The True War on Women

I keep hearing about the "War on Women", I have seen the War on Women form the time when I was a child, watching my mother make less then the man next to her why, because she was a woman. I do believe that there may be a war on women but it isn't what is being presented today in the media, they are disingenuous and following an agenda instead of the truth. You can look at the War on Women, but you do need to be reminded that the war is not only domestic but also on an international scale and one of the biggest enablers to the "War on Women" is the United Nations. We will look at these two areas and what I see, and as I always say, "Please comment if you agree or disagree", this is an open comment blog so unless you are really nasty your comments will not be censored.

To me, if you are supporting and protecting women, you need to first start by protecting the youngest ones against predators. There are many statuary and forcible rapes committed each year by men victimizing under age girls who end up becoming pregnant. Any underage pregnancy is, by law, suppose to be reported by any social or medical personnel but Plan Parenthood refused, they enabled 18-year-old Tyler Kost to carry out 27 sexual assaults on at lease 13 girls by not reporting these under age girls to the police as required by law. Their encore was to be busted enabling the trafficking of under age women by pimps in an undercover sting operation. My question, why are they still receiving government aid? Why, if the far left liberals are the ones for women's rights and fair treatment would they enable 27 sexual assaults on 13 under age girls, enable sexual slave trafficking without reporting it to the proper authorities. According to federal law with receiving tax payers funding, it is illegal for you to use government grants for abortions so the augment of taking choice away from the women to have a safe abortion is irrelevant and Plan Parenthood has under oath said they do not use federal funs for abortions. The only way this would be relevant would be if once again they are breaking the law, if they are using federal money for abortions. If they are breaking the law; why are they being protected by the far left? If you have a 13 year old come in pregnant, let the cops check it out. If her 15 year old boy friend got her pregnant, parents you need to watch better; but if it is the 30 year old neighbor, he needs to go to jail for a long time. So is the far left truly watching out for women; NO!

The National Organization for Women (NOW) has it's on battle on women. NOW website says, " The NOW Foundation focuses on .... representation of women in the media..." but this is a lie; they only defend women who bow to their ideology and agenda, if you are a conservative women being attacked , they just watch from the side lines. Now how can an organization for women and for defending women in the media leave out half the women just because they are conservative; NOW is not for women rights, they put a liberal agenda above women rights. NOW orchestrates and enable the "War on Women" as does any organization from the left or right who say they are for protecting women, and don't protect the women from the opposite side. If the left is so in tune to fighting the "War on Women", then where were they when the University of Michigan band the showing of “Honor Diaries”, a film highlighting the atrocities committed against women internationally such as forced marriage, child marriage, female genital mutilation, not to mention that in these UN countries, women are considered property and second class citizens; where is the outcry from the liberals? There was none, the left stood by the aggressors instead of the victims just as they always do which is why we have suck a high crime rate in big cities. I also ask, where were they when Brandeis University rescind its invite to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree and speak at its commencement in May. She has spent her life defending women and has received many death threats because of her exposing the treatment of  women in third world countries. The people objecting were Muslim men, because of her showing the truth about the treatment of Muslim women. How a Muslim women can be raped and if she tells anyone, she will be stoned to death for being an adulteress; her life can only be spared if four males report she was raped. There was a lot of out cry from the conservative Democrats and Republicans but not one word from the far left liberals; is this how the liberals battle the "War on Women by being enablers and ignoring the true plight of abused women? According to the "Heritage Network", "The Feminist Majority Foundation, despite all sorts of press releases and blog posts about campaigns to end sexual violence and stop violence against women on college campuses, could find no room on its website for a comment or link on the Brandeis snub of Hirsi Ali or the banning of the “Honor Diaries” screening"; doesn't sound like they really care about the plight of abused women.

How about looking at the raw numbers; I'm talking about the pay at the white house under President Obama compared to President Bush. The “2012 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff” shows the women under President Obama  earned about 13 percent less, on average, than their male counterparts compared to the Bush administration; now which group is waging "War on Women?" So with the power of this far left liberal administration and "I have a pen and a Phone",  but they don't have the time to engage Brandeis snub of Hirsi Ali or the banning of the “Honor Diaries” screening but does have the time to have a beer when his professor screws up with the extremely clean cop to iron thing out; doesn't something seem awry here? So who is really protecting the women and battling the "War on Women"; it isn't the liberals. You can keep believing the lies liberals tell you or do as I do and watch what both sides do, I believe actions speak louder then words.

The UN enables the abuse and murder of millions of females around the world. The UN's Human Rights Council has 30% (14 of 47) members who violate female rights dally so how are they on the "Human Rights Council?" The UN protects violators of human rights and in many cases, even help terrorist; they are nothing but a money pit we need to sever relations with. We need to start a new organization which will protect all people including women; the UN falls drastically short. The names of the countries on the Human Rights Council are as follows, red indicates women unfriendly countries.

Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
Burkina Faso
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
South Africa
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Costa Rica
United Arab Emirates
Côte d’Ivoire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America
Czech Republic
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Viet Nam

So where do we go from here, the truth is in your face especially about the UN. We need to force the UN to make it mandated through all UN nations that women have the same rights as men; lets see how many will vote on that. Here at home, we need to face the facts the liberals and their media is lying about who is really waging the "War on Women" and who is enabling sexual predators to prey on our children. You can like what I said or not but it is the truth. Please leave a comment for or against, from the US or a different country, all are welcomed here.

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