Islamic Terrorism Spelled Out

We have “Home Grown Muslim Terrorist” in the US but people are missing the reason and why this is possible for terrorist to be here on a wide scale. Of all racial, ethnic, and religious groups coming to the US, we forget about America’s main premise, you must swear allegiance to America and melt into our society. There is only one group who refuses and even preaches not melt into our society, they will pledge no allegiance to anyone but their beliefs; it is the Islamic Religion. Yes, there are good Muslim people but there is also Radical Muslims so when we need to face some facts. There is only one group who want to use their own law (Sharia) instead of the law of the land, even preaches not fallow the law of the land: it is the Islamic Religion. There is only one group who consistently murder their own children calling it an “Honor Killing” and treat the women in their group as slaves; it is the Islamic Religion. And there is only one group who will murder you for insulting their religion or profit while insulting every other religion and profit in the world; it is the Islamic Religion. This is not the definition of a “religion of peace” when strictly followed. An investigation from George Washington University Program on Extremism found that the FBI had over 1000 investigations in the US on ISIS personnel within our borders. So far, 71 people have been charged for various ISIS-related activities since March 2014. The FBI has tracked over 250 Americans overseas who are fighting with terror organizations like ISIS. If they are naturalized American citizens with links to terrorist organizations, they should have their citizenship revoked and be deported. You ask yourself, why has this happened? It’s due to liberal idiotology and their Political Correctness (PC). Democratic Congressman Steve Lynch pointed to 72 individuals working at Home Land Security who are on the “Terrorist Watch List”, many of which are here on visas. Why are any non-Americans or even Americans who are on the “Terrorist Watch List” working for our government? The flip side of this problem is when you have the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened our free speech stating, “The Justice Department would take action when such speech edges towards violence, when we see the potential to lift…that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric.” Both are Democrats, Mr. Lynch is trying to protect us while Ms. Lynch is trying to protect liberal politics and PC. It is ironic they both have the same name and are from the same party, but only one of them is going to get us killed.

President Obama and Eric Holder purged all the US Counter Terrorism Manuals in the agencies who protect us from using the word Jihad, Islamic, or Muslim Extremist to support their PC. President Obama and his minions wiped all Islamic Terrorist protocol from our first responders, why? Liberal Political Correctness, heaven forbid if you tell the truth that the Islamic Terrorist is of the Muslim Faith. People saw suspicious activities at Ft. Dix during its terrorist plot and before the San Bernardino terror attack but refused to report it because PC would refer to them as racist or having islamophobia. The Fort Dix Jihad plot in 2007 was discovered but the man refused to report it because if he was wrong he would be labeled racist or having islamophobia and would lose any ability of promotion. In San Bernardino California, the liberal PC capital of the world, PC allowed an ISIS cell to murder 14 Americans and wound 21 others. People seen suspicious activities but again didn’t report it for fear of being named an Islamophobe. CAIR since 1994 has stigmatized any reference to Jihad and Terror as racism and bigotry, now it has come back to bite us in the butt thanks to the liberal politicians jumping on board. PC liberals like President Obama and Hilary are more worried about not offending Muslims than protecting Americans, even Muslim Americans from these Islamic Terrorist, this isn’t my words; it is their actions. PC has brought us to a point that if we see something suspicious, we will report it unless it is Muslim related. These PC idiots first response to every Terrorist attack on US soil, including the San Bernardino California attack is to blame and banned guns. I hate to tell you people kill people, not guns, they are only the instrument. These liberal Democrats tried to pass a “Bill on Terrorism” but it wasn’t about stopping terrorist, it was a Trojan horse to try and take Americans guns. Why won’t they take the same fervor to stop the possible 10,000 Syrian terrorist the liberal Democrats want to let in the country? Guns will be our only saving force when all this comes to fruition. President Obama and Hilary from day one in office has been calling for the US Military to disarm all American citizens to prevent more terrorist attacks; check history, this doesn’t work! President Obama and the rest of the liberals have been working on getting the UN to confiscate all American guns through the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT); John Kerry signed it but luckily the non-liberal control congress refused to ratify it, every vote for it was a liberal Democrat. If they can get the citizens disarmed, next they will disarm our military; how safe will you fill then?

Obama, Hilary, and their liberal minions have once again gutted the military to buy votes from those who refuse to work by giving even more entitlements. Every time a liberal gets into office they gut the military, Jimmy Carter came in with the Military Budget at 21.9% and when he left it was 16% and the country was in a recession. When Bill Clinton came into office, the Military Budget was 21.9% but when he left it was 16.1%. Last but not lease, the worse offended, Barrack Obama, when he took over the Military Budget was 21.5% and currently it has dropped to 13.5%. Our country is in its greatest danger since WWII from Islamic Terrorist, China, and Russia and President Obama guts our military by 38%. Barrack Obama has single handedly almost halved our military which he loathes, the effect of his liberal leadership, a 267.7% rise in casualties in Afghanistan. The people who pledge to sacrifice their lives for you and me are dying, not due to lack of desire to be the best, not due to ability to be supplied with the best equipment, and not due to not knowing who the enemy is, but due to politics being played with their lives. For this reason the Islamic Extremist attacks within our borders have been called “Work Place Violence” which was even tried at San Bernardino terror attack, but it’s not “Work Place Violence” either, especially with a bomb making factory in their garage. In the San Bernardino terror attack, people were targeted for their religious beliefs so where the news, and the fill good liberals? The “Main Stream Media” didn’t report CAIR who was found by the FBI to have terrorist links to the public either. Now CAIR comes out and says the San Bernardino terror attack was America’s fault.

Why is CAIR allowed in our country when we know it has links to terrorist? How do you protect our citizens from these radicals? I’m not against or for Donald Trump but he said something that sent the liberals yelling on high which we should look at a little closer. Trump called for a, “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” until we can figure out where the Islamic terrorist originate. He wants the visa program fixed and places identified in the US and overseas who support and follow the Radical Islamic Theology. It sounds good to me so why is all these liberals upset, it violates the PC doctrine. Many Democrats and Republicans have come out saying that it is un-American but isn’t this what we did to protect America during WWII? We didn’t let any German or Japanese immigrate to the US until after the war was over, and make no mistake about it, we are at war. Do you think during WWII we should have let the German SS or the Japanese Kamikazes into America to destroy it from the inside out; no, but this is what PC is doing. This is what would have happened in WWII if the SS and Kamikazes were let in and is currently what is happening here with these Islamic Jihadist. We need to fix our VISA program to track all foreigners, secure our borders, deport all foreign criminal elements (legally or illegally here) on our streets, and investigate all these “Peaceful Mosques” to see which ones are peaceful and which ones are radicalized. We have Clerics and Imams preaching radicalism openly on our streets and prisons what do you think could be happening in the Mosques themselves? Many Imams come out against these radicals but the Quran says to deceive your enemy. This is not being prejudice or Islamophobia but protecting Americans, including Islamic Americans from radical forces so we can all live in peace. If the Islamic community wants to be accepted more in America, they need to start melting into our society like all before them have done instead of trying to start a new country of their own inside America. All Mr. Trump did is point out the obvious path we should take but due to politics and PC, our politicians are going to facilitate the next 9/11 and it will be worse than the first. When it happens, and it will, remember it was the liberal politicians and their PC theology that allowed this to happen; and you voting them into office.

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