No Defense is a Defense?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta defends response on Benghazi Libya attack? The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, “What difference does it make?” talking about the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans? So let me pull this into context. This administration selection the positions which directly affects the security of our nation and fills them with people who don’t think it makes a difference if we protect them? We have the first Ambassador assassinated in 33 years and it doesn’t mean anything; I bet it does to Christopher Stevens’ family. The Ambassador told the administration what was going on and that they needed more security months ahead of the attack and was denied; they did nothing.

Let’s look at the facts; the Administration was watching the attack in real time so they knew when the attack was happening and didn’t send any help (Marine 2 hrs away; attack lasted 8 hrs) to the embassy. They could have saved them and chose not to. They had the real time video proving it was a well orchestrated military style attack and not the reaction to a video released by some clown causing a riot. They then send Susan Rice out to lie about it and promises her the UN ambassador slot which she had no qualifications for if she will do it (how did that work out Ms. Rice). Now we have this administration wanting to make Mr. Hagel Secretary of Defense. Why would a strictly partisan administration want a Republican Senator for Secretary of Defense? It’s simple; first this administration has picked a RINO (Republican in Name Only) who doesn’t much care for the military or Israel. Once Mr. Hagel dismantled our military to the point of being ineffective and follow President Obama’s lead in damages our relationship with Israel the Democratic Party can turn around and blame everything on a Republican.

I am an independent but the actions which this administration keeps pushing are causing great damage to our country and our way of life. Now they want to put an inept Republican in a position to take the fall for them. All the inept Senators, both Republican and Democrats should be voted out of office but instead of looking at their beliefs and records, we listen to their lies never checking the facts. This irresponsible direction is sure making me wonder if we will have an America in a few years. The Democrats kept characterizing that “D” was for driving forward and “R” was returning to the past but I now know “D” is for Destroy America and “R” is refuse to act to save America. One of my favorite Senators was Sam Nunn; unfortunately there are few Democrats or Republicans in Congress that displays the true image of a Patriot. When the first lady of this country has no respect for the US Flag, , it makes me scared what we have let happen to our country. Do you research before you vote; if you don’t do due diligence in your research do America a favor; DON’T Vote!