Liberal Theology, the Dictionary Definition of Ignorance

I slam liberals a lot and had an email asking why I hated Democrats. I don’t hate Democrats, I hate liberals and there are enough of them in the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party. Not only do you have the destructive Democratic Liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbra Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Sheila Jackson Lee, and President Obama, but you have the destructive Republican Liberals like Chris Gibson, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Jeb Bush. No wonder the American people are so upset, they have no choice against the Ignorant Theology of Liberalism.

The Rules of Liberalism.

  1.   Make up facts to support your agenda, if caught, have others including the media liberals echo your talking points as fact.
  2. If you can’t beat someone on merit, dig up or fabricate dirt on them until the pressure is too much. 
  3. If they can withstand the pressure, threaten their family, including children with harm. 
  4. Remove all rights from the people that you can, the less rights the people have, the easier it is to control them.
  5.  Infiltrate the education system (including collages) and remove any American history that complicates your long term goals. An example is like the KKK is a conservative group when they in truth were created by Democrats to be the strong arm of enforcement in the Democratic Party.
  6.  Make everyone you can dependent on the government through entitlements, the more dependent on the government they are the more control over you have.
  7.  Always tie wasteful spending to an untouchable bill like Defense Bill, Education Bill, or a Medicaid Bill so if someone opposes it because of what you attached, you can say it is the other and vilify them. 
  8.  If in charge of a house of Congress, order the complete submission of others in your party, if they don’t or dare to oppose you, pull them off any committees and prevent them from getting funding for reelection.
  9.  Pick and choose which laws you will support and bypass any laws you don’t like; derelict your duty for the greater good of your hidden agenda.
  10.  Remember the rules don’t apply to you, if a member of a US Agency targeting political opponents no matter how illegal. If I am a minority, I can say stuff that you can’t if you are not a minority or a liberal.
 University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler, who is a black female, says Dr. Ben Carson is worthy of a “Coon of the Year Award”. If a professor anywhere would have said that about President Obama, they would be immediately fired, but she is a liberal. This is the prejudice evolving in America today, when some liberal groups are afforded special consideration it is prejudice against all other groups not afforded the same opportunity. The N-word is looked on as the epitome of racism yet liberal black will say it with impunity; if it is wrong for one to say, it is wrong for all to say. If a liberal, even a white one uses the N-word it is pushed by the liberal media as they just misspoke, but if any non-liberal does, both barrels come out blasting. If anyone says something sexist about a liberal female, NOW who is supposed to be for women’s rights and equality will be firing with both barrels (rightfully so). But if it is a non-liberal being attacked they are silent; this is the epitome of hypocrisy. When you have people saying, “Black Lives Matter” which is true and a liberal steps out of line and says, “All Lives Matter” which is truer, they will be attacked unmercifully until they get back in line with the liberal agenda. Don’t all lives matter? When you have a Congress Woman like Eleanor Holmes Norton say the evidence and facts doesn’t matter then what does?

If liberals believe the truth doesn’t matter which will be identified by the evidence, than we are living in tyranny. We are living in tyranny and most Americans don’t even recognize it. When you keep taxing the hard working Americans to give to the lazy and illegal, this is tyranny. When you have the state of California trying to dock you pay for going to the restroom, you have tyranny. When you are a politician and use Imminent Domain to seize another’s property for your personal gain, this is tyranny. When you try to hide the truth like in Benghazi and falsely accuse an innocent film maker then persecute him, this is tyranny. When you have California passing legislation like the “Fair Pay Law”, which isn’t for fair pay for all, just women. The Fair Pay Law focuses on fair pay for women but don’t everyone else matter? The law is so ambiguous that “Fair Pay” isn’t even defined so it’s left up to interpretation; this is once again tyranny. When you have the Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In US, you know they are trying to remove the US Constitution and your rights that go with it.

Liberalism doesn’t work, look at the “Gun Free Zones (GFZ)” where no guns are allowed to be carried. Cities with GFZ have 70% on average of the crimes committed in the GFZ, Why, because criminals know they will be safer in a GFZ and targets will be unarmed. Haven’t you noticed every mass shooting is in a gun free zone? Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon is a GFZ, people will saying that isn’t a GFZ but the liberal administration there have a policy that any faculty carrying a firearm even if you have a CCL will be fired and any student will be expelled. Just read about Western Oregon University. Think about it, if a student or faculty member was allowed to carry their gun, you may not have had 10 dead and 9 injured; whose child died needlessly because of this school policy?

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