Hilary and the Liberals at It Again-Gun Control

Every time someone is killed by a gun in this country the liberals goes nuts, even though most liberals stay in that state of mind. They never talk about the people saved because of guns like the Texas man who saved a pinned down cop, the Georgia mom who saved her family from a convicted felon breaking into their home, the Illinois neighbor who prevented the rape of a 12 year old girl by an illegal alien, or even in my case where it prevented a carjacking; my car. There are thousands of stories but the liberal news will not cover them. Now Hilary Clinton wants to make it so shooting victims can sue the gun manufactures; let’s put that to the idiot test for checking how really idiotic is a person’s idea.

Using the same standard, if you are killed by a knife, your relatives should be able to sue the knife manufacturer. If you are hit and killed by a car, your relatives should be able to sue the car manufacturer. If you drinks too much and die of alcohol poisoning, your relatives should be able to sue the alcohol manufacturer. If you as a fan of baseball gets hit by a foul ball and die, your relatives should be able to sue the ball manufacturer. If you die of obesity, your relatives should be able to sue the fork, knife, and spoon manufacturer. These along with the Hilary Clinton’s wanting to hold the gun manufactures responsible for the deaths caused by their product shows the vast ignorance of the liberal ideology. Do I need to go any farther; manufactures don’t kill people, people kill people.

As you can see it doesn’t pass the idiot test. Liberals say they are for equality and want to have a discussion but they are not and it is amplified with guns. If they are really for equality, why don’t they go after Muslim bakeries and flower shops who won’t serve gays like they do Christian shops? Why won’t they call Muslim Extremist, well Muslim Extremist? They will call any Red Blooded American who owns a gun an Extremist. Why won’t they call the illegal alien murderers what they are, murderers? They do like to call our military and any cop who kills a minority a murderer even if it is in self-defense. Why don’t they call the doctors who murder millions of the innocent children every year Murderers? They will call the executioner of a convicted murderer a murderer. If they think guns are so bad and evil, why don’t all of them including President Obama have all their protection be unarmed? They can put the whole capital in a “Gun Free Zone” than you know no one would have a gun. All a “Gun Free Zone” does is tell criminals where to find unarmed victims, just ask the Aurora Co. shooting. One nut case passed five other theaters to go to the Aurora Theater, why, in his words, “It would be safer”. One person with a gun could have stopped this massacre but then they would have been stripped of their rights to own a gun for being in a “Gun Free Zone” with a gun; did that stop James Holmes? Cities with, “Gun Free Zones” like Chicago have more murders committed within the “Gun Free Zones” then outside them, why, criminals know they are safe. A better question is why are we having all this violence?

Liberal policies cause more deaths than any other cause in America. Their attack on respect, honor, religion, and patriotism is the catalyst for most of the violence you see today. When liberals teach our children the military and cops are forces of evil, the children will lose all respect for them and view them as an enemy. The ironic thing here is every police union in the US supports the liberal politicians so they are supporting the very ones who are putting them into danger. The liberal teaching that America is and always will be an immoral besides being untrue, takes away hope from the children in our country. More people are killed by the liberal’s mass push and allowance of entitlements than any other thing. The people not seeing this is a liberal way to control them, now think they deserve free money and the ones who have it owes it to them. These liberal policies have led to poor communities having up to a 75% out of wedlock birth rate which almost ensures that mother and child will remain poor for their entire life. If you look at the percentage by race of the poor from the inter cities, the minorities are the highest yet they still vote for these liberals who are using social slavery to hold them down. The liberals claim a 5.1% unemployment rate but it is actually 12.6% nationwide according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and up to 40% in the inner city minority communities. Because of this liberal tactic in these same poor minority communities, with the growth of hopelessness, the uneducated, and disrespect of other, violence rises. This is what causes the many deaths of the children in these communities yet they will all still vote liberal.

If you really want to hold someone responsible for murder, why don’t you hold Hilary Clinton responsible for the four people in Benghazi who she allowed to be murdered? She and President Obama tried to cover it up afterwards, wouldn’t that be called tampering with evidence? Hold the liberal starting in the LBJ administration who diverted the rise of the minority community from education, job opportunities, and the American dream to entitlements. This, combined with letting every non-American cross our borders and take jobs from Americans is what has led to these murders, not the manufacture of an inanimate object. The sad part, these communities who have been destroyed by these liberal policies still vote for their Liberal Economic Slave Masters politicians; why is one question I can’t answer.

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