What Would Make America Great Again?

Mostly it is all common sense but you must remember, common sense isn’t so common anymore. Below is my shot at it, this is a purely common sense approach.

National Security

Islamic Problem

America is a melting bowl of the world, the problem is most all people of Islamic faith have no desire to melt or conform to America’s laws. Many believe in what is referred to as the “Old Ways” Islamic faith as we see in most every Muslim controlled country which is not compatible with freedom of any kind. You do not have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Separation of Church control of the Government, or freedom from being a slave. Women have no rights, no other religion have any rights, atheist and gays only have the right to die, honor killings (murders) are encouraged, disfiguring women for disobeying is encouraged, and even genital mutilation of women is encouraged. If you have people from the Islamic faith who want to melt and become a part of our great nation, that’s fine but all others need to be returned to their country even if they have a green card. If any, including US citizens are found to be linked to Islamic Terrorist groups, they need to be stripped of their citizenship and deported likewise. I even heard one person say for all Islamic people coming to America, give them a lie detector test to see if they are part of a Terrorist Group, it sounds good to me. Once here they need to go through cultural training.


We have up to 30 million plus illegal aliens in the US currently which makes us vulnerable as a Nation because we do not know who is here, where they came from, or why they came. They could be the next set of 9/11 attackers or just a mother and father wanting to give their children a better life, either way we need to know who is here. What needs to be done is first, a fence needs to be constructed like the new fence in Yuma AZ across both the southern and northern borders to secure our country. The next step would be to give all illegal aliens a 60 day window to turn themselves in, this includes people on expired Visas. This will be done with the understanding that if they have no links to any other criminal activities like rape, murder, DUI, Human Trafficking, gang activity, and similar, they will be given a one year temporary work VISA which can be extended up to 10 years provided they have not been caught in any criminal activity. No matter how long they have been in the country illegally, they will have to remain on the temporary work VISA for ten years, if they fail to renew their VISA, they will be given a total of two warnings over the ten year period and deported on the third offense. If caught in criminal activity, they will be immediately deported. After 10 years they can apply for a green card if they wish or be switched to a 4 year work VISA. While they are on the 10 year program they are not eligible for any entitlements including Social Security except if needed for health related items. Anyone coming to America on a VISA or temporary work VISA must pass a background check, polygraph test, and a health screening. If they have ties to bad actors, if they fail the poly, or if they have serious diseases, they are not allowed in the country. Under the diseases part, if it can be cured, they must remain in quarantine during treatment until a doctor gives them an all clear. All immigrants must learn English and go through American cultural training to help them integrate. If you are deported and are capture in the US illegally again without any other crime being committed, you will serve 30 days in an American jail and then be deported. The second time, you will serve a year in a Mexican jail. If you escape, Mexico will not be compensated for holding them. Each time they are captured illegally in the US, the jail time will be raised 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years respectively. If you are involved in violent crimes such as gang related, rape, or murder, your sentences will be 20, 30, and 40 years without parole for gang activities and rape. For murder if convicted it will be life without parole.

Sanctuary Cities

The fix is to stop all federal funds from going to the city. If you have an illegal alien released who later rapes or murders a person, the person writing the policy (Chief of Police, Mayor, etc.) will be charged as an accomplice in the crime. In San Francisco, Kate Steinle was murdered by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien multiple time felon who ICE asked to be held for deportation because he was dangerous. San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi released him anyway because San Francisco is a Sanctuary City. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi policy was just as much a cause of Kate Steinle death as Francisco Sanchez was for pulling the trigger; both need to go to jail for life. How many more Americans have to suffer and die under idiotic policies like these? This is just common sense.

Supporting Other Countries

I have no problem with helping countries who need our support and are our allies but we support many countries who hate our guts. Why are we giving money to China, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Venezuela, and Palestine? This is just a couple of the ones we support who violate human rights every day. We give money to 138 countries out of 196 in the world, as I said, I don’t mind helping the less fortunate but many of these countries always side with our enemies, support terrorism, and openly allow human sex trafficking and slavery so why are we supporting them? Couldn’t we be using that money to stop human sex trafficking and slavery?

Diplomatic Immunity (DI)

Any major offense such as money laundering, rape, torcher, vehicular homicide, murder, spying, and espionage will not be covered under DI. Foreign personnel accused of these acts will not be allowed to leave the US until they have been cleared.


