Attack on our Patriotism and Our Flag

Many people in the US are Anti-Patriotic and even Anti-American, and our school systems and multilevels of the government is saturated with these people and of course they head right for what is the  one emblem of our greatness; the American Flag. I actually found a story where a CNN reported had no problem with the Mexican Flag being flown over the American flag but every link to the video had been disabled; the CNN web site still has the link but it keeps coming up saying “problem playing this video.” When something backfires, they always try to remove it so it never happened.

Many of these people do not realize that there are laws against what many of them do. The Order Code RL30243 is federal law and will tell you about the proper display of Old Glory and it will tell you no other flag will be flown above it for this action is a violation of federal law. You also have HR 42 which is the “Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.” What it tells you in short is that if you are the owner of a house, business, condominium, or any other property you can display the US flag (not any flag) and it is a right. If your right is violated it is a criminal act. I personally like this law but I would add two more items to it. First you must maintain the flag in good repair and second, even if you are a renter you should not have this right taken away. Last you have the Postal Bulletin 22365 which is the law for displaying any flag at the Post Office are the United States of America flag, the Postal Service flag, the POW-MIA flag, and, when authorized by the vice president of Corporate Communications, flags directly related to the programs, missions, and activities of the United States Postal Service. Flags of states, commonwealths, or local governments must not be displayed. Now that we know the law about flags let’s see what is going on in good old USA and our Patriotism.

Hypoluxo Florida, The Town of Hypoluxo, when this Marine returned home from fighting over seas he installed a flag pole in his front yard, he then received a citation from the city stating an anonymous neighbor complained; don’t you have the right to face your accuser? The truth is this is all about money; the permit to get a contractor to install the flag poll is $1,000 dollars in the pocket of the city. What a city government being greedy; what a shocker.

Huntsville Alabama, Stepping Stone Condominiums, tells an active duty soldier to remove his American Flag to keep the place “tidy”.

Albany Georgia, a man was slapped with a ticket and threatened with jail time after he refused to remove an American flag that’s been flying outside his business on private property for more than thirty years.

Boston Massachusetts, Fort Point man being fined $25 dollars a day even though the Condo organization knows they are violating the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.

East Windsor Connecticut, Stoughton Ridge Condominium Association, last summer Teresa Richard received a letter from the condo manager asking her to "kindly remove" her American flag, that of the Blue Star Mothers of America and the flagpole, or face a fine, according to the Manchester Journal Inquirer.

Spring Texas, Klein Collins High School, suspense a kid for removing the Mexican Flag from over the American flag after calling the office to report it and being hung up on.

Something is definitely wrong here when you have all this going on in the US and you will only see it mostly on local media. Why isn’t the national media covering this or even more so, why are they not covering the following?

Roseville California, Highland Creek Apartments, a war vet was asked to remove his flag from the balcony being told by management,” She wanted it to be removed so it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag.”

Sacramento California, Denair Middle School tells 13 year old boy to remove the American Flag from his bike, stating it might be “offensive”.

Albany Oregon, Oaks Apartments, has told several people to remove the American flags from cars and motorcycles because, “someone might be offended.”

Sacramento California, Willow Creek Apartments, 7400 Willow Creek Drive said an injured Afghanistan vet couldn’t fly her American flag even though the lease said she could; when this was brought up they said “you can’t fly it there”. The property management company says they are meeting with Jen face-to-face to discuss their options and how they can come to a resolution; the right thing is to let her fly it but “their options” is usually code for “please do what we say.”

Clinton Township Michigan, Rivercrest Arms Apartments demanded a disabled U.S. Army veteran remove an American Flag from the window of his apartment because the American Flag is “racist”. They said the “Rebel Flag” because apparently they don’t know what the American flag looks like or they perceived the American flag to be one and the same. Why isn’t this on the news?

Atlanta Georgia, Ashford Landing, didn’t even ask the veteran to take down his flag, they stole it. This violated the law on two fronts; first thief; second “Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.”

Montebello California, Montebello High School, had the Mexican flag flying not only over the American Flag but also had the American flag in the position of duress. Many would say,”Well it is California” but its still America! But in California it does get worse.

Maywood California, during a protest the American flag was taken down over the Post Office and a Mexican flag replaced it; the police did nothing. It is a federal offense under the law and the police did nothing. Damaging of government property, multiple federal laws broken and the police do nothing!

This is why the people don’t trust our government; they will not enforce laws on the law breakers and just want to make more laws against the law abiding. Things are going to get really bad if something doesn’t change.  In Reno Nevada, the El Jaripeo Bar was openly flying the Mexican Flag over American Flag; right or wrong a patriot took matters into his own hands and luckily their was no violence but violence could have happened quickly. I am all for people coming to our country to make a better life for themselves but we are not Mexico; if we were and they flew the US flag over theirs we would have been jailed or shot. I say the same thing to the Latino community as I said to the Muslim community; if you are here to join us and integrate into our country, more power to you, but if you don’t then you need to leave. The store owner in Reno and should have been shut down, he apparently had no problem with violating this law knowingly and we need law abiding citizens. Many Latino people just want a better life and people like this one causes much animosity; they need to go.

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