1st Amendment Doesn’t Matter to Educators or Government

I am a big 1st Amendment advocate, even when people say or act out something I don’t agree with to me it is still their 1st Amendment right and should not be tread on, if they can burn the American Flag and be covered under the 1st Amendment, they can do most anything as long as it isn’t a threat, destroys property, or infringes on someone else’s rights. The biggest misnomer in our society is political correctness; it is the cancer of our society and it’s advocates have forgotten one very important item with the 1st Amendment and your constitutional rights; you do have the right not to be offended.

At Modesto Junior College in California told a student that he could not pass out copies of the United States Constitution outside the student center on September 17, Constitution Day. Captured on video, college police and administrators demanded that Robert Van Tuinen stop passing out Constitution pamphlets and told him that he would only be allowed to pass them out in the college's tiny free speech zone, and only after scheduling it several days or weeks ahead of time. So are you telling me you only have free speech where this College says? NO, this is a violation of Mr. Tuinen’s constitutional rights. Any educator or politician who objects to anyone handing out the US Constitution needs to be fired on the spot or removed from office; they should never be allowed to educate anyone or run for public office.

At Sam Houston State University Sensors student on free speech and threatens them. They had permission to put up a free speech wall many from all sides wrote comments saying good and bad things which is what free speech is all about. When someone wrote something negative about President Obama, a professor took a razor toward the students and cut it out. Isn’t this destruction of private property? This has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. Shortly after the police showed up and threaten the students with criminal charges. This student talking on the video is an inspiration for others. I thought a professor would want all views to show all view points; not liberal ones, it is their view or we will get you. He needs to be fired.

In Aurora Colorado an 11 year old was suspends for wearing anti-Obama shirt. There were plenty of pro Obama shirts that were fine but not an anti-Obama shirt. The school says they have nothing against free speech and didn’t suspend him for the shirt but for “willful disobedience and defiance”; what for, not removing his shirt. Once again this has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. This is why our children are so screwed in the head these days; this was violating his free speech and censorship but they want you to believe it was about “willful disobedience and defiance”. We call this where I come from,”Lying through your teeth. 

Another student was suspended for wearing a shirt against illegal immigrants; I’m against illegal immigrants! I want people to be able to come here and work to make a better life for them but I want them here legally. A group of California students were threatened with Suspended for American Flag Shirt on Cinco de Mayo day because the Spanish student felt disrespected. The History Channel states “Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). A relatively minor holiday in Mexico…” So Cinco de Mayo has nothing to do with our history and is a “minor holiday” in Mexico so why such a big fuss over it and why put it above the American flag? Cinco de Mayo may be a nice calibration for the Mexican people to refer to their historical pride and there is nothing wrong with having pride in your history. There is a problem when another nations pride is put above American pride in America. If you are of Mexican heritage and want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, more power too you but you are now an American, we give you the freedom of speech to celebrate your holiday with all respect but, Nothing trumps the American Flag in America!

Another student was suspended and arrested for wearing an NRA shirt faces $500 fine and year in prison. In this school system once again they tried to play the liberal game of bait and switch; we are not against freedom of rights but he “willful disobedience and was defiant” or in common terms, he wouldn’t let us sensor him.  This one did have a happy ending because so many people were outraged that the DA dropped all charges, the problem is, he and the governing staff in the school system are still there and will do it again to another child.

As I stated above, this cancer is in our educational systems and our government at all levels. I strongly disagree with what this next guy did but as I said above, I defend his rights to do it. He is an anti-Christian being very offensive on Palm Sunday in front of a church but even as much as a dislike this he has the right to do what he is doing; this is freedom. Another man was pulled over for an anti-Obama sign on the back of his truck. Once again this has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. The cops violated his Constitutional rights but at lease his police chief knew right from wrong and did the right thing and brought the sign back to him saying they were wrong. In Texas, 

Texas Rangers violate the first amendment of the press. This is unbelievable, I lived in Texas and had a massive amount of respect for them knowing what they had to deal with but it just went down. A group of people at our Capital were arrested, their crime, they were dancing; is this a military state?

The problem is we people from both sides of our isle violating and making laws to undermine our Constitution and our freedom. Republican Representative Thomas J. Rooney sponsored a bill to limit freedom of speech in direct violation of the 1st Amendment and his co-sponsor was Democrat Representative Theodore E. Deutch yet you heard nothing about this on the news. This shows you we have people in from both sides of the isle in Congress who hates the constitution and our most noted Constitutional Lawyer, President Obama violated the US Constitution once again by signing it into law which if you read, makes Free Speech a Felony. The house voted 399 yeas to 3 nays and it was from both sides. I always hear from people “we need to impeach Obama” but never really paid much heed because you need clear evidence to do this but here you have it and most of Congress should be gone with him. This is air tight evidence of a direct violation of the US Constitution by both the Congress and the President of which they are sworn to uphold.

Do you want to keep your freedoms including free speech? If you do you need to start voting these idiots out of office. If we keep letting this type of actions happen and go unchecked, it will be our children and grand children who will have to suffer. Check out your Congressional person and see if they are voting in what you believe; if the answer is no, get rid of them.

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