Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

It is amazing how no one debating this issue has really looked at all the aspects that surround it, they all only look at it from their agendas view.

Most military people don’t care if you are gay or not, but being family oriented, they don’t want it flaunted in front of their children. I was in the military and know I worked next to people who were gay, it didn’t bother me. Even though I do not believe it is a proper lifestyle because it goes against nature, it is theirs to choose and live. Unfortunately by me saying “I do not believe it is a proper lifestyle” radicals will say I am a homophobe because personal attacks is what they do instead of debating issues; “If you don’t agree with everything we say, you have a phobia of some type, but we are tolerant”. That doesn’t sound to tolerant to me, ignorant yes, tolerant no.

Let’s get back to the issue; should we keep don’t ask don’t tell in place? The answer to me is yes. Even though most homosexuals would not go out and start throwing it up in your face, some will. In the military if you seen two heterosexual do this same action, you would tell them to knock it off or go get a hotel room. If you did this to a gay couple, the first thing that will be said is “discrimination, you’re prejudice, homophobe”. You notice what I said would happen to the heterosexual above, yet this small group of the homosexuals would say we are suppressing their freedom of speech or use some other ludicrous remark. Special rights would be given to the group for political correctness reasons.

The other side of this coin (this will get me in trouble) by doing this, you will then have open discrimination in the military based on sexual orientation. How you might say. First you need to know that many times in your military career you will be mandated by conditions to take open showers with others because that is your living conditions. You will also have several people in the dorms/barracks sleeping together. If you truly want don’t ask don’t tell to be abolished, you must have all personnel, male and female, able to shower and share rooms with no choice to them who they shower or room with.

I know, many of you are saying this is ludicrous so let me explain. Currently in the military you are separated by your gender. You are not allowed to take showers or room with the opposite gender because of your sexual orientation and your attraction to that gender. If I was gay, this would not be true. If I were gay and had a roommate that was, everyone would know and you would have animosity build up in heterosexuals because they under current rules could not have the same opportunities forded to them. In other words, to make everything completely non-discriminatory for all sexual orientations you would have to randomly assign people to rooms without gender being a factor. You would have to assign people to shower times also without gender being a factor. If gays like the same sex and heterosexuals like the opposite sex, should not both be given the same chance to room and shower with the desire of their heart? This would be the only way to be completely non-discriminatory for all sexual orientations, otherwise it will be discriminatory.

If you can’t see the logic of this argument, you need to open your eyes and look at it from all views instead of your political agenda. I think it should stay in place because of the problems it will cause because I really don’t see the above happening to make a non-discriminatory environment so there will be discrimination, but it will be against the majority for the benefit of the minority. Is that fair?

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