Colorado; Rebuking the Liberal/Leftist Gun Lies and Senators

Colorado; Rebuking the Liberal/Leftist Gun Lies and Senators

In Colorado both State Senate President John Morse (D) and State Senator Angela Giron were recalled but it was enlightening to see the truths about how liberals no matter Democrat or Republican look at the view of their constituents when it doesn’t follow theirs. Now of course Senate President John Morse being ousted is huge but he in most instances had the since enough to keep his far left agenda mostly hidden before, during and after the recall but this wasn’t true about his comrade. His recall was 51% for and 49% against which is only around a 3% change from his election so the constituents in his district still need to wake up to reality or loose their freedoms. The bigger story to me is State Senator Angela Giron; her swing was 12% for the recall but why in a mostly Democratic safe haven?

Angela Giron is a true liberal and as most politicians are, she is very transverse at the art of lying.
Remember when I talk about a liberal they are in both parties; more are in the Democratic Party but I am talking liberal/leftist type people, not Democrats. When it comes to Democrats verses Republicans they both lie and are most plotting something corrupt (usually only when they are awake) but the Democrats and especially the liberals have made it an art form compared to the conservatives and Republicans; she displayed her full talent and didn’t let her believers down. The only way you can have a swing of 12% in a liberal mostly democratic district is if you have insulted President Obama (didn’t happen), you support children’s rights to live in the womb (didn’t happen), or you insult and ignore your constituents beliefs (we have a winner).  

No matter what any person, Democrat or Republican says, 90% of them do not want the government taking and wasting anyone of their money and the first item Senator Giron did was raising taxes on her constituents while they were having a ruff time making ends meat because of the recession/depression but her constituents took it but started watching just to make sure this was it. When the Aurora shooting happened and then Newtown and she got on her soap box with Senator Morse saying they wanted to protect the children and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, this was OK as well until a draft came out of the legislation. There was nothing in it which would have stopped the shootings and only items which made it harder on the big gun industry in Colorado, law enforcement, and the law abiding citizen; this isn’t a surprise to me because she is a liberal/leftist, its in their genes and lie, cheat, or bribe to get their agenda enacted; just look at Obama Care to see it on large scale.

 This wasn’t one bill as Senator Giron and Senator Morse said but a series of bills which was hard to find all the caveats they had inserted to see what was really the law. In Colorado Revises Statues 23-41-201 you have chapters 46 (125 pages), 47 (128 pages), and 48 (144 pages) for a grand total of 397 pages but when you open the links there is chapters 46 (3 pages), 47 (16 pages), and 48 (3 pages) for a grand total of 22 pages out of 397 pages with access; what are they trying to hide. What I did find out is they will impose a fee on the buyer which is not done in any other state for a person to person sale; if I’m reading this right the state will charge the people for the checkers time.
A Gun Shops will have to do a background check on other Gun Shops when transferring merchandise from one to the other; yap this will protect the people. If you violate the magazine law, which mean if you have one high capacity magazine you forgot bout in your possession even if unloaded, you can get charged with a felony for a violent crime and loose all you gun rights. During this whole battle I kept hearing from both Senator Giron and Senator Morse how the NRA was “massively funding and organizing” this effort to recall them but it ended up being three Plumbers from Colorado who recalled them. They lied about the out side money; the NRA records show $100, 000 donated where Mayor Bloomberg and Eli Broad donated between $500, 000 and $750, 000 so who was getting the outside money? All I can only find is between $200,000 and $230,000 to fight the recall donated by Coloradoans. The recall people even had video of what looks like pay offs people to block recall signs and petition signing areas; I don’t know if it is true but something is definitely fishy. Then they went on to screw the Colorado people again by mandating 80% of your business must be done in Colorado, so if I live on the boarder and can get work done for half the price from a New Mexico company; tough; this is the classic example of suppression and tyranny.

Since it is never Liberal/Leftist’s fault for loosing because of their agenda it has to be something else; Senator Giron totes the old Liberal/Leftist excuse that it is “Voter Suppression” in a liberal, leftist, democratically controlled area against a liberal, leftist, Democrat as she states on “CNN”; the reported tried to do a serious interview but Senator Giron wasn’t having it showing the demeanor of throwing a temper tantrum. You need to watch this whole video from her area to see what her people saw, a few towed the line but the majority of them has come and saw the light. Being led by the Sheriff Maketa, this is what the people believe. Her people wanted a town hall meeting before the vote and she promised to have one before voting; it didn’t happen from what I can find. She as all liberal/leftist in both the Democrat and Republican parties did what all liberals do; lie to their constituents, misdirect their constituents, ignore their constituents, suppress their constituents, and blame someone else when it blows up in their face. Please quit electing them.

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    If that More idiot thinks gun owners are a sickness then his brain is pea sized and he is stark raving stupid and a member of the Stupid Jackass Party