The Welfare Fix

This will be unpopular but it will fix the Welfare problem we currently have in the United States. First we need to understand some facts about welfare and the people who are on it:

1. Fact-Welfare was started with good intentions but is being brutalized by people scamming the system.
2. Fact-Welfare has turned this nation into a nanny state, and many people on welfare think they are owed money for doing nothing. .
3. Fact-Many people on welfare have no intention of looking for a job or doing anything to get off welfare.
4. Fact-There are a lot of elderly and disable people who really need welfare.
5. Fact-There are people who go on just so they can get back on their feet.

The fact of the matter is the system was set up for the ladder two. It was set up so if you were disable or elderly, you would be taken care of in your time of need. It has grown into something much more sinister and for the most part is nothing but legalized robbery for the lazy. New rules need to be put into place to wean the free loaders off the system. I don’t think any American minds helping someone out in their time of need, but we do not like scammers and free loaders. So how do you get these people to be a productive member of society?

If you research how all this came to be so screwed up, you will see that in many cases it is not really their fault they are in this condition because this mentality has been passed from generation to generation so in essence they have been taught that this is acceptable and a right. So with this being said who is at fault for this condition? The individuals have some blame but I think the most blame falls on the government for allowing these situations to happen. You need to enact some rules and actions to curve this and lower it as much as possible. Much of what I am about to say will be very unpopular but is needed to fix the system. One thing to remember is if someone is disabled or elderly this will not apply to them. This is only for the able body people.

1. You will only be allowed to remain on welfare for three years max. Once you have a total time of three years in the system, you will not receive welfare for a minimum of five years unless you become physically disabled. If you come back on after the five years, you will have a total time of three years again in the system, you will not receive welfare for a minimum of seven years after that unless you become physically disabled. This will repeat itself with the time in-between starting at 5, 7, 10, and 10 years. By the second 10 year mark you will have reached 62 years of age and qualify for social security. This alone will take out on average 32 years of paying for welfare per person.

2. You must be actively looking for a job. At the same time the welfare office will be looking for you a job. If you turn down three jobs or get fired from three jobs within you will forfeit your remaining time on welfare. The job will have to give you equal or higher pay then what you are receiving on welfare.

3. If you have not found a job, job training will be provided. You will also have to do so many hours community work (cleaning highways, cleaning streets, cleaning government vehicles, ect.) while collecting welfare. If you have children, a child care office will be provided; no welfare person will be providing this service. You might think, why not use them for this. First you must have a background check and it cost less to do it on permanent employees once then rotating employees. Second, it makes them learn a trade to be able to step out on their own.

4. This item would be the most controversial. If you come into the system and need help and you have kids, no problem. In the pass legislation there was a recommendation to put time released birth control devices in place to prevent any pregnancies while in the welfare system. This is a very good idea. If you can’t provide for the kids you already have, why bring more into the system? Also, the fathers of all the children if not paying child support, will be sent a bill by the state for their obligations to take care of their child. Only if they are proven not to be the child biological father will they not pay because it would not be their responsibility.

5. The last item is that all the money put in to the welfare system can only be used for that purpose. If you don’t pay into the system you will get the bare minimum from it and only if you qualify.

I know some people will try to say anything from “it’s my right” to “you’re prejudice” to “we are owed it.” Let’s take a look at this.

“It’s my right!” It’s not your right to get what you didn’t work for or force people who did work to take care of your lazy behind. If you are elderly or disable, I have no problem with helping them out but I do have a problem when it is plain laziness.

“You’re prejudice!” How can I be prejudice? I don’t care what race, gender, ethnic background you are, I want it applied evenly across the board. I believe anybody and everybody has an obligation to pay their way through life, not suck the blood out of others. If you fall on hard times, neighbors should help each other out and take care of the elderly and disable, but we shouldn’t be taking care of the lazy.

“We are owed it!” Did you put into it? If you didn’t then nothing is owed to you. Are you going to walk up to a bank and tell the teller to give you money because you are owed it? No, because it is robbery and it’s the same here. You’re robbing others in a legal manner that has paid into the system. Again, get off your lazy behind and get a job.

I know you won’t like what I said but it is what needs to be done. We need to become a nation that work hard like we use to be, not a nation of blood suckers.

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