President Obama and Eric Holder Going After Our Guns Again

It use to be when the people had spoken and the Supreme Court had confirm, this was the end of the story but not with this Administration. President Obama has used Eric Holder to do some of the must unethical and illegal stunts ever seen even for a politician and the rest of congress do nothing to stop it. The injustice we have experienced from the US Department of Justice under this administration is unfathomable and just plain criminal. We had the refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers (NBP) for voter intimidation even though there is video tape showing this act in progress. The same NBP member, King Samir Shabazz, who was intimidating voters was later busted for carrying a loaded and unlicensed gun by a felon according to You have the refusal of the DOJ to prosecute anyone at the IRS for felonies when they targeted the Tea Party and other conservative groups which is felonies as well. The DOJ was caught spying on and targeting journalist for their sources which again is illegal. The DOJ's Fast and Furious scandal which has hundreds of deaths link to it, was orchestrated by Eric Holder to say "Guns are bad" but it blew up in his and the administrations face; did  anyone in the administration face charges? No.

What happened next was a bill in congress which failed and the Supreme Courts ruling which upheld the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Everything should be done but no, the federal government couldn't take your guns so lets go for the ammo, if they don't have ammo, they can't shoot their guns as pointed out in "Why Our Government Bought 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition?" They found this didn't work so then the went to remove your guns by making misdemeanors felonies as pointed out in "Gun Control by Felony" where even jaywalking in some places has become a felony. This isn't working to well so what is next on the list; Operation Choke Point.

Operation Choke Point was changed by President Obama and Eric Holder to destroy the ability of anyone to use a "Third Party Payment Processor (TPPP)" when buying guns or ammo; basically you could only buy in with cash so internet sales would be illegal. What the program was originally for was great, it was an initiative by the DOJ to help protect consumers from credit card companies being predatory toward consumers and violating federal law. Now, many in congressmen say the DOJ is using program to target legitimate businesses who's politics President Obama and Eric Holder don't agree. A committee to investigate the incident headed by Senator Darrell Issa released a 900 page document showing the illegal targeting of legitimate gun and ammo businesses, when the President and the DOJ was confronted with the fact they were purposely targeting gun and ammo businesses, both refuses to back down.

So now we have this administration using the EPA, IRS, NSA, and the DOJ to target law abiding citizens, reporters, and businesses that don't agree with his policies; how you like that change. The Obama administration who lost in the Supreme Court is using executive orders and government departments to impose their will to fundamentally transformed America. They are  illegally using government agencies to attack those who believe in the US Constitution and the Second Amendment; something that has never been seen before in this country. No wonder so many Americans don't trust the government. But more trouble could be around the corner, Hilary Clinton in a speech pretty much says she's going for our guns and the US Constitution doesn't matter; you can't pick and choose, you either support the US Constitution or you don't. Just as with President Obama, she will ignoring the US Constitution if elected and our country will be at, if not in a new civil war. Just as happened at the Bundy ranch, true Americans will start saying no to our tyrannical government and unlike the Bundy ranch, sooner or later someone will fire.

The following is from Randy Weaver: Siege at Ruby Ridge by David Lohr
"Following his release from jail, Randy Weaver flew back to Iowa with his children and filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the government for the killing of Samuel and Vicki Weaver. In an out-of-court settlement, Randy was given $100,000 and his daughters were granted $1 million apiece. "The government got caught with its pants down," Randy stated after the settlement. "They broke a whole bunch of serious laws, they were totally embarrassed, and they settled our lawsuit out of court because they didn't want a lot of questions asked. This became a personal vendetta with the government when I laughed in the face of the agent who offered to drop my charges if I became an informant. They admitted in court that crime is about as serious as a traffic violation.
Federal prosecutors eventually ended a two-year long probe into several FBI officials for their role in the Ruby Ridge standoff. Following the investigation, Danny Coulson, former head of FBI headquarters, was given a letter of censure; Michael Kahoe, who had been involved in researching the rules of engagement, was censured and suspended for 15 days; Richard Rogers, head of the hostage rescue team, was censured and suspended for 10 days; Larry Potts, the man who had approved the rules of engagement, was censured; Eugene Glenn, Ruby Ridge field commander, was censured and suspended for 15 days, and Lou Horiuchi, the HRT "Blue" sniper/observer team leader, received no punishment for his actions, which resulted in the death of Vicki Weaver.
Randy Weaver eventually relocated to Montana with his daughters and purchased a car lot. Kevin Harris moved to Republic, Washington, where he currently works as a welder. The Weaver cabin still stands on Ruby Ridge and, as of this writing, remains unoccupied. Since the shoot out at Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver has been deemed the patron saint of militant gun owners, a living martyr whose infamous shoot-out with federal agents helped ignite "A seething backlash in the country," as the N.R.A. puts it."
I have seen enough death for five lifetimes and hope someone will stop and dismantle these liberal policies putting us into social slavery, if they don't I will be forced to watch more people die. They will be murdered at the hands of a tyrannical government out of control just like what happened at Ruby Ridge; at the end of the Ruby Ridge standoff; a 14-year-old boy, a 42-year-old mother, a federal marshal, and one yellow Labrador retriever had all been shot dead and it didn't have to happen. The sadist part of the whole ordeal was the government murdered two people and the max punishment anyone received was censured and suspended for 15 days; if it would have been you or I, life in prison or executed. When you can murder a mother with NO WEAPON in her hands and get a slap on the wrist; our government is in serious trouble. Now you know why we have the 2nd Amendment, without it we are not citizens but subjects.

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