Islam, Killing Today in America and Abroad

Police helping a victim at the Westgate shopping mall.
Don't miss the dead man on the stairs, its Jihad at work. 

Why do our government and the media cover up the truth about radical, murderous, Muslims? Why won’t they take action against the Jihadist Training Camps here in America? I know there are many Muslims who do not believe in the violence shown as Radical Muslims today; they keep quite because where they come from if they show support against them, them and their families may die. The problem is many Muslims do believe in the Radical Muslims theology and even when they do not participate in the violence, it has been proven they finance or run logistics for the violence. The latest attack on the US, the Navy Yard, when you research shows Aaron Alexis may have been what they call a “Pocket Muslim” someone how hides his interest Islam for purposes down the road. He had interest in Islam and even created web page dedicated to Islam and as Robert Spencer pointed out “There has been no other published indication that Aaron Alexis was a Muslim or had any interest in Islam.” It may be nothing and I know the media will say they have to check it out but neither the media nor our leftist in our Congress checked anything out when saying Aaron Alexis used an assault rifle to murder the people when he used a shot gun. Once again they used a sad tragedy to push their antigun agenda. I don’t know if Aaron Alexis was a Pocket Muslim or not but it was a fact unlike the assault weapon. Of course the media and our president still calls Fort Hood “Work Place Violence” even when Major Hasan was in contact with terrorist overseas and himself admitting he did it for jihad.

Radical Muslims do more then just committed out right mass murder in the name of their bloodthirsty god but this alone is bad enough. They also commit unprovoked murder in trying to make people fear their religion enough to not confront it. Quran (8.12) “When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” In the Quran (47.4) “Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom…” Have you ever wondered why they cut peoples heads off? I think Quran 47.4 covers it along with why along with Muslims being 95% of the terrorist, Muslims have the distinction of being 95% of all the pirates; they are only following their religious book. This is why on 20 September 2013 in Canada a Muslim man, in-between the ages of 18 to 35 (23) stabbed a Fire Fighter to death with no apparent motive. The police are calling this a random act of violence but it is consistent with terrorist singling out of soldiers, policemen, and first responders to attack. I know you are wondering why does it matter, it is in Canada? I wonder how many times this has happened in the US and the media and our government covered it up.

The women of our country have much more to fear; I have been in many Muslim countries and you are a second class citizen if you even rank that high. Several of you more liberal ladies want to have reproductive rights but in Afghanistan women beg doctors to abort female (only) children because in many cases, if they have a girl instead of a boy they will be beaten. In many others mothers know what the consequence down the road may be if the have a girl. She will be sold as a sex slave to some pervert who even at the age of 8 and younger, will consummate the marriage and in many cases the child dies from internal injuries and bleeding. Not only do I not want this here, if the President, Congress, and the UN want to show they are for “human rights” then they need to stop this along with slavery which runs rapid in Muslim countries. The problem is our educators and politicians don’t care about this just like they don’t care about Muslim indoctrination in the public schools. They are preaching Jihad in Mosques and in the streets during “Muslim Parade” celebration. My hat goes off to Tony Avella, Democratic State Senator from the 11th New York Senate who was asked to be a 2012 Marshall of the Muslim Parade but walked off the stage in protest to the anti-American rhetoric.

The FBI’s “Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorist” has nine of them being Muslim. Since 2001, the emergence of individuals and groups inspired by al Qaeda rhetoric were forming in the US but they lack the capabilities to launch an enormous tactical attack which would cause catastrophic damage. Tracking these groups presented a growing surveillance challenge for the FBI and Homeland Security; the homegrown violent extremists and their threats remains a legitimate terrorism concern for the FBI but how can they ascertain these terrorist groups’ actual capabilities when you do not know their known abilities which can be enormous or small? How can the FBI and Homeland Security track these home grown terrorist when they have no ligatures connecting them to other groups in or outside the US and many of these Muslim groups have moved from rhetoric to implementation. I want to know what has been done about the Jihad Terrorist Camps in the US; from what I can tell; nothing. We know there is at lease 35 terrorist training camps so why can’t we take them down? I’m afraid the reason once again is political correctness; we might “offend” the Muslim community or it could be none of our politicians want them exposed on their watch. No matter which is the case, it is putting America in danger.

Today, a terrorist attack in Nairobi killed at least 39 people including children and wounded 150 in the Westgate shopping mall. One witness to the attack in Nairobi told the police the gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave and that non-Muslims would be the targets. Why do I tell you this, because this is how it will be in America when these 35 terrorist training camps finally get a green light; it will make the Boston Bombing look like a warm-up. You need to ask the Director of the FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security when they are going to get off their behinds and take out these threats; the next mall shooting may be here and our kids may be the victims; this is something none of us want. The little girl above survived thanks to this man; ours may not be as lucky.

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