Obama Hates the Military, Now He Will Sacrifice 250 to 275 Troops!

How this state of affairs in Iraq did came about? As I wrote in the past that pulling out of Iraq was a decision that would come back to haunt us, it is now doing just that. I said we will have to go back over to Iraq because they were not ready to take over their own security and the region was still unstable. Germany after WWII remained unstable until around 1970 with the biggest uprising in June 1953, it took around 25 years before they became stable and now Germany is the strongest country in Europe; all it took was time and commitment from the US. Because President Obama pulled out without listening to his military leaders, we will now be back in Iraq probably sooner than later. President Obama was told this was a mistake by his military leaders but as all liberals do, he let politics get in the way of doing what is right. This decision to pull out was pure politics; he loathes the military and he couldn’t reduce the military if they are in a war zone. He has stated he wants a Civilian National Security Force” equal to the Military which is highlighted in “Obama’s and the Democrat’s War on the Military.” Our military is at the same level it was before WWII and now President Obama has let our nation’s number one enemy, terrorist, takes charge of an area we swore to protect.

Now President Obama has sent troops back; did he send enough to do the job? No, he sent between 250 and 275 Army and Marines to help defend the US Embassy against 200,000 insurgents; I know he hates the military and the Army and Marines are an awesome fighting forces but 800 to 1 odds are a little steep even for our Special Forces. President Obama says that the Marines only purpose will be to protect U.S. personnel and the embassy in Baghdad and not to join in the fierce fighting raging outside the Iraqi capital, Obama has vowed to keep US forces out of combat in Iraq. Ok, let me see; insurgents have already been firing on the US Embassy, even with rockets, our embassy was the first place they went and I guess our Marines can tell them, “Sorry, we can’t engage you by presidential order or we will get court martialled.” How do you think that will work out?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have mass executed tens of thousands police, military, and many civilians with whom they come into contact; 1,700 in one spot. The president did tell Congress, however, that American military personnel in Baghdad will be “equipped for combat”, what idiot would think they would go in any other way? Leaving Iraq in 2010 we were not allowed to return fire when fired upon due to a Barak Obama presidential order and we did loose people, but the Obama news never really reported it, did they. In 2010, Tareq Aziz accused President Obama of "leaving Iraq to the wolves" by pressing ahead with a withdrawal of combat troops despite a recent upsurge in violence and he was right. We were told by CNN and MSNBC that the Iraqis ordered us out but this was untrue. By the US leaving, the Iraqis, who once hailed Americans as their saviors, now say, “We are all victims of America and Britain," due to President Obama not honoring his promise to protect the Iraqi borders. This time, he did have to wait until his four days of golf trip was over before he could make this decision on an item of National Security and I bet he ignored the military leaders as always. They have the knowledge to do this right, but the President always wants credit when it goes right but blames others when it goes wrong, and he always ignores the military especially their leaders. Secretary of State (at this time) Hilary Clinton warned Iran and others not view the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq as an opportunity to try to build its influence in the country. "No one, most particularly Iran, should miscalculate about our continuing commitment to and with the Iraqis going forward", yes her and the president lied again; just ask all the dead in Iraq. Now he sends 275 troops to this hell hole; I wonder if we will have another Benghazi except this time it won’t be only four dead but many more; the response from the administration will probably be, “What difference does it make?” 

President Obama, here is a thought that any good leader would contemplate and initiate; we have been trying to destroy Al Qaida for 13 years but they are always hiding within the people and now we have 200,000 of them driving vehicles toward Bagdad; how much easier could it get? How many could we kill now that they are all in mass and this would be with little or no American casualties; this would be the perfect opportunity to rid the world of a massive group of terrorist; you promised to help Iraq with their security if they had problems and now we can kill two birds with one stone; help Iraq and kill a massive amount of terrorist. Mr. President, the sad part is I know you will never do this because it takes a true leader which you are not would have already done so. Every piece of foreign policy you touch is disastrous as it is with your domestic policies; but your disastrous foreign policy and broken promises are costing tens of thousands people their lives. Again with this you will basically turn a blind eye and it was someone else’s fault, it is never yours; beheaded men, women, and children line the road to Bagdad and their blood covers your hands.

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