Voting is the number one most important right of Americans and if any non-American citizens vote it hurts America and voter fraud is rampant. In one voting district, 30,000 dead people voted, in another, over 50,000 votes all went to one party, statistically impossible so voter fraud does go on. There is two sides to the crux of this argument, one says many can’t afford it and others say many can’t go to get an ID. This fix is easy, all people must have an ID to vote, if they can’t afford it than it will be given to them for free upon proof of their citizenship. To the second side, if you can’t make time to go get an ID, how do you make time to vote? There are groups out there who have all the time in the world to take you to vote. These group organizers can get the same bus used for voting, pick up people and take them to get their IDs. If you say this doesn’t work, you don’t care about preventing voter fraud and are probably behind it.


We need to start punishing criminals with progressive punishment, if you rob a store and get a 2 year jail time, if convicted the second time, your minimum sentence will be 4 years. We need to also do away with a lot of the plea bargaining; if someone raped someone and a video, creditable witnesses, and DNA proves it, they need to go to jail for a long time. Likewise, if it is proven that someone purposely (notice I said purposely, without any doubt) falsely accused another of a crime, they need to be subject to at a minimum a fine or even jail. If someone is a cop, judge, or political figure (even a member of the US Congress) and has committed a crime, the need to face the same punishment as a common citizen. If you are getting ready to be executed or volunteer, you can be given a Sodium Pentothal or like drug to see if you are telling the truth. You can only be asked one question at first, “Did you murder John Doe”. If you say no, they cannot ask another questing and your case must be reviewed by a panel of judges. If you say yes, they can ask you about all other crimes to help clear the docket of unsolved crimes and wrongly convicted inmates.

The Police Problem

We do have a police problem, 95% are good. There needs to be a national police registry for all Law Enforcement Officers. This data base needs to be set up like a resume of that police officer, their Academy scores (if attended), qualified areas, places of employment, complaints, complaint investigation reports, any given reprimands, and reason for leaving department. It needs to only be accessible to leadership positions in the states or city. All new union contracts (pass a federal law if needed) cannot prevent negative data from being put into this system and all information must be accurate even if negative. A Federal Court will be set up to review all police abuse cases to ensure none who are innocent are convicted due to political malice and all who are set free isn’t due to “Blue Friendships”.


Our politicians need to be held accountable and removed when they derelict their duty. All of us have seen the Nancy Pelosi video where she said, “You have to pass the bill so we can see what is in it”, she should have been impeached at that very moment. Anyone from any party who says and then acts on their words to pass a bill that they haven’t even read should be impeached. All bills should be posted on line in full text, letting the public know and have a reasonable amount of time to read. No bills should be attached to any other bills, they should all stand on their own. All bills need to be written in common language so all can understand as directed by the US Constitution. No congress person should be allowed to stay over 12 years in the congress. Being in congress is supposed to be a temporary duty, not a career. No congress person should be allowed to be a felon. Any politician caught receiving money from a foreign entity will be banned from running for any federal office.

Political Correctness (PC)

PC is not what the country was built on and it is to the point of gravely hurting America every day. We have freedom of speech but we do not have the freedom to not be offended. Being offended, working through it, and learning to accept what we can and cannot change is one item that makes America great. If one person or even a lesser number of the whole is offended because of the American flag, you don’t remove it; it is their problem. If someone is offended at Christmas, Hanukkah, or Ramadan, you don’t change them, the offended must learn to live with it and be tolerant of the others. Expelling a 1st grader because he had bread that looked like a gun is as idiotic as it comes. Telling a group of students that can’t wear the American Flag on a shirt during Cinco De Mayo in America is against the 1st Amendment and unpatriotic. If someone in America is offended by the American Flag, LEAVE!  The employees of the school system should be fired. When an offensive word like the N-word (I can’t stand it) can’t be used by one group due to its discriminatory and prejudice past but can by another can, that is discriminatory and prejudice in its self. When I point out a fact that makes President Obama is the worse president in America’s history and immediately I’m called a racist because he is black and it isn’t PC to say it about our first black president. When telling the truth isn’t PC, we are in trouble. 

Balanced Budget

Before anyone from any side says a word, there has not been a balanced budget since President Eisenhower, not Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton, or Obama. As we have seen not only from Nancy Pelosi, but also from John Boehner and Paul Ryan, none of the establishment politicians from either the Democrats or Republicans will stop this deficit spending. Not only did Nancy Pelosi derelict her duty by the infamous “We must pass this bill so you can find out what is in it”, Paul Ryan did the same thing with the New Budget; 2,000 pages you must pass before reading. It’s helping to bring terrorist into America, take jobs away from Americans in America, and condones the sale of human parts to the highest bidder; this is not what America is about. The America leaders are supposed to make life easier on the American citizens, not strap Americans with an even higher debt to pay. Anyone who voted for Pelosi’s or Ryan’s bill without reading it should be impeached.

