Democrats Back Liberal Policies but Run From Them During Elections

Vulnerable Democratic candidates and lawmakers are distancing themselves from President Obama during the upcoming elections. The problem is if they are reelected, they will move right back under his wing not caring how much they hurt the people. The EPA will force the closing of coal-fired power plants, lower coal production, and this will make electric prices rise at a minimum of 30%, this has been the liberal game from the beginning. The average price of gas was $1.78 when President Obama and the liberals took over the government is 2008, now the average price is $3.64, over a 100% raise. Due to the liberal agenda, it now about to happen with your electric bill. Now the strong arm of the liberals, the EPA is going to force the closure of every coal electric plant in the US; this means thousands of people will loose their jobs and electric prices will raise electric prices by 70-80% on the American people. The Democrats are trying to get the EPA's new rules delayed until after the election (I wonder why) but the EPA is holding to it's timeline. Coal produces 40% of our electricity and we have nothing to replace it at this time. this will remove 89,838 direct jobs from the coal industry not to include the supporting jobs which by some which if you go off Kentucky's numbers means another loss of 153,093 indirect jobs will be lost for a total of 242,931 jobs and a total revenue loss of $14,575,860,000 in coal producing states. Can you imagine what this is going to do to the economy and people in these states? The coal producing states are listed below, I don't care how much they distance themselves from Obama, I wouldn't vote for a Democrat in one of these states.

New Mexico
North Dakota
West Virginia


Around 80% of companies with more then 700 employees will raise the deductibles and premiums on their employees; a third have busted co-pay by 48% due to the high rates caused by Obamacare. Many others are doing away with profit sharing to help cover the cost. Most all fast food place were ready to lower all employees to 29 hours because of Obamacare defining full time as 30 hours a week which would force them to either make all employees full time or lower their hours to 29 hours a week. It was predicted by all with true leadership experience that the businesses would lower their workers to 29 hours but President Obama and all his want-to-be leaders showed they know nothing about running a business let a lone a country. Luckily, the 248 votes in the house returned the full time week to 40 hours but out of the 248 votes only 18 were Democrats which tells you only 18 of 199 Democrats in the House is looking out for their constituents. If it were kept an estimated 50 million people in the lower income bracket would have lost over 25% of their income going from 40 hours a week to 29 hours a week. Only 9% of the elected Democrats voted to remove this requirement; I wonder how many of them were up for reelection this time? The Democrats who voted on Obamacare without reading it need to be removed from office, it is their job to read the legislation before voting on it; in case you didn't know, every Democrat voted for it without reading it.

The liberal Democrats and their friend are running tactics against states known as "Sue and Settle" which is hurting the fishing, foresters, farming, and energy communities. The attorney general for Oklahoma charges that “by entering into private settlements with special interest litigants, (the Fish and Wildlife Service) has attempted to circumvent the legislative and regulatory process and make fundamental changes to its (Endangered Species Act)-imposed obligations (their breaking the law again). CNS News reports, "As part of the president’s climate action plan, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced a new set of rules to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. These regulations would have little effect on the climate, but the rules would have a negative effect on the livelihood of all energy users including farmers, foresters, and fishermen." Most every Democrat supports this except ones running for reelection.

The reported unemployment rate by the Obama administration is 6.3% but it is artificially low because the Obama administration changed the way it is reported. If you have unemployed people who no longer collect unemployment because their time has ran out, they are not counted; they are still unemployed but by doing this the administration and Democrats can say the their good for the economy but the true unemployed and underemployed numbers according to Forbes is 14.3% which if you just take a look around you know is closer to the truth. The month before the 2012 elections, the unemployment numbers reported were way lower then the truth came out the they were lied about unfortunately after the election. The reason was so President Obama and the Democrats could get reelected and it worked. Finding the truth out after the election still leaves you with the results of the election.

When you talk knowledge and leadership, you have applied and academic. Applied knowledge and leadership is tested and comes from lessons learned while actually doing the work. This is why in the work force, most employers will take a skilled worker with experience over a collage graduate with no experience. The employer will get more "Bang for the Buck" out of the experienced employee. Academia knowledge and leadership is not tested and assumed in theory to work. There are no lessons learn to draw from or any other base and we know what assuming does, (makes an ASS out of U and ME.) This is what has happened since the Obama administration and the Democrats  took over, I am no a fan of President Bush especially in his last two years when all the trouble started but what happened most don't see. Congress is as powerful as the US President and in President Bush's last two years the House and the Senate was controlled by liberal Democrats, this is when the trouble began but President Bush could have stopped it and didn't. The next two year was an out right attack on our country and the US Constitution by President Obama and the Democratic controlled House and Senate. In these four years the economy collapsed, Socialism in medicine was passed, and the people of the US tax dollars were wasted. Since President Obama took over, the national deficit under him only has all most doubled from all previous presidents and will by the end of his term. We were told we didn't have freedom of speech around elected officials, and he and the Democratic party have violated the US Constitution a minimum or 30 times but now the Democrats running for reelection are distancing themselves from him, I wonder why. The Democrats running for reelection are lying to your face just as President Obama does every time he opens his mouth, they are going to do what ever the liberal agenda says if they get reelected and if it is not stopped we will all become social slaves; subjects not citizens and don't worry about your constitutional rights because the liberals want to do away with the US Constitution (which many have said openly) so you won't have any.

I have voted both sides of the isle but until the old Democratic party comes back and this destructive, liberal, socialist leaning Democratic party leaves, I will never vote for another Democrat; you just can't trust them. The choice is yours.    

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