Unions, Not Looking Before They Leap; The Obamacare Debacle!

From the infamous Nancy Pelosi statement, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it”, to the biggest Train Wreck the US Congress has written in a bill, and our President was ignorant enough to sign and lie about the financial impact has now become the biggest debacle in US history, “Obamacare.”Before we started, I need to tell you what you can do for your country to help it in the future. If you have any senator or representative who voted for this massive atrocity without reading it, you need to vote them out of office in the next election. I don’t say this because it is an unpopular bill, I don’t say this because they lied about the financial impact it will have on every family in the US, I don’t say this because they have effectively turned a massive number of 40 hour a week jobs into 29 hour a week job; I say this for two reasons, 1st it is their job to read every bill before voting on it to ensure it will be beneficial to their constituents and 2nd if they want to force “We the People” to abide by what they say is best thing since sliced bread then they need to be under the same system instead of opting out.

Too many Americans, in this case many of the unions, back the president and his politicians on this bill without ever researching how it will affect them and/or their members. If I’m going to pay dues to a union, I don’t want them going along with a political party (Democrats most of the time) without checking out what is behind and the ins and outs of the legislation; I don't trust politicians , do you? Most unions have always voted for (in this case blindly following) the Democratic Party and this time it took them down this deep dark hole which is now going to cost them. In unions you have mostly hunters, religious people, hard workers, and families who want their money but the Democratic Party isn’t for any of these people and the unions keep backing them.The union workers want to hunt without having to go to law school to understand the changes to the hunting rules, workers want to go to their worship place with out watching it be attacked along with most others by these liberals, they want people to work for what they get instead of the government taking the food out of their families mouths for someone who is too lazy to work or working here illegally. The union memberships have been dropping massively and as I wrote in “Why are Unions Flailing & Failing?” Unions have brought this on themselves. Now unions are seeing the massive negative impact Obamacare will have and they are wining like a baby; “SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!” or help support the politicians from both parties trying to De-fund Obamacare.

If the unions want to be the “protectors of the working class” then they need to get on their cells phones and speed dial that senator that is in their pocket and tell them, “De-fund Obamacare or we De-fund you”; this might help get back some of your losses in membership. If you are in a union which supported Obamacare the best way to show your support for American is force your union leadership to help dismantle this debacle or tell them you will leave. If unions can get an opt out it will show what I have said all along; “They are for themselves and not America or its working people, they are for their own pockets”; please prove me wrong. The unions keep putting the same politicians in office that brought this catastrophe to our doors and ignored their members hoping to attain more power. The unions biggest mistake; they trusted liberal politicians to be truthful with them; how’s that working out for you.

The liberal establishment wants a socialist state of America; this is strait out of Maxine Waters’ mouth. This idiot who is supported by unions in California which are ignorant to the truth and facts about the liberal agenda and why they are in such a depressing situation will cause their own demise. They need to realize she is a socialist and the state of California on its current path will end up being the first state Mecca of socialism in America like the first city Mecca of socialism in America, Detroit. If unions in California or in fact across this great nation keeps this up, when all turns to a nose dive there will be no more use for union or else the government will try and band them or their product, just ask the Coal Unions how that is working out. President Obama said he would bankrupt the coal industries and you still supported him and the other liberals; he kept his word! Now because you ignored the truth thousands of once union workers are out of a job.

It may or may not be too late for the coal industry but there are many more the liberals want to go after because what you union leaders haven’t done is read their play book. When all is said and done the liberals want the government in charge of and running everything, they don’t like competition so how will that work out for the unions? Look, it is a no brainer for the unions if they think about it for a second. If the union can De-fund Obamacare and stop supporting the politicians who support anti-gun, anti-religious, anti-registered worker, and anti-family agendas, you declining rolls may turn around because it will look like you are for the working middle class again; if you don’t the rest of the middle class will abandon you because you will not be able to give what you promise with the government in control and when you mess with peoples God, Guns, money, and freedom your union members will turn on you like a rabid dog, which in many cases you have already seen. I am just pointing out the obvious; you can ignore it and go the way of the Dodo bird or help your members and the rest of America, the choice is yours.

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