A Democrats Thought

This is a post sent to me. It's from a Mrs. Betty Poe, registered Democrat and her thoughts.

I think the problem with our country is that most people have forgotten what America truly stands for and what it has taken to get were we are and for what we have. No country in the world has what we do, yes we still have a long way to go but when you have the mix of different people and believes or religions this country has, not everything is going to be perfect. Wishing that we can all in this world get along as one is a dream, but reality is not a dream, it is fact. Most blood relatives can't even agree on everything. Our country has tried to improving the world at our own expense, sending our money for humanity reasons, our jobs to under privileged countries and our young men and women to fight for there freedom, under our beliefs. The mix of people's backgrounds and religious believes of the one's who were killed in California this week should show everyone that our Constitutional rights and beliefs is what makes this country like no other on earth. Our Constitution has guided our country for hundreds of years and when I see other country's and how the majority of there people live, I am great full to my for fathers for what they have given " We the People" in guidance. Yes, times have changed, people have changed, life has changed for us all, but the main understanding of our Constitutional rights have not. We the People need to watch and pay more attention to what is going on by our government and by whom! Did you know that our United State Senate voted on a United Nation resolution 2117 point 11 that would have allowed the U.N. to disarm all Americans. The 53-46 vote stopped the U.N. from over riding our Constitutional rights and to control all our lives. The fact it was just 7 votes shy of allowing this to happen, and that all 46 votes were Democrats should show us all whom were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power. This scares the HELL out of me and should you to. I am a registered Democrat whom votes American, and this does not represent what I believe in or what our Constitution stands for. So, no matter what political party you are, We the People have a great responsible and chose before us, do we want our country back or do we want to have our government hand over our country to the United Nation and live like the rest of the world?

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