Navy Yard Shooting Caused by Our Politicians

The Department of Defense once did their own background checks and we never had an incident like Major Hassan or Aaron Alexis but even with the objections of military leaders, our politicians through budget cut to the military have forced the defense department to go with contractors who in many cases only care about making a profit, hiring the cheapest workers who's lack of commitment to do proper background investigation and as shown in this case, providing the Defense Department with an inferior product which cost 12 people their life. This and political correctness as was shown in the Major Hasan case has caused multiple military and DoD civilian deaths and yet they always turn and blame the gun. If the military at Fort Hood and the navy yard would have been allowed to carry their weapons, the outcome would have been greatly different but once again, gun control has cost lives. If we can't trust our military, who can we trust?
In 2004 he was arrested in Seattle for shooting a construction worker car tires where he described it as "an anger-fueled blackout." He told police he had witnessed Sep. 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York and "how these events had disturbed him," according to the police report. Mr. Alexis joined the Navy in May 2007, according to Navy records. While stationed in Fort Worth, he was arrested on Sept. 4, 2010, after an upstairs neighbor reported that he had fired shots up into her apartment. The neighbor said Alexis had often angrily confronted her about making too much noise, and she told police he scared her. "[The neighbor] told me that she is terrified of Aaron and feels that this was done intentionally," the arresting officer wrote on the police report. In 2011 he was discharged from the Navy due to many reported cases of him being mentally unstable with two incidents of weapon violations. He was pushed out of the military because of repeated incidents and arrests given a General Discharge which is not an Honorable Discharge; this meant he should have never been able to get the clearance he was granted by the vetting contract company. The icing on the cake; Alexis was hearing voices and was under treated for paranoia and a sleep disorder since August by the Veterans Administration; why didn’t they report him?

To break it down you first have cut DoD so far that they have to rely on civilian companies who are only in it for the money to do their background checks, all the red flags were in place but there was nothing was checked by the company while doing the background check, due to budget cuts the security at the Navy Yard was cut extending the distance to the facility of armed personnel, and finally since our government doesn't trust our military with weapons, when this all started no one was there to stop him. How do you think the liberal/leftist Spin-Machine will spin this? I have no doubt the liberal establishment will try and turn this into a "We need to band guns" rally; it is their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), instead of looking at their irresponsible cuts to the DoD for irresponsible spending on entitlements. Dianne Feinstein didn’t disappoint, being irresponsible as usual, not fining out the facts, and using this tragedy for political purposes she attacked legitimate gun owners and the 2nd Amendment again blaming assault rifles for being the culprit; remember liberal/leftist especially politicians are never honest. The problem is just like when the Brady Bill (the original assault weapon ban) was pushed banning assault rifles after President Reagan was shot, an assault rifle was not used here. He entered with a shotgun and picked up a hand gun off a guard he had shot. Many including gun owners want to fix the real problem, reporting of mentally ill people like Mr. Alexis so this can’t happen again. This isn’t what the liberal/leftist wants; they will do anything to take your guns and freedom away from you. Will they bring charges against the company who failed to do a proper security investigation; no, they are unionized and the liberal/leftist politicians need donations so this won't happen.

The truth about it is It wouldn't have mattered what weapon he uses, a gun or a machete, all the other people were disarmed by our government and their ignorant policies, A famous political Democrat once said, "Our military would offend someone if they were armed state side". In 1993 our military was disarmed by President Bill Clinton making it almost impossible for commanders to issue guns to the troops while state side; why? We should have wised up, gotten a clue, and rescinded this ignorant policy after the Fort Hood shooting but our Liberal/Leftist President Obama made Fort Hood "An act of work place violence". He slapped our solders in the face for political reasons, denying our wounded soldiers the proper classification they needed to get help, and now he says, "We are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military institution in our nation's capital. It's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. These are men and women who were going to work doing their job protecting all of us. They are patriots and they know the dangers of serving abroad but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't expect here at home." Will he get a clue and fix this or any problem? NO!
Our Presidents and Congresses, current and past, takes our tax money, cuts and diverts funds every year from the Defense Department making it weaker, and gives the majority of these funds to people who are lazy and refuses to work. This shows our military community once again pays the price with their lives due to a liberal maladroit political mentality constantly presented by our federal elected officials. They won't look at Aaron Alexis who had a General Discharge and would never pass a proper background check to work on a federal installation, they won't look at the violent arrest record he had which the contractor doing the security background check had to be sleeping to miss, and they won't check all the other red flags which were ignored to fix the problem but they will go after your guns. This shows the exact reason we need our guns; you can't trust the government; this is the same people who have been illegally spying on us and violating our 4th Amendment, and you want me to trust them to protect me? Your politician is imbecilic to think we will be protected or protected better by the government. If you have a politician like this; VOTE THEM OUT! Would you put your children in the hands of the government to be protected or do you believe your hands would be better?

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