Health Care and Immigration Fixes

There are as we know many problems in the health care system. Many off the problems have simple solutions but people do not like to look at the facts which you need to do before you can fix anything. The fact is you need to find the root cause of the problem to fix it instead of putting Band-Aids on symptoms. Some of you may not understand what I am saying so let me spell it out.

1. Too many people are allowed to bring frivolous law suits against doctors this raises the malpractice insurance which in turn will raise the amount we pay for health care. Do I think you should not be allowed to sue a doctor? Yes I do think you should be allowed to sue doctors, but if it is a frivolous lawsuit, you should pay for the lawyers. This should also be the case with elected government officials. If you bring a frivolous law suit against an elected official and loose, you should pay the lawyer fees. You probably wonder why I feel this way. The reason is it would stop many of the cases where people are not damaged but just looking to make a quick dollar. I watched a lady sue the emergency room doctor who saved her life after a nasty automobile accident for leaving to big of a scare. He saved her life and this was the thanks he received. She ended up losing the case but he still had to pay his lawyer fees and what had he done wrong, nothing. Now to the other side, if a doctor has more than three incidents of proven malpractice in less than five years causing significant damage to a patient, they permanently lose their license in the US to practice medicine.

2. Once the Pharmaceuticals companies they have five years to make their profits unfettered. After that time the paten will be open to all.

3. Why can you go to Mexico and get cured of certain cancers but you can’t in the US. The truth is the US Pharmaceuticals companies would rather make a huge profit and let you and your loved ones suffer and die then a smaller profit and let you live. The flip side of this coin is that the FDA is in their back pockets. Approval processes can be, and should be much faster without jeopardizing anyone’s health for an example, look how fast they pushed the day after pill through, and it wasn’t safe, so don’t tell me it can’t be done for other drugs. Just think about it: I will die of cancer if you don’t approve this drug. Can’t do that, we don’t think it’s safe. If Pharmaceuticals companies from outside the US have made drugs to cure what the US companies have not, or have not released, they should be allowed to distribute their products in the US without the FDA blocking it to help the US companies.

4. Open health care insurance across state lines so the people can get the best deal for their money. This one step would lower health insurance premiums a substantial amount.

5. The last and best one. Medicare and Medicaid will be used by all elected officials will not be subsidized in any way to raise the class of health care they receive above the common man and the amount of his coverage. This will be the only insurance they are allowed to carry while in office. By doing this two very important things will happen. First elected officials will see what the common person has to put up with on a daily basis. Second, it will make them figure out ways to make health care better for their benefit and at the same time benefit everyone else.

One item left off this is the uninsured. I am a realist and realizes many people truly can’t afford health care insurance and the life and limb directives currently used don’t seem to handle the bill when it come to the common cold. What I have also notice is many people saying they can’t afford health insurance can, they just choose to have other priorities in their life that until something happens, are more important than health care insurance. Let me give you some examples:

1. I know a man who claims he can’t afford health care insurance yet he can afford that $800 dollar car payment each month. He can afford it; he made the choice in his priorities.

2. I know another man who claims he can’t afford health care insurance yet he can afford that $2800 dollar house payment each month. He can afford it; he made the choice in his priorities.

3. I know another man who claims he can’t afford health care insurance yet he can afford the $150 dollar a week bar tab which adds up to around $650 a month. He can afford it; he made the choice in his priorities.

4. I know another man who claims he can’t afford health care insurance yet he can afford the $250 dollar a month cable TV with every channel you can imagine and he and his wife can afford three packs of cigarettes a day for a $360 dollar a month bill which together adds up to $610 a month. He can afford it; he made the choice in his priorities.

I hope you can see what I’m talking about; I am talking about people living above the means of their income. You might wonder what gives me the right to say this and this is the answer. Having a car might be a need, having one with an $800 price tag isn’t a necessity, it’s a want. You can buy a $187 a month Hyundai and have plenty of money for health insurance. If you look up the numbers, around 15% of Americans say they can’t afford health insurance which is around 46 million. Of the 46 million, about 10 percent sincerely can’t afford health insurance which leaves about 4.6 million people uninsured. Fancy cars, nice houses, smoking, drinking, even cell phones are not a necessity but a luxury. If you choose luxury over necessity, that is your choice and you need to live with its results. Now for the 4.6 million it wouldn’t be a problem in the US for them to visit the emergency rooms when having trouble and not able to pay. The hospitals could afford it without a problem and could write it off as a tax deduction. If people would have the right priorities and stop living above their means life would be good, but they won’t. It’s called being irresponsible and wanting everyone else to foot the bill for you. I don’t have cable or a BlackBerry so I can afford health insurance. You should follow my example if you don’t have insurance.

The final point on the healthcare fix is just as ugly as the last, illegal aliens. Our immigration laws need to be rewritten and I think everyone can agree with that. It is one of the main reasons our medical cost have gone through the roof. This is why immigration reform and healthcare must be dealt with together.

1. We need to have a system in place to allow people wanting to work to come here legally. The businesses looking to hire them need to fill out the paperwork and arrange their living quarters and health service requirements with a local provider. They will be photographed, fingerprinted, and DNA samples taken and enter into the DNA data base. They will pay minimum co-pay every time they go to the provider to prevent going just because it’s there. By doing this, they won’t put a strain on the medical facilities in the area as currently is happening and the needy ones will receive quicker care.

2. It will be the hiring businesses responsibility to keep track of their employees. If one does not come to work and can’t be found, they must notify the authorities immediately. If they have skipped town a warrant will be issued with an immediate deportation order connected to it. If they are caught with illegal drugs, have a violent episode, or receive a DUI/DWI, the first time will be a warning; the second time will be deportation with no return allowed. If they are caught in gang activities; they will be deportation with no return allowed. If they do return and is caught, 10 years with no chance of parole. Each additional time, the sentence is doubled. If anyone is caught bringing bomb making materials or chemicals for mass murder, they will be sentenced to life with no chance of parole. The US will pay Mexico to jail these people under the Mexican rules of imprisonment.

3. There will be no anchor babies, if the mother is deported, the baby is deported. If they work in the US for 5 years with no incidents, they can apply to become a citizen and will be granted probationary citizen ship. This will allow them to do anything a citizen can but vote. In two years, if they have remained an upstanding citizen they will automatically receive full citizenship. The only way they can have their citizenship revoked is to be caught bringing drugs into the US or have in possession bomb making materials, chemicals for mass murder, or human trafficking in or outside the US,

One caveat to the above, if any state or city becomes a sanctuary for illegal aliens, they will be given a thirty day notice. If they continue to violate federal law, they will lose all federal funding until they have started following the law.

Both northern and southern border fences must be put up and manned by either border patrol, active duty military, or even having all 50 states give their guard members two week guard time to spend on one of the borders. This will ensure national security and US sovereignty.

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