GOP, Yea-150 // Nay-95
DEM: Yea-166 // Nay-18
TOTAL: Yea-316 // Nay-113

GOP, Yea-27 // Nay-26
DEM: Yea-37// Nay-6
IND: Yea-1// Nay-1
TOTAL: Yea-65 // Nay-33

All who voted “Yea” need to be replaced, Democrats, Republican, and Independent. They don’t get paid $174,000 a year, more than 4 times more than the average American’s $41,212, to vote on bills without reading them! This is our biggest balance budget problem. Let’s move on.

Currently 60% of our national budget goes to entitlements, this needs to end. There will always be a certain amount of people needing entitlements, unfortunately the liberals in our government are using entitlements to hold the poor of America in Economic Slavery.

1.     First, all bills must stand on their own, no more combining bills to get pork. Automatically fund the DOD at 20%, Border Patrol at 10%, Intelligence Agencies 10%, Infrastructure at 10%, from the US budget and funding cannot be cut. This will end the using of the military for a political pawn.
2.     Second, all countries supporting slavery, trafficking of humans, terrorism, child abuse (child Marriage), drug trafficking, religious killings of other religions, or showing an outright hatred toward the US will receive no US funding except in the case of Natural Disasters.
3.     Third, Entitlements in their entirety must never exceed 20% of the budget.

This adds up to 70%, the 30% left will be used to pay off the National Debt, develop training programs for employment, and all other areas needed. Training will be hand in hand with the US infrastructure upgrade including burying all power lines across the US to mitigated losing power during storms or being easily accessible for terrorist.


The IRS will implement the laws without bias, any official purposely targeting people or a group or giving a person or a group preferential treatment will be warned the first time and fired the next. No seizure of property will occur unless a full investigation has been completed, the party is found at fault, the part has been given a chance to settle up (without ridiculous massive fines), and the party refuses to settle.  


Taxes will be set at a flat tax 9% up to one million dollars, 15% from one million 1 dollar to 200 million, 21% from 200 million 1 dollar to 500 million, and 25% to all above 500 million dollars. With all Federal and Internal State Taxes, (city, county, province etc.) Income Tax will not be above 15% of stated Federal Income Tax and State Income Tax combines. For example, if you are taxed federally at 15%, with the state tax combined you will not pay more than 30% of you pay. Inheritance tax (Death Tax) will be removed completely from the tax system. Businesses, no matter the size will be taxed at a flat 9%. Any country bringing goods to the US will be tariffed at the same rate America is tariffed in their country. Any country who refuses to lower their carbon emissions levels like China and India will slowly be weaned out of the US economy until they comply.

Social Security (SS)

We need to convert SS back to individual accounts like it was originally set up. People will pay into SS which will become their individual retirement account. The military is penalized on their SS, this needs to end. If they pay the same as a civilian workforce, they should get the same when that time comes. If you do not pay into SS, you don’t get SS. SS will not have any fund siphon by congress for any reason. The elderly and disabled will be funded through a separate government program and all the money siphoned by our government from the people will be returned.


The government shouldn’t be handing out unemployment money because under the current system, there is no incentive to stop collecting it and go back to work. To fix this, we need to set up individual account of Unemployment Fund and siphon the same amount off that we siphon off for Social Security and put into an account set up like a Roth IRA (but not a Roth IRA-paying taxes up front). These funds will be attached to the person working and if they become unemployed, they will be allowed to use this money until they get back on their feet. When you retire you will receive all the money you have not used with interest. If you die before retiring, the money can go to your spouse or family without being taxed. This will give an incentive to save money and find a job.


Obamacare has not lowered the cost, you couldn’t keep your doctor, and there are still as many if not more uninsured due to the skyrocketing cost. Fixing it and lowering cost is easier than making a law which lets the government get between you and your doctor. Repeal Obamacare and pass a law to open all state borders up to competition. In this law, have a fund set to the side to siphon off a percentage to help people with preconditions. Set it up so people getting insurance can pick what item they want to be insured. Evaluate people wanting insurance but saying they can’t afford it. If they truly can’t afford it, have a system set up to accommodate. Give them a yearly monetary gift for going to yearly checkups, not smoking, losing weight, and not using an emergency room as a doctor. If they smoke three packs a day, have every channel cable can get, and drive a Mercedes; send them to a budget focused on what a good set of basic priorities should be and leave it up to them. If they choose the cigarettes, cable, and car over their health, it’s a free country and their choice.


People will be drug tested if receiving help from the government. If our military who is putting their lives on the line for us are drug tested, so should people receiving any entitlements. If found to be on illegal drugs, they should be enrolled into a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or a similar type program. If they stay clean for a year, they will be randomly drug tested with the other recipients. If they refuse to try and come clean, they get no entitlements. There are 1,804 different entitlement programs, they need to be combined and trimmed down. If you are on government subsidies, you will do whatever jobs are needed to be done within your community (cleaning parks, painting places, etc.). If bad actors are found, people refusing to work or faking injuries at work, you will be removed from your entitlement.

Food Stamps (FS)

FS will be item based for food items only minus candy, soda, and other junk food. People have been caught selling their FS for a percentage of its worth to get money for alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs. Anyone caught selling their items for a percentage of the worth will be given a warning the first time. If they are caught a second time, they will lose 30 days’ worth of FS. If they are caught again they will lose 90 days’ worth of FS, the fourth time 6 months, the fifth time 1 year, and the sixth time be barred from collecting FS.

Cell Phones

Any cell phone even if deactivated can call 911. There is no reason for the government to buy cell phones for people. This program should end.

Education System

Secretary of Education

All parents of students in Grade and High Schools should be given vouchers equal to the amount the government supplies for their education. If the parents like the public school system, they can turn the voucher over to the public school. If the parents think the public school is substandard, they can use the voucher to for any other public or private school. If the tuition is more than the voucher, the parent must pay the difference. 

Grade Schools

1.     No grade school will teach any sex education, sex orientation, or other type classes without giving the parents a full syllabus of what is to be taught with the option for the parent to remove their child from the class without harm to their grade or standing.
2.     No grade school will teach any religious education, use religious outlays, or recite or write any other religious type phrases in classes without giving the parents a full syllabus of what is to be taught with the option for the parent to remove their child from the class without harm to their grade or standing. The only exception is if Creation is going to be taught, Evolution must be given the same amount of time and emphasis and vise-versa.
3.     If a student is causing a disruption in class, they will be removed and turned over to their parents. If time missed reaches the same as max absentee, they will be failed and held back a year.

High Schools

1.     If a High School bans or allows a political group (Democrat, Republican, or other), it must do the same for all political groups.
2.     If a High School bans or allows a secular group (De Aztlan, La Raza, KKK, NBP, the Arian Nation, Pro-life, Pro-Abortion, or other), it must do the same for all secular group.
3.     If a High School bans or allows a group on “Global Warming”, it must do the same for all anti-Global Warming group.
4.     If a High School bans or allows a group of “Christians”, it must do the same for all religious or atheistic group.
5.     Christmas will remain Christmas but other holidays must be allowed as well.
6.     Any teacher caught molesting, raping, or caught in any other sexual situation involving children will be fired and receive zero benefits no matter what the Union contract says.
7.     Set up a system for teachers to anonymous report child abuse.
8.     Reform schools need to be set up to handle the disruptive kids using a military like atmosphere.
9.     If you have a dress code, it needs to be enforced on all equally; no favorites.


1.     No college professor or staff from a college receiving any federal or state funds will be allowed to use their position to degrade any political view point or score any student who disagree with their view point a lower grade. If caught, the first offence will be severe written reprimand, the second offence will be suspension, and the third time permanently removed from teaching at any federal or state funded college.
2.     There will be no banning of free speech at any college.
3.     There will be no banning of the American flag at any college.
4.     If a college bans one political group from speaking (Democrat, Republican, or other) it must ban all political groups. If it allows the one secular group to speak, it must make time for all secular groups to speak. Example, if it makes time for De Aztlan, La Raza, KKK, NBP, or the Arian Nation, it must make time for the other groups as well.

College is for learning, open expression, differing viewpoints, and debates; it is not for indoctrinating,

Other Areas

There is over 594 agencies in the Federal government alone, many are very good but others leave you scratching your head. You have a Federal agency for every state to tell you how to contact that state? You have the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade and then you have the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; doesn’t this seem repetitive? You have the Bureau of the Census and then you have the Census Bureau. You even have the Bureau on the Botanic Garden. Of these 594 agencies, they could be reduced to around 50. The easiest one is to have one agency to point to States and US Territories, this would remove 53 agencies.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

First, all regulations and statues under the BLM will be reviewed and removed if not founded or seen as overreaching. The BLM cannot pass any binding laws or legislation to implement seizure or fines without going through congress. The BLM cannot seize anyone’s property without due process of law. If all charges are dropped, the BLM will return all assets within 30 days. If any BLM official is found to be targeting people on grounds of race, religion, political affiliation, political classification, or at the request of any other official, they will be fired, fined $10,000, and spend a minimum of 60 days in jail. The BLM will not issue guns or use them in normal daily business other than for normal security. If the EPA needs arms for enforcement, they will rely on law enforcement agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

First, all regulations and statues under the EPA will be reviewed and removed if not founded or seen as overreaching. The EPA cannot pass any binding laws or legislation to implement seizure or fines without going through congress. The EPA cannot seize anyone’s property without due process of law. If all charges are dropped, the EPA will return all assets within 30 days. If any EPA official is found to be targeting people on grounds of race, religion, political affiliation, political classification, or at the request of any other official, they will be fired, fined $10,000, and spend a minimum of 60 days in jail. The EPA will not issue guns or use them in normal daily business other than for normal security. If arms are needed to EPA will rely on law enforcement agencies. The State will have final say on all local level EPA policies. If the power grid is federal then the EPA has jurisdictions on the power plants. The state will have all jurisdiction on all non-corporate personal property.  The people do not trust the EPA and it is because of their rouge and excessively overreaching policies.

Thought: the EPA is full of a bunch of environmental nuts who want to bring down the pollution in the world which is a righteous and just cause. So why do they keep forcing factories out of America where they can help prevent pollution at a certain level to third world countries? The pollution will double and they have no control unlike if they were here? The answer is because liberals don’t see the destruction their policies cause because of their stubbornness which works to cause more damage than was previously being done.

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain will not be used unless it is reviewed by federal judges and deemed necessary for safety with no other option to mitigate.

Global Warming

Does it exist or not, I don’t know because many of the scientist claiming it does have been caught doctoring their data, exposed by their emails as doctoring climate models, and this is all about the money so they can get more grants. If they were correct, the US would be under water and since it isn’t so let’s try this again. Start climate research using no data collected before 1970. All data, theories, and models will be 100% accessible to the public including theories under watch by the scientist with all collected data checked by a watch dog group. By doing this, if there is global warming we will see it from the data, if there isn’t again we will see it from the data and with everything in the open, no one can say it was done in the dark. Many Climatologist will try and say we need to use the old data and don’t want to have the collected data open to the light of scrutiny of the whole world, why? It’s the same reason criminals or cockroaches don’t like the light turned on; it will show their true identity.


Pass a law where Unions can only give political donations on the percentages the union members dictate. If 50% are Democrats, 30% are Republicans, 15% are independent, and 15% are Libertarian, the percentage of all donations must match, this is so the union can really represent the ones they are representing. If a union is caught defying this they will be banned from giving for 4 years the first offense, 8 years the second offense, and life the third offense. Any violence associated with a union, the damages will be paid out of that unions coffers.

Race Relations

It is bad when race relations were better in the 1970s then they are now. Our current government has done nothing but divided the people and taught people that they are not responsible for their own actions and failures. You are responsible for your failures! For our government to palliate these problem is causing millions to suffer. In America, it is no one’s fault but your own if you do not make something out of yourself. The liberals over the course of 50 plus years, have brought minorities, lower educated, and lower earning people to believe in what is known as the “External Locus of Control.” This is the perception that chance or outside forces beyond our control determine our fate; we determine our fate! It is ironic that our president who is a half white, half black man (Mulatto) would preach about the hatred of whites. It is also ironic that when he was born, a mulatto person would be beneath dirt and he makes it to the highest office in the land proving race makes no difference in if you succeed or not. The past is the past and nothing can change it, but if you keep living in it you will never have a life in the present or future; in other words you will throw your opportunities and possibilities away to follow what the liberals want you to believe so they can control you through economic slavery. Think about it. The only person preventing you from making something of yourself is you. Eleanor Roosevelt has the best quote ever on this matter.

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent! Eleanor Roosevelt

So are you going to give them your consent?

Please comment.

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