Setting America Up for Jihad Massacre

If you watch any company or nation for that matter, you can see which is going to fail or collapse. In almost every case, the failure or collapse can be traced back to poor planning, arrogance, ignorance, and greed, but in some instances it is purposeful. Poor planning, arrogance, ignorance, and greed can all be chalked up to bad leadership, but what is it called when your leader(s) purposely cause the failure or collapse? If you look at history, Hitler, Stalin, and Moa all caused the collapse of their free countries and it was all on purpose. All of these countries people went from a free society to being enslaved by and to the state with any who disagreed being murdered, a number totaling over 130 million. Unfortunately, a quote by George Santayana may be coming true in America, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” I know there are many arrogant and naïve people out there saying, “It can never happen in America”, that is exactly what the Germans, Russians, and Chinese believed, but they were wrong. Once we could farm our lands without threat, but now the government is allowing Monsanto to sue and take farms under the Monsanto Protection Act (H.R. 1599). Why would you pass a law to protect a company who attacks the people; political donations.

What does this have to do with an American Jihad Massacre? Anytime a country starts being transformed from a Free Society to a Socialist, Communist, or Monolithic Society, death always follows. What made this so easy to do in Germany, Russia, and China was the politicians were more worried about their wealth, standing, and image than their country and its people, they allowed their countries to be devastated. Their first step was to remove all personally owned weapons on the opposition couldn’t defend themselves against tyranny, what do the liberals keep trying to do in this country with gun control? The second was to have porous borders to bring in their comrades and collaborators to destabilize the country so they can achieve their goal, why do the liberals despise a secured border; who keeps lobbying for open borders? Third, they called all who opposed them terrorist and repeat this to the general public to try and validate their “Righteous” cause, what do the liberals call the Libertarians, Pro 1st Amendment people, Pro 2nd Amendment people, and Pro-Lifers? This is the way they systematically bring down a country so they can reshape to what they desire.

People who are good leaders always listens to the people with the experience and know how. Henry Ford was once called the smartest man in the world by a reporter, his response was, “I am not the smartest man in the world or even close, but I know them and contact them when I have a problem.” FDR later modified it to say, “I'm not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues.” President Obama, who has ZERO Military Experience, ZERO business experience, and ZERO leadership experience went against all his Military leaders with decades of experience in Syria for political reasons which was the catalyst that formed ISIS. President Obama went against our Military leaders in Iraq to achieve yet another political goal which has cost more than 250,000 people their lives in Iraq at the hands of ISIS. Now President Obama once again with two massive failures under his belt, for the third time is going against his Military leaders in Afghanistan for political reasons which will result in the same type of body count we have seen in Iraq. This is going to bring us back to a pre-9/11 state and will endanger America greatly. I can understand screwing up once when you are so arrogant, naïve, and never managed a thing in your life but your check book, but when you are going onto the third major screw up due to your ignoring of the Military Leadership, it makes me wonder if it is planned. The reason I believe that is because the Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S-They mean freedom. How many idiots are still voting for liberals?

Every Radical Islamic attack which has happened on US soil since President Obama took over has been classified as “Work Place Violence” even though the key phrase of a Jihadist, “Ala Akbar” has been said at all of them. It is said that only 15% of the Islamic religion is radicals, with a worldwide population being 7.3 billion, and the Muslim population being 2.2 billion, it adds up to 330 million Radical Muslim Terrorist in the world. If you drop it to only 1%, it still leaves 22 million Radical Muslim Terrorist in the world which is more than every standing military on earth. If you look at the independent estimate of 25%, this is 550 million Radical Muslim Terrorist. Now, let’s bring that home. In the US, the borders are open, we do not know who is in our country, the FBI has states they have active ISIS investigations in all 50 states, and we have a minimum of 35 known Islamic Terrorist training camps identified by the FBI in the US. When a country’s borders are not secure, your nation will be infiltrated by others, some just wanting a better life, other wanting to cause destruction and chaos to usher in the political system they want.

If the independent number is used, of the US Muslim population of 6.2 million, it would give us 1.55 million Radical Muslim Terrorist in the US. With our military being cut at every turn by the Obama Administration and the left, we only have 1.39 million active duty military, this means on our own soil, the Radical Muslim Terrorist could currently out numbering our military. If it is only 15% it would add up to 930 thousands which is 67% of our active duty force. With 152 thousand of our military in other countries, it raises to more than 75% of our military strength. Remember, this is going off the legal Muslim people inside the US, we don’t know how many of the estimated 11 to 34 million illegal aliens are Islamic. Remember, 11 Radical Muslim Terrorist killed 2996 people in the 9/11 attacks. There is nuclear material which could be used in a dirty bomb being marked on the Black Market to ISIS. US Intelligence has intercepted Radical Imams directing believers (terrorist) to go to skyscrapers in the US and drop Anthrax from the top murder hundreds of thousands. Don’t worry, our border fence will keep them out; wait, we don’t have a fence or any protection and the liberals want to take away our guns which protect us. This is how the liberals have set America Up for the next Jihad Massacre. My only question is, “How long before we have another 9/11? 

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