US Corruption Fighters are Corrupt, Anyone Surprised?

Everyone knows most every politician out there are corrupt, that is why we hate and love them. True Americans hate the corruption because all it does is bring our country down to the level of the countries we despise. When any ordinary citizen in America gets caught red handed committing a felony, espionage, or compromising National Security protocol, they are not just thrown under the bus (rightfully so), but made to be an example. Bradley Manning, is a good example, he released classified documents in a non-classified computer environment which is a violation of the Espionage Act; he is now serving 35 years. He should have received the death penalty, his illegal information release was the direct cause of others deaths but liberals have taken the teeth away. So what does this have to do with Corrupt US Corruption Fighters and Corrupt US Politicians? Everything.

When you talk corruption, you have to remember that it is not just corrupt politicians who are destroying America, but also corrupt school leaders, cops, journalist, Lawyers, District Attorneys, Appointed Secretaries, judges, and even are secretive 3 digit agencies. When you have a bushel of apples and one is rotten, if you don’t remove the rotten one, it will make the others turn rotten faster. We need to start removing the rotten apples in America or there won’t be an America to defend and protect. Politicians, school leaders, cops, journalist, Lawyers, District Attorneys, Appointed Secretaries, judges, and 3 digit agencies are all supposed to be fighting corruption and showing the public right from wrong. Unfortunately liberals and political correctness has taken over and all the above follow a liberal agenda instead of the US Constitution and what is right.

School leaders-These liberals say they want to stop bullying in our schools but wrote the policies that punish a football player for taking up for blind kid getting beat by a bully; political correctness at its best. They should have suspended everyone recording it on their cell phones instead of defending the blind kid. They say they are trying to protect the children when they suspended a 7-year-old student for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape that could be considered a gun but allow a Sikh student to bring a Kirpan (sword or dagger) for religious reasons. Guns are part of my religion so can my kid bring one to school for religious reasons? Political correctness (PC) gone to the dark side again.

Cops-Most cops are good and we need to support them, the problem comes with the “Blue Blood” mentality. The “Blue Blood” line is where even the good cops overlook or do not report bad cops because you as a cop you don’t cross the “Blue Blood” line. This is the worse in big liberal cities like New York, LA, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and many others. You have cops like Shawn Glans abusing his authority and committing assault, he finally resigned but I bet this wasn’t his first offense. I will be surprise is the liberal police union don’t try to get his job back. The police are supposed to protect and serve us which 95% do, but the other 5% is abusing their power need to be removed, they are putting the other 95% and American citizens in danger.

Journalist-Journalist when this country was made was to prevent the political side of the house from being corrupt by its freedom in reporting the truth they found. Now they report whatever fits their agenda. The liberal media was all Kim Davis for violating people’s rights relentlessly? Why when a liberal group like Planned Parenthood who violated the law by selling body parts, they don’t go after them with the same fervor? Oh that’s right, they won’t tell the truth if it puts their agenda in a bad light. Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards says she’s proud of Planned Parenthood's actions and that the videos are edited. The videos were not edited, liberals when caught doing illegal offenses (selling body parts) always lie and say it isn’t true, even when caught on video. Why do liberals want to end the death penalty against murders but support the murder of innocent children? The media is supposed to be one of the US Corruption Fighters but they too are corrupt to the core. Why do you not see when people with guns do brave acts like a Texas man saving a pinned down cops life? It goes against their liberal agenda.

Lawyers-Lawyers are to defend each client to the best of their ability and not discriminate against any client based on age, religion, race, sex, or political party; it’s the law. They are just as corrupt as anyone else with power. It can be as low keyed as the group of Divorce Lawyers in Detroit Michigan called DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women) who will only take females as their clients; isn’t that discrimination? Yes! Yet I don’t see the ACLU, NAACP, or even the US Attorney General going after them like they did Kim Davis. Where are all these liberals wanting to do what is right? They are only there if it fits their agenda. It could be as big as stealing peoples farms like Monsanto. This liberal congress and liberal President Obama even passed a 'Monsanto Protection Act', HR 933 Provision to protect one of biggest liberal donors while removing farmer’s rights. Liberals always slam conservative on “Big Business”, Big Business doesn’t get any bigger then Monsanto.

District Attorneys-District attorneys are supposed to enforce the US Constitutional rights and law evenly and fairly but in many instances, they are the worse violator. These Liberal DAs have done worse than the Liberal lawyers. You even have flat out US Constitution Civil Rights violations. The liberal Acting District Attorney of Long Island NY, Madeline Singas, has violated everyone who works under her civil rights by banning them from owning a gun. Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA School of Law, said Monday the policy violates an individual's Second Amendment rights as well as an important New York state statute but this won’t stop liberals. Madeline Singas is a liberal DA and doesn’t care if she is abusing her power and violating peoples Constitutional Rights. They will pass ordinances turning misdemeanors like public drunkenness, violating curfew, and even jaywalking into felonies. Why you ask, because liberals can’t win the 2nd Amendment fight on merit so as the liberal battle cry goes, “By Any Means Possible Legal or Otherwise.”

Appointed Secretaries-How many places I can go with this. First as president, are to select Secretaries who will garner trust and respect of the people; you have selected the worse ones in history Mr. Obama; of course you are a liberal. It has even gone to the point of getting a US Ambassador killed due to following a liberal political agenda as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton did by dereliction of her duties. President Obama and Secretary Clinton who watched the attack in real time, then tried to blame it on a video no one ever knew existed. Or what about US Attorney General Eric Holder refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers (NBP) for voter intimidation after being told it on was video and a slam dunk conviction. I can go on for years.

3 Digit Agencies-I have worked around several three digit agencies in the past, the CIA was the worst and the FBI was the best. The FBI was the only one I really saw doing it “By the Book” and not going on a rogue; I guess that is no longer true. The FBI went after Bradley Manning with vengeance because he released classified documents in a non-classified computer environment; isn’t this the same thing Hilary Clinton did? What Bradley Manning didn’t do was illegally remove the “Classified” markings or direct their removal, this is what Hilary Clintons text messages show her doing. The FBI has refused to turn over the emails they have recovered on Hilary Clinton as ordered by a Federal Judge. The agencies sworn to protect the US and its people are now nothing but political pawns. Liberalism is the root cause of corruption, and when I say liberalism I am not saying Democrats, there are many Liberal Republicans as well. The FBI went after Bradley Manning “Balls to the Walls” rightfully so; why haven’t they done the same with Hilary? Do we now have a class of people above the law? You can watch the ones from both Democrat and Republican who we vote into office to stop the corruption, cause more corruption, even corrupting the three digit agencies. You selected the IRS- Lois Lerner who systematically targeted political opponents and their supporters. She unlawfully used the IRS to target the Tea Party Groups, Conservative Groups, and even Religious Groups, anyone going against the liberal Democratic agenda and are still doing it. You have the EPA under Administrator Gina McCarthy targeting Conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Groups. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is targeting people for liberal political favors like Carol Bundy ranch. The ranch has had a contract with the US government for over a hundred years to graze its cattle and in comes Democratic Senator Harry Reid. He got BLM to target the Bundy ranch because he had made a deal with the Chinese to put a solar farm there so his son could make millions. Guess there is no integrity in him. For good measure you can add the Secret Service trying to discredit GOP Representative who was investigating agency scandals; guess they are above the law as well.

Judges-Judges by the US Constitution are to interpret law, not make it, but liberal judges can’t seem to understand this. As a judge, you must recuse yourself from litigation if 1) Interest in the subject matter, or relationship with someone who is interested in it, 2) Background or experience, such as the judge’s prior work as a lawyer, 3) Personal knowledge about the parties or the facts of the case, 4) Ex parte communications with lawyers or non-lawyers, or 5) Rulings, comments or conduct on the subject matter. Two of our liberal US Supreme Court Judges refuse to recuse themselves even though it is required. If our own US Supreme Court Judges won’t follow the law, what chance do we have to survive as a nation, they are our last line of defense.

There seems to be a running unethical course of action anywhere liberals have any power, they abuse it and target anyone who opposes them. Why, they are liberals and believe themselves above the law. You have our military who stopped the genocide of the Jews in WWII, liberalism sets in and now a Green Beret is persecuted for stopping a child rapist. Liberals don’t care about protecting the weakest and most vulnerable (the children), they want to protect the criminals who may help them out later. It isn’t my words saying this, it is their actions.

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