Are Politicians for Our People and Our Country, or just for Themselves?

You can say what you want but our most important right is being taken away from us and we do nothing.  In the last election a friend of mine in Nevada went to vote. When he pulled up the US Senate section to vote, a senator’s name was already selected so he changed it to his choice. When he went to cast his vote and it gives you a quick view it had switched back to the one preselected. He changed it back again but is not confident the machine casted the vote as he wanted. The senator who was down by 15 point won in a landslide. The group overseeing the voting was SEIU, the same group who beat a guy half to death and destroyed his stand for selling GOP items at a GOP rally.  I’m sure it was rigged and it saddens me. 

 In Florida 53,000 dead people registered to vote; that must be one hell of a trick! Across the US over 1.8 million dead people registered to vote. There were 2.75 million people registered in multiple states, and even worse than that, Illegal aliens were registered and voting in our elections and the politicians will do nothing to stop these atrocities. We even had Illegal aliens working as Voting Poll Workers; give me a break America. Have we forgotten if you are not an American Citizen you are not an American Voter. Politicians who advocate for this are as UN-American as they come and should be voted out of office.

 This would be a cinch to fix. First anyone without an ID doesn’t get to vote. We have to have an ID to get cigarettes or alcohol and voting is more important. The people who don’t what to have an ID to vote is either not allowed to vote (Felon, Illegal aliens, not registered in that voting area), or want others to vote illegally for their political agenda; this is UN-American! We need to start using BIO scanners; this is a device that takes your fingerprint or iris scan for ID verification. Add a password and the ability to check your selection after the fact and you will clean up 95% of the fraud going on in the elections today (you will never get rid of it all, to many lawyers). They can get the BIO scan while they are getting registered to vote. All voting stations have cameras and if anyone votes more then once you can validate they committed fraud and charge them along with removing all their votes. If some ingenuous way another votes on their record, wipe all votes under that BIO scan clean and have them re-vote. 

 We do have another serious problem with our politicians, many are UN-American. For an example, we have a prominent California politician, Cruz Bustamante, who belongs to a radical Mexican nationalist group known as “MEChA,” that advocated ceding U.S. territory back to Mexico to form a new Chicano nation they call “AZTLAN.” If you don’t believe me click the link below. This man is not for the US and it Constitution but for his own political agenda. I wonder whom he wants to be president of Aztlan? 

You need to ask your politician; is your agenda worth more then my rights? Of course we still have politicians saying;” We need to win by any means necessary”. They should be removed for office, they are UN-American. We have politicians going to third world countries and hiring underage prostitutes and their political party leadership says they have done nothing wrong.  We need to clean house in America before it’s too late and we lose more of our freedoms.