The IRS, Corrupt Like No Other


The IRS (Irresponsible-Reprobate-Scourge) under President Obama’s direct guidance has had a colorful time and is perceived to have has violated the law more times than any other agency in US history. We know the IRS targeted conservative group and any group in which President Obama didn’t agree. We know the IRS targeting was directed by the White House and carried out by Lois Lerner which is again illegal. This is the liberal way but it is still illegal and should be prosecuted by the DOJ but with the DOJ not following the law or the Constitution, what do you expect will happen, the head of the DOJ is liberal as well. Here is the rub, now that they have tried to delete all these email, they have committed a class 1 felony with many accomplices, you would have to wipe the computer, email server, and the archives both written and digital. You need to ask yourself an important question, do you think politicians and their minions are better then you? My daddy told me that no one was better than me; his only caveat was that I was not better than anyone else. He said, “You may be smarter, you may be faster, you may be better looking, and you may be richer then me but you are not better than me nor I am you. I work for the government and all of us have to follow the rules when it came to computers or we would be fired. Why are the politicians and their minions allowed to violate these rules?

1.   You can only do official business on government computers. Using a personal computer for official business is a fireable offence.
2.   Emails are government property; it’s a fireable offence and criminal to destroy emails.
3.   Watching Porn on a government computer is a fireable offence.

All emails go through a mail server so even if you deleted them from your computer they will still be stored with a redundant backup, if these emails are truly gone it was purposeful, directed, and criminal; it is a verified cover-up.

7.   IRS employees may not send SBU data by electronic mail outside the IRS unless an IT approved exception is obtained. See the Electronic Mail and Secure Messaging section of IRM 11.3.1 for details.
Emails are Federal Records
1.   All federal employees and federal contractors are required by law to preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency. Records must be properly stored and preserved, available for retrieval and subject to appropriate approved disposition schedules.

3.   All activities associated with initiating and continuing matching programs subject to the computer matching provisions of the CMA within the IRS shall be coordinated through the GLD Office of Data Services.

We know Lois Lerner is guilt, we know President Obama ordered it, and we know Eric Holder is covering it up; all three are violating the US Constitution but they are liberals, they don’t care what law they break as long as they their agenda through. We know Lois Lerner was ordered to print out these emails and “Poof” they were gone which again is a felony for destruction of government property and destruction of property in an official investigation. If you remember that President Obama said we would not find, “not even a smidgen of corruption,” we now know it was because he had ordered the destruction of all evidence. Here is a question, why doesn't someone offer a million dollars for anyone who can come up with the Learner emails, no questions asked, I think we would find them very quickly and the reading would be very interesting.

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican; Obama needs to be impeached and so does Eric Holder for multitudes of Constitutional violations and failure to properly discharge the duties of their offices. If this was G. W. Bush doing the same thing, I would say the same thing, it shouldn’t matter the party; but it always does, especially with liberals. If you look at President Clintons Impeachment trial, he had four total charges files and was found guilty on two and not guilty on two. When you looked at the evidence, there was no doubt he committed perjury but his party voted not guilty; this is the problem with our politics today and it is greatly magnified with President Obama. Today, the truth doesn’t matter to politicians, only getting an agenda through. Today what’s best for the country doesn’t matter to politicians, only what is best for them. Few of our politicians have any patriotism anymore; just greed for a title, money, and power. Do you have to ask why our country is falling apart?

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