Bills, Bills, and more Bills

You have to ask yourself, why are there so many Bills going through and why are so many of them attached to each other?

The true differs far from what the government wants you to see. There are Bills passed by both Democrats and Republicans that should never see the light of day let alone funding from a Bill. The only way the parties can get them passed is to tie them to a more popular Bill that if voted against, could hurt their political career. I will give you some examples:

1. 1.2 million to study the breeding habits of the woodchuck.

2. 19 million to examine gas emissions from cow flatulence.

3. 2 million to construct an ancient Hawaiian canoe.

These are just a couple of spending ideas our elected officials have passed.

There are several ground rules that need to be established for writing Bills.

1. The first thing that needs to be established is all Bills will be in the common language. There is no reason on earth to have a Bill written that only a lawyer can understand. Every Bill must be written so the common person can read and understand.

2. The Bills need to be as short as possible. There is no reason to have a thousand pages Bill unless you want to hide something which is the reason our government writes them in this manner so it must stop.

3. You cannot vote on a Bill unless it has been read and put on line, with plenty of time for the public to read it. The only exception would be anything dealing directly with national security.

4. Each Bill stands on its own merit. No attaching multiple Bills to a Bill that has nothing to do with the primary Bill up for vote.

5. And last, the Bill and its funding will be voted on as one measure to end the voting for the Bill for brownie points but against its funding.

This would end a massive amount of red tape and excessive spending our government official loves to do. These steps will be like weaning a crack addict off crack, it won’t be easy but it is what is best for the country and its survival.

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