything illegal and treasonous, why would her server be listed under a non-existent man’s name? I wonder just how many of America’s secretes went through that illegal, unsecured private server of hers to terrorist groups, nefariously or on purpose? She should be in jail, I work for the federal government and if I would have done what she did, I would be in jail. Oh but wait, she is a liberal elitist, the rules don’t apply to them, only the common folks. Is this who you want to protect your children?

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