It’s amazing I sit and watch children playing on a playground; black, white, latino, and oriental and none of them seem to care about the color of the others skin. These young children have no problem with whom their friends, their looks, their economic background, religious preference or lack of, or their ethnic background. Unfortunately this will all change, usually by the parents, teaching discrimination.

I had never seen as much discrimination as I have seen in our Congress, if you can discriminate against it are Congress will. If someone breaks the law, it should not matter what their look, what their ethnic background, what their social standings, or where they work; this is the foundation for what our constitution stands. Unfortunately today this is not the case, only if it is politically correct no matter the danger presented to the U.S. citizens and our nation. If someone was breaking and entering into your home, they would be breaking the law and in many cases depending where you are from may even be shot and killed by the person defending their home. What is the difference between this and someone breaking into our country? They are still breaking and entering into our country, which is against the law, yet our Congress does not do a thing for political reasons. Our U.S. citizens have been robbed, raped, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and murdered and yet our Congress still will not raise a hand to protect them. No matter what side of this debate you’re on, these people are breaking U.S. laws. If you let people violate our borders and our country’s laws, what will stop them from violating all of our laws?

Arizona comes up with a bill to basically enforce what the Federal government refuses to do. The Federal immigration laws do not protect against racial profiling as well as the Arizona law. What is the response of the Federal government to a state trying to protect its citizens, let’s file a lawsuit! Illegal alien means exactly that, they are illegal and breaking the law. If they are not U.S. citizens, they have no constitutional rights. They do have the right to be humanely treated, but again they do not have any U.S. citizen rights. The Arizona law is far from the discriminatory. But without a doubt we can look at our Congress and political parties to show us true discrimination.

A white police officer arrests a black Harvard law professor for disorderly conduct when called out on a potential burglary. Our president steps in to the mess when he comments that the officer acted stupidly. In mass of two sys a black police officer who says his colleague acted correctly was labeled as an “Uncle Tom”. The question I have is why is the president involved in this police matter at all? The charges were later dropped leaving no doubt because of race and the president’s involvement. The black police officer said he had spoken the truth and that Gates should consider whether he may have caused the grave and potential irreversible harm to the struggle for racial harmony. When our president makes statements on the basis of race over law, it really sets a dangerous precedence. What is even worse than this is what happened at the 2008 elections.

During the 2008 elections, we had the hate group, New Black Panthers in front of a polling place with weapons spending racial comments and intimidating voters. The New Black Panthers was originally part of the Nation of Islam whose leader is Louis Farrakhan. The New Black Panthers founded by Khalid Abdul Muhammad who was sole racist and radical that even the Nation of Islam distance themselves. The department of justice has a slam dunk case against the New Black Panthers but was told not to pursue it for racial reasons. The New Black Panthers members violated the basic a rights of all U.S. citizens and was given a pass not because they were innocent up because of their race. This is just as a bad as if the KKK would have been given the past for the horrendous act of lynching people because they were white.

Any act of racism is wrong! Our Federal government portraying these acts betrays our country, our citizens, and our constitution. The racism and bigotry in our country must stop but can only stop if our leaders first stop committing these acts in the name of partisan politics. There is no difference from having a professor in a college discriminate against you because you’re conservative or liberal, the KKK discriminating because you are not white, the New Black Panthers discriminating against you because you are white, or someone using the race card to claim discrimination when none exists. Martin Luther King statement, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” should be what we strive to achieve a in our country. If the content of your character is extremely flawed, do not blame anybody but yourself! No matter what group of people you claim or associate with, the only way they will ever achieve Martin Luther King’s dream is to that group’s leaders instill into their youth good character instead of condoning bad actions. Unfortunately our media is probably the most biased and prejudiced group in the U.S. today. The media should be reporting on every party we have in the U.S. their good and bad instead of showing political agendas and lying to the public or selling half truths. A reporter’s job is to report the news from both sides and let the people formed their own opinion. Without any integrity in our news agencies, discrimination will remain rampant.

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