Racism in America

I hate racism of any kind more then I hate political correctness; both are rotten seeds in our country. I came from a broken home and was told everyday in school that if I worked hard enough I could get out of the pit and make something of myself and I did. Where I grew up the prejudice wasn’t based on skin color but haves and have not; I think sometimes we were below the have not. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the KKK, New Black Panthers, La Raza, Arian Nation, Nation of Islam, or the Brown Beret (too many to name then all) all these groups do is breed hate and divides our country. It doesn’t matter to me what race you are only the actions you take to know if you are someone I would want to be around. I have friends from all different ethnic backgrounds and they are all friends no mater their looks.

All people can have racism directed toward them even from their own race. I visiting relatives and was talking to a black gentleman (looked like he was 90) in a grocery store when we both ran into some KKK idiots. They asked “Why are you talking to this N---- for“, my reply was “I wasn’t until you showed up”, they said they would take care of me later, this was probably because I was twice both their sizes. When I turned back around the elderly gentleman was gone, I figured he was practicing self preservation. When I went to check out and they lady at the counter had seen what had happened and showed me out through the back door because KKK idiots were waiting for me in their truck. I have run into the New Black Panthers, La Raza, the Arian Nation, with the same hatred being shown with the only difference being their skin, but why?

The truth is not pretty but the route cause is three fold. Before we go any further all races and sexes can be discriminated against. First and foremost it is our media. Unfortunately for everyone the media only cares about two items, ratings and their political agenda. The media in infamous for race baiting any item they can to get higher ratings during a broadcast instead of reporting the truth. I can show you a million and one examples but found a link which the man articulates it very well but a I have a warning, its truthful but not politically correct. Trayvon Martin and Real Media Racism at work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2ZfIKtDoWo. In this case the media went for both; rating from the death of a black child and political agenda gun control. Our government has put a racist person on the US Supreme Court. Like it or not if you say, “a minority female will make a better decision because of her race and gender then a white male” that is racism and bigotry and the news ignored it. What would happen if a White male judge said, “A white male will make a better decision because of his race and gender then a minority female”, the news would have lambasted him rightfully so but did not do the same to her and it is because the news only cares about ratings and their agendas not what is right or best for the country. I have been voting for a long time (30+ years) and have voted for all parties. I vote for the person not their race or gender, but in the last 20 years this has become the issue, not the ability or how good they will be for the nation but what race or their gender. We have let the hatred of racism become a corner stone in our society. If someone couldn’t stand on their record or if someone couldn’t challenge their record because they had done well; it immediately goes to personal and racist attacks either accusing them or their opponent most of the time falsely. The news once again will not validate if it is true especially if it goes with their agenda.

The second item is worse; we are teaching our kids to be racist! I have seen it in the Asian, Black, Spanish, and White communities where people teach their kids all other races hate you; this needs to stop. We are not teaching our kids respect for others, not even our respect for our officials which we should. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkVgBcjssSs. Yes I know in some areas there are bad officials, and we keep reelecting them. If a word is considered offensive it should not be used by any race. In the Rapp community every other song I hear has the “N” word being used. If this is an offensive word why isn’t the leadership of their minority class outraged? This is teaching that it’s OK to be racist or a bigot and use offensive words because only our group can’t use it but we can. That is the classic example of racism. We have BET TV, great but there was a man who tried to start WET TV and was turned down. It personally doesn’t bother me if you have pride in your ethnicity, I have pride in mine and it is our history even though some of it in the past wasn’t pretty. But to say one group can have pride in their ethnicity but another can’t is discriminatory, but this is what our schools are teaching today. I have American Indian in me and to me the proper way t o say it is American Indian. We should all be Americans first but we and the schools are teaching our kids to hate America and our race is more important.

The third and without a doubt the worse of all is our Government. Our government has allowed and condoned racism even among it own ranks. Many people are falsely accused of being racist and/or sexist if they debunk a political party, a female, or minority claims. If you bring up facts to a person on the wrong side of the issue, instead of debating the issues they make these false claims because they know their position is wrong but it being wrong doesn’t go well with their agenda. The biggest race baiters in our country are the politicians. Just tonight I heard a politician say,”We must spend more to get the debt under control”, and this is as idiotic as saying “we must pass this bill to see what’s in it”. If you truly care for this country you will never vote for these types of politicians. They are the same ones who keep the race game going for their own agenda and benefit. Many call themselves reverends but they are really RINOs (Reverend in Name Only); their actions show they are greedy and only for themselves not what is in the Bible they carry around.

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