Freedom of Religion and the Quran


Before we get started, we need to understand our history that many Liberals try to twist and discredit for their own agenda. Our Founding Fathers like all humans did make mistakes but they still set the foundation for the greatest country that has ever been. At the beginning of our great nation, our Founding Fathers set “Religious Freedom”, but it isn’t what permeates through our society today. Our nation was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and the freedom of a Judaeo-Christian religion, no matter your denomination. While under English rule, any other religious establishment other than the “Church and Society in England” which was a government ran by the church was considered blasphemy and received merciless persecution from the English. The only two religions known to the majority of people and believed to be righteous was Judaism and Christianity, but they believed it was between the individual interpretation of Judaism and Christianity and their creator, not a bureaucratic government. The Founding Fathers wanted any and all Judaeo-Christian religions to be able to be practice without government persecution.

We as Americans were still a young nation when our third president, Thomas Jefferson ran into our first taste of another religion, the Islamic religion and it terrorism known as the Barbary Pirates. Thomas Jefferson was fundamentally a man of peace and did not know anything about this Islamic religion or its core beliefs. He ordered the Quran, the Barbary Pirates holy book to be translated into English so he could read it to find its foundation and a way to peacefully end these unprovoked attacks. He always believed in negotiations before war, however after reading the Quran he realized because of the Islamic belief, negotiations would never work.

He realized with verses like Quran 48:29, which according to the Quran says any other religion, including atheism must be destroyed that they would never want peace. He recognized the hatred in this Islamic ideology which was spelled out in the Quran toward all other religions ran through its religion and state of government because they are one in the same. He realized the Quran in verses 5:33 and 9:29 would try and force all Americans to give up their freedom and be forced to convert to Islam or be put to death, he realized Quran 16:106 wasn’t freedom. America would be facing the threat of uncontrolled piracy along the Barbary Coast and America unless he put an end to it. He knew he wouldn’t be able to trust them because the Quran verse 3:54 refers to Allah, the Islamic god, as the great deceiver, how could he trust a religion based in deception. The final blow against Jefferson’s peaceful desires was Quran verse 3:28 which tells the Islamic people to never make non-believers friends.

Today as far as the Islamic religion nothing has changed, it is still greedy, self-absorbed, and murderous. There are some believers in the Islamic religion who do not feel that way but they are the minority to the bully, if they raise up in protest, they will be slaughtered in honor killings. This happens regularly in the open overseas, it also happens quite often in America but is covered up by the American Islamic Leadership. When we talk about terrorist attacks on American soil, the FBI says only 1 of every 1,000 Islamic attacks succeed. There has been 85 successful Islamic attacks that our government has admitted, using the FBI’s calculations tells us Islamic terrorist have tried around 85,000 times to attack America; does this sound like a friend? How many more attacks would have been averted, how many more lives would have been saved if we had secured boarders, actively tracked visa expirations, and better vetted asylum seekers? We may have averted the Chattanooga Recruiter attacks, Fort Hood Shooting, and even 9/11 but liberals and political correctness got in the way. When you look at the history of our foundation, and when you look at the US Constitution, our Founding Fathers stated that all government officials are to be up standing and beyond reproach; currently all we have is mainly political crooks who are 100% greed driven. They will not stand up for the truth or speak the truth. If any religion preaches deceit and calls their god the master of deception, would you believe them to be up standing and beyond reproach?

The problem we have in America is our politicians from both parties, they have replaced common since and love of our country with political correctness and tyranny which has left America and its people venerable to attack and in danger. President Obama gave up 5 Taliban Generals for a deserter, does this sound like a decision to make us safe? He pulled out of Iraq and ignored his generals allowing 100,000 people to be murdered by this same Islamic faith he says is has a “proud tradition of tolerance.” No Mr. President, they have a proud tradition a religious oppression, raping, torture, and murdering the innocent, just ask the 100,000 now dead people. Mr. President, why did you sign the Iran Nuclear deal after they before violated it before you signed it? You have some people saying President Obama is a Muslim, with statements like “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”, and “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam”; well Mr. President, you may be trying to keep America out of war with Islam but they are trying to kill us. What do you call it when they keep trying to kill your fellow countrymen, it’s not work place violence! I have yet to hear him say anything as profound about his “Christian Faith” and you can’t have two masters. When you look at his direction to bring Muslim refugees from Iraq to America but refusing to bring Christian refugees, I believe these people may be right. When are we going to once again vote in politicians who will be “up standing and beyond reproach?” The political establishment from both parties need to go.

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