Cutting Down on Irresponsibility

In Virginia, a man who has fathered more than seven children he has by at least six women was given a plea deal that if he received a vasectomy, his sentence would be reduced by five years. Jessie Lee Herald, 27, wasn’t charged with any type of sexual crime but was offered this deal by the Shenandoah County assistant prosecutor Ilona White stating, “He needs to be able to support the children he already has when he gets out” which I agree. We have a lot of dead beat dads fathering kids with multiple women and dead beat moms birthing kids from multiple men and neither is being responsible. These people are irresponsible, they are nothing but leaches on our society and is one reason the US is stumbling. I am not talking about the ones who accidently get pregnant once and learns to be responsible from that situation, I am talking about the ones (men and women) who have multiple partners with multiple kids and can’t on their own take care of any of them without subsistence. Their attitude, “The Government will pay for it” needs to end.

I am mostly a libertarian and don’t like the government in anyone’s business especially mine, but this theology is a two edge sword; you need to be responsible on your own accord or be enslaved by the government and let the government make the decisions for you because you are not responsible. The Government making the decision can be you are not allowed to have kids and forced sterilization. Currently too many have their cake and eat it as well, if you think as I do, you can give birth or father to as many kid as you want but you likewise should receive no subsistence from the government to take care of them because it is your responsibility.

Many tax payers want it so when you are on subsistence, the doctor will perform reversible procedures to inhibit you from fathering or having kids which will be reversed at the governments expense if asked once you become self supportive and a contributing member of society instead of a leach. I know if this ever happened, it will upset people but you need to be responsible or the government will do what it wants; being responsible for yourself with no others (the government) involved is true freedom, having the government in every aspect of your life, telling you what you must do, changing any agreement when they want (but not you) is social slavery and where the liberals from both the Democrats and Republicans has pushed the minorities and poor in our country. Their thoughts are, “Here, we will give you money; you just have to vote for us, because we will give you money” but they never want you to get out of the hole you are in because you will then have control, and they want the control. I grew up poor; I had duct tape wrapped around my “Chuck Taylor” tennis shoes because of the holes in the bottom and we couldn't afford another pair. Every time I went to school, the Student Guidance Counselor told me I might as well quit because I was from the wrong side of the tracks; I made it out and so can anyone else but I nor anyone else can do it for you.

There are many things I have heard people say and many of them make since but are also very offensive. If you are going to let the government run your life, there are areas that should be implemented. These are just things floating around the web so they are not my idea, but it’s the way it may be if we keep letting the government dictates our lives. Remember I’m just repeating what I have read in the media and blogs.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you must be on birth control (females) or have a reversible vasectomy.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you must be drug tested.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you cannot vote.

I have read these on several different web sites and the ones paying taxes will say "More power to you" while the other side will say, "Are you out of your mind." It isn't a "White man's greed leaves a world in need-President Obama", it's a "Lazy/liberal man's greed leaves a world in need-American Patriot." Think about how much we could help the US and the rest of the world if entitlements didn't rape our federal income. If you take the NET profit the federal government makes and check the non-Discretionary and Discretionary spending for entitlements, you will find entitlements take 60% of the money while our defense only takes 15% of the money; something needs to be done. When our politicians want all the pork they can get and around 40% plus of our citizens are on some sort of entitlement, something is wrong; both are irresponsible. The income tax and Social Security Tax are the biggest ponzi schemes in history and what do the politicians and freeloaders do, they keep asking for more.

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