Broken Media

At one time in this country we could count on the media to give us the strait truth from both views but as many today know, we can no longer rely on the news media. I watch every news outlet I can find then research it to find out who is accurate and who is just full of stink. Unfortunately, most of them today can’t even get above a 20% correct rating. What happened to honest journalism?

The one thing that smacked me in the face like a brick was the contrast of a very prominent reporter whom I respected up to this point, with his reaction to Mr. Bush winning his first presidential bid and when 9\11 happened shortly thereafter. I don’t care if you hated or liked Mr. Bush but this reporter was physically mad and angered that Mr. Bush had won the election, I didn’t have a problem with his reaction until I saw him almost giddy about the 9/11 attacks and being able to point it out that it happened on Mr. Bushes watch. Thousands of Americans just died and he’s happy because now he can take pot shots at Mr. Bush. The media need to be held accountable for when the falsify documents or purposely lie or skew reporting just to get a story Politics should not play in reporting the news but it does today, and it is to the point of being criminal.

I remember watching as the military at the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were taking out Al-Qaida and Taliban leaders left and right and I was proud. Then it all came to almost a stop. I was like “what happened, did the enemy finally wise up?” The answer was no, the NY times told them how the military was tracking them using their cell phones. This is one of the times I hated Mr. Bush because this treasonous act was committed for political reasons and he should have shut down the NY Times but didn’t because of again, politics.

As I’ve said before, I don’t care what your political party, but how many of our military people would still be alive if the NY Times had not printed this?

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