Iraq, Obama’s Failed Foreign Leadership and Policies

President Obama’s and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Iraq policy and pull out hailed as a smashing success by all the liberals add philosophers who know nothing about reality, they live in a fantasy world. Even though they were told by many military leaders, that pulling out of Iraq would be a disaster, President Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored them, the ones who knew, and the dynamic dual did what they wanted to anyway regardless of the fallout and effect on the Iraqi people. As a senator, in on 26 September 2007 Senator Obama said, “The surge could not work, it would increase sectarian violence, it is doomed to failure”; he was wrong; pulling out and removing Iraq's security will and has. President Obama said,” the world is less violent then it has ever been”; he living in a glass bubble and ignores reality; you can say what ever you want but reality and truth will show your ignorance if you ignore it like President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton It will bite you in the ass as has happened with Benghazi and now Iraq; though President Obama through former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to be committed to Iraq's security, you can now see they lied again; President Obama announced he wouldn't stand behind his promise to Iraq; I can only ask, is the Bush's fault as well? Joe Biden stated it was one of President Obama's greatest achievements, the will have a stable government and he was impressed how they had decided to use the political process instead of violence; he as is the president is wrong because he as does the president and most all liberals live in a mindset void of reality.  

You have to wonder if this is an Obama plan, he was for the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, taking over Egypt and mad when they were thrown out; no in Iraq the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Al Qaeda off-shoot. The ISIS is attacking Iraq and has a third of Iraq and remains unchecked, President Obama promised security support, why isn't he giving it; does he want an Islamic State?. If Iraq is taken over by the militants all the troops who sacrificed their lives in Iraq will have died for nothing. Many of the ISIS leaders were released from Guantanamo Bay by the Obama administration, but don't worry, they won't return to the battle field. Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz stated, “ the United States should remain in Iraq for as long as it takes to yield a stable country.” After defeating the Germans and Japanese in WWII, how long did we stay; wait, we are still there. After defending South Korea in the 1950s, how long did we stay to help defend their country from North Korea; yap, we are still there as well. It takes decades to change a vicious culture, now two of those formally vicious cultures (Germany and Japan) are a couple of our closes allies; it didn’t just happen overnight. As I said to my troops when we left Iraq in the first Gulf War, I will say again, “We will be back here again because of stupid politicians” and this time because President Obama wanted some political points. The ISIS took root after President Obama’s election because President Obama and Hillary Clinton dropped the security of Iraq, pulling the troops out of Iraq before the country was ready. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bear total responsibility for what has happened in Iraq including the mass murders, this is what happens when you have liberal ideology who truly have no foundation; they couldn’t even look at our history to see what happened when we pulled out of Vietnam too early, millions died which will probably be the count in Iraq.

Do you wonder now why under the Obama administration our allies don't trust us, why even with the highest taxes ever in the US our Country under Obama he has all most doubled the debt of all previous presidents combined, why as China and Russia double the size of their military we drop ours to below WWII levels, and why every claim of a false scandal is found to be true? This is what happens when you elect liberals, they don't care about our country, the US Constitution, the military, peoples rights, honesty, integrity, or truly helping people; they just care about money, power, and their agenda. The Iraq problem just proves it once again. Please leave a comment.

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