The Military Quandary under the Obama Administration, Lose Life or Freedom

This is the reason no Commander and Chief should ever be a liberal or someone who has never served in the military. How can you use a tool like the military when you know nothing about the military and actually loath the military? How can you make up the ROE (Rules of Engagement) when you have no idea what engaging the enemy on a battlefield requires. We have had three times as many people killed in Afghanistan under President Obama than President Bush and it has everything to do with ignorance and arrogance as most all liberals show. Now we have 6 more military deaths which could have been prevented except our president and the liberals do not understand military reasoning in a true life and death situation. All the lies and propaganda they spew and many American citizens believe doesn’t work in real life. Now we have six more families who will not have their loved ones home due to this administrations ignorance and arrogance.

The Six American military members who were killed 21 December when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle ran toward them, a tactic the insurgents use regularly against American soldiers. Why didn’t the soldiers react and take down the threat as there are taught? Do you remember Lt. Clint Lorance? He was an officer in charge in Afghanistan when the day before a suicide bomber on a motorcycle had killed several military members and the precious platoon leader by running the motorcycle toward the soldiers and then blowing themselves up. Lt. Lorance promised his soldiers he would bring every one of them back. The next day, July 2, 2012 a motorcyclist came running at them in the same area the previous platoon leader and his men were wounded and killed by a suicide bomber. Lt. Lorance gave a warning then ordered his men to protect themselves and they neutralized the threat. Remember that the Afghani people know at that in the past and up to this point, if you make a run at US or NATO forces, they will shoot you.  

As we know President Obama as with most liberals will do anything to appease any Muslim ran government on the earth, including apologizing for doing what is right. In this case, President Obama and his cronies sacrificed young 1LT Clint Lorance to appease the Afghan Government, the same government who still condones raping of 9 year old girls, selling sex slaves, and stoning of women. The 82nd Airborne Division commander who could have thrown out or pardoned this verdict could only reduce Lt. Lorance sentence because my guess would be he is either a liberal himself or cares more about a promotion then a soldier, otherwise he would have do the right thing and not the politically correct thing.

Lt. Lorance’s case has been controversial from the start because this is what happens when you let politics get involved with military actions, the military member always pays with their life or incarceration. Lt. Lorance was just trying to protect his people and no matter what any liberal thinks, during war, innocent people do get killed. A petition which needed 100, 000 signatures to get President Obama to do the right thing and pardon Lt. Lorance easily reached its goal but I will bet you President Obama is more likely to grant a pardon to a cop killer then a military member who was protecting his troops. Liberal politicians, both Democrat and Republican, only care about money, power, and their image; the truth and honor has no place in their life. Six more American military members’ families are grieving because their loved ones are dead. With this president and his minions, what choice does the military members have, shoot to protect your troops and friends only to get charged with murder or don’t shoot and die or worse, watch your troops and friends die?

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