America's Defense Lacking Again Because of Politics

We have many in our elected federal government who would like nothing more then to dissolve the US Military because it "offends" them. For years the Liberals have been trying to disband our military, in 1961 the US Department of State presented publication 7277 which talks about disarming the US Military and leaving our defense of America to the United Nations. I tried to find a government archive site, but nothing goes back that far, but I did find a copy of it US State Department Electronic Research Collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This did not only address disarming the military but all people as well.

Pub 7277 Governing Principles

The program sets forth a series of general principles to guide the negotiating states in their work. These make clear that:

  • As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations must be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security and the peaceful settlement of disputes;
  • Disarmament must proceed as rapidly as possible, until it is