The Real Truth About President Obama and Sgt Bergdahl

President Barack Hussein Obama believed he could talk his way out of any situation using his golden charismatic lying tongue, but when it came to trading an Army traitor, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for the top five Taliban leaders, the Taliban “Dream Team” in Gitmo, he was wrong. A video (how convenient) received last year mentally affected the president to make a horrible decision yet again showing he doesn’t have the fortitude needed by the president. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin stated, “He looked either drugged or tired or sick” about Sgt Bergdahl but other Senators did not agree. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein stated, “I think that they expected everybody just to fall in line”; well why shouldn’t they, every other time President Obama has violated the law and Constitution before the Democrats fell in line. Senator Feinstein criticized the administration’s decision not to adhere to a law requiring 30 days’ notice to Congress before releasing detainees from the Guantanamo Bay. Why is President Obama’s very own cheerleader, Senator Feinstein turning on him now; the reason is because President Obama took her power this time; she is the Chair on the Intelligence Committee. So is this outrage by Senator Feinstein over swapping five Taliban leaders for a traitor and putting our troops in danger or is it because President Obama stepped on her toes?

Has the president put our country and troops in danger by doing this swap? It is an emphatic yes, even though you have Susan Rice lying again stating Sgt Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction”, as shown by their actions neither she nor the President knows the meaning of honor. Sgt Bergdahl service did have distinction, of him deserting, of him converting to our enemy, and of him being responsible for many of our troops not coming home. I think Judge Jeanine Pirro puts it quite well about the danger President Obama has put us into, Mike Rogers of Michigan states the basic fact of what President Obama has done by making this deal, “We have now set a price”, referring to being on our troops heads. As Senator Cruz and many from both sides of the isle has said, “This undermines our national security”. Desperate to close Guantanamo Bay, our president is releasing dangerous prisoners for such idiotic reasons as, he took yoga or read a certain book. At Guantanamo Bay, 78 of 149 prisoners have already been cleared, many who were to be “Forever Prisoners” because of their potential threat to the US. Of the 178 standard prisoners released by President Obama (not the Forever Prisoners), 51 rejoined the war against the US; that is almost 30% and Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN it was “baloney” that US troops would be in more danger by releasing the five Taliban commanders who all will rejoin the fighting. This shows the ignorance of Democratic liberals who try and argue an irrefutable fact, by releasing these five Taliban commanders we will have soldiers die!

Many of the Democrats who have stood behind him during all his illegal and UN-Constitutional actions can't even stomach this violation once again of law. Once again President Obama slaps the military in the face because he won’t be feeling the wrath of these five Taliban terrorist, but our military will. Dianne Feinstein knows he lying, broke the law, and circumvented the Senate Intelligence Committee which she chairs and called him out. Even though no Democrat until now has stood up to the president on his multitude of law violations, you still have diehard supporters who will staunchly back him even when he puts our country and troops in life threatening danger; people like Harry Reid, John Kerry, Susan Rice, and even Hilary Clinton just to name a few. President Obama's advisors told him not to do the deal but he ignored them and arrogantly refuses to apologize to the families of the fallen troops killed because of his actions. What about Sgt Bergdahl himself.

We have found out that at one point while living with the Taliban, Sgt Bergdahl converted to Islam. He was openly fraternizing with his new friends referring to himself as "mujahid," or a warrior for Islam, played soccer with his guards and was even being allowed to carry a weapon with ammo; does this sound like a prisoner? This makes me wonder if he helped on any of the attacks on US forces. The real number killed searching for Sgt Bergdahl is higher then six, the month prior to Sgt Bergdahl deserting his post and duty there was 24 troops killed, the first month after 44 troops killed and the second month after 51 troops killed. There are two ways to look at this and either way the US citizens were lied to; either we lost 20 troops the first month and 27 troops the second month looking for him for a total of 47 troops or Sgt Bergdahl told the Taliban our tactics which caused 47 troops to get killed. Now President Barack Hussein Obama has put our country and troops in danger and trade 5 Taliban commanders for a traitor but won't raise a hand to get a war hero out of a Mexican jail. Any way you look at it, he wasn't worth the trade in troop lives or 5 Taliban commanders but this does prove once again he hates the military and this wonderful country. He doesn’t salute or cross his heart during the National Anthem, Michelle Obama states, “All this for a damn flag” during a ceremony honoring the American Flag and the president nods in agreement. America, you need to start voting for people who loves America, not wanting to destroy it or you will get exactly what you voted for, no America or freedom.

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