Term Limits

One of the biggest problems in DC could be solved by term limits in the House and Senate. These positions should be limited to no more than 12 years. Along with this should be a complete background check on all officials seeking office in the elections to find out and ask questions of any unlawful practices like not paying your taxes. If they haven’t paid their taxes or other judgments against them, they cannot be sworn into office until they do. If there are other questions dealing with unlawful actions of the individual, a panel will need to decide by a predetermined matrix if this disqualifies the person from serving in office. This would need to be a panel who are realist and do not care about political affiliation.

Along with this, if one is in office and breaks the law, they should receive the same punishment as you or I would. Just because you get elected into office doesn't mean you should be able to get away with murder. This is the land where all are created equal and the law being applied should be equal to. If the infraction falls into the same area as above which would disqualifies the person from serving in office, they should be removed at that moment.

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