Our Schools and Their Problem

What is the problem with our schools? The biggest problem is its not being ran like a business. Our schools suffer from the mushroom effect, union effect, bureaucracy effect, no pride effect, everyone is equal effect, and discipline and consequences effect just to name a few. Now most of these sound like I’m getting down on the students, I know; but I am really talking about the teachers and management plus other factors which have changed our school system for the worse.

Before I go any further, let’s get the big cookie out of the way so we can discuss all factors of this problem. This is the documented facts and even when I may not like them, they are the facts. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, atheist or somewhere in the middle, the original school system was founded through the churches in our countries early history. Within the church system there was a set of values each student was taught from 1st grade and there were very little if any disciplinary or any other problem in school systems. It is probably no coincidence, 17 years after taking prayer out of school was when all the school shooting started to really escalate. Like it or not the school system under the churches kept morale standards in the school system that has all but vanished today. You need to realize I’m not talking about the Christian side but rather the disciplinary side. Christian or not, if you do not have an unwavering morale standard is place; the only direction to go is down. We in the school system have lost that standard.

The Mushroom Effect

I know you are saying, “What is the mushroom effect?” Simply put, it is when you have more chiefs than Indians. The bureaucracy in the public school system is ludicrous; no business could survive like that. There is so much waste in the public school system that it has no choice but to fail. The bureaucracy eats from 60% to 80% of the school budget which means it never gets to the class rooms like it should. When I read the schools budgets and find out the school superintendents secretary makes more then every teacher in that district, that is a problem. I thought this may have been an isolated case but after further research, I found out it was the norm. 25% of the people were getting 60% of the salary in the budget. No company can survive like this, why should we tax payers have too.

The Union Effect

Another big problem is the union effect. I really wouldn’t have a problem with unions if they would do what is right and ethical for the employer when problems arise. If you have a teacher that is subpar; you should be able to fire them no questions asked and I mean fired, not none of the Ney York stick them on the pay roll no matter if they do anything or not. No matter what product you are delivering, if you have faulty equipment, you first try and fix it, if you can’t you get a new one. The same is true about subpar teachers, you first try to correct there problem, monitor it to validate fix, and if it’s not fixed, get a new one.

The Bureaucracy Effect

The bureaucracy effect is probably one of the biggest traceable money drains with no value there is. I want you to ask you some questions;

Why does a private school operate on a much smaller budget but have students scoring much higher than public school students?

The answers are what will blow your mind. As we talked about earlier, the mushroom effect makes are leadership very top heavy. The bureaucracy effect is created by this leadership. In the business world you have something called lean management. What lean management does is slims down your overhead so you as a company can operate more efficiently and making more of a profit. The bureaucracy in the public school system not only wastes money that could be used to hire more teachers or give good ones pay raises, but it also cause more red tape then any company can afford. So we end up with a wasteful slow system in place of one that could be efficient.

The No Pride Effect

Why is the national drop-out rate around 20% but major cities drop-out rates are nearly 50%? There are a couple of reasons but having no pride or self worth is the hardest hitting. Kids are raised today in a lot of harmful situations. Every day they are hearing from their parents, or more likely singular parent, that they are worthless, will never amount to anything, not worth the trouble or even worse and we wonder why they have a self-esteem problem. This problem is because their parent(s) see themselves as failures and out of their pride or self-resentment, don’t want their kids to be any better then them. This is sad but true and when they get to school, the teachers whom are just there for a job and not because they want and desire to be a teacher compound the problem. The good teachers you use to always hear about in the school systems are becoming less and less. The unions are one of the biggest reasons for this because it is next to impossible to fire a bad teacher, especially if they have tenure. Many of these bad teachers bring down the students just as bad as the parent did. This just confirms to the student that they are worthless. Many inner city as well as suburban schools bad teachers who should be fired will teach prejudice to students no matter if they are white, black, Spanish, Asian, religious preference, lifestyle, etc. This should be a first time firing offence if it is blatant and purposeful. All this does nothing but bring the child down. This is just as abusive as any other type of abuse you can find and should be treated as such by the social workers in the areas. Too many times they are more worried about political correctness then what is best for the children. This is why so many join gangs, just so they can fill like they belong. This can be fixed but no one has the balls to do it.

Everyone is Equal Effect

The bureaucrats need to realize “EVERYONE IS NOT EQUAL OR THE SAME!!!” Everyone has the same (or should) chance to be whatever they want to be when they grow up, the only thing holding them back is themselves. That being said one of the biggest mistakes our school systems have made is cutting out Vo-Tech paths of education. Not everyone wants to go to college or even have the mental aptitude to go to college. Many want to, and would be very happy being builders, mechanics, machinists, etc because it is what they like to do. Not everyone can learn the same or even pass high school. I hate to disappoint you, but some student through choice or inability will not pass high school. When you pass everyone so we don’t hurt their feelings of those who can’t normally pass, what happens is you have just lowered the educated level of every student in that class. Some are saying, “How can you say that, it is nothing but a lie” but the facts supports what I say. The item we have lost in this bureaucratic leftist debacle is that hard work, discipline, and integrity is what makes you or (the lack of) breaks you. Trying to make everyone the same just frustrates the ones who literally can’t achieve the high marks, and lowers the drive of those who can make the high marks because you are giving them to the ones who don’t deserve it.

Discipline and Consequences Effect

The last area is the discipline and consequences effect. No matter what anyone makes or service they provide, without standards and consequences you will seldom have a good product no matter how much money you throw at the problem or people you assign to it.

I do believe in corporal punishment. When we had it in the school system you had 90% less problems. You need to be honest and ask yourself (especially if you disagree), why was that? A very well known professor told us if we spanked children we would;”damage their self-esteems and reasoning” and he was right. Where he missed the mark was if your self-esteem is leading you down the wrong path, it needs to be damaged to get you back on the right path and your reasoning will tell them if they do it again the same consequence will happen again. Now I’m not saying spank your kids for everything but I am saying it is a very good tool to use in conjunction with others when needed. There are many studies, including one by Marjorie Gunnoe, a psychology professor that have found spanking children make them more successful and happier in life. This shouldn’t be surprising because throughout history studies have always found people always do better and flourish in a structured environment with rules compared to a chaotic environment. The only structure and discipline many of these kids will ever receive is in the school system and this may be the only chance any of them will have to learn right and wrong.

There is a fix to this problem but it would be very unpopular and go in the face of people who believe kids are possessions.

First, you need to turn the whole public school system over to the private sector. The private sector always does a better more efficient job then the government. You can start by letting all parents eligible to get voucher for their children.

The second step would be to get away from all the indoctrinations and agendas from all sides and get back to the basics. This includes showing both sides to any issue that can’t be proven. Evolution and Creation would be one of these because neither theory can be proven. Both are theories, not scientific laws. You can’t prove Creation because you have to believe to see, so if you never believe you will never see. If you could show the actual Ten Commandments or find the Ark you may have a chance but neither has been done in the last 2000 years. Evolution can’t be proven and has many holes including it violates the law of biogenesis which has never been violated. It has had many “scientist” caught falsifying data (sounds like global warming) to prove their point which makes it even more unbelievable. Why would you have to falsify data if something is true?

Third, you would want to set up a system where you can put kids that are being abused. If a parent wanted to send their kid there because it was safer then where they lived, something could be arranged. The money you would save from going private sector ran would pay for it so you wouldn’t have to raise taxes.

There are many more ways to fix the problem but I think these should be the first three.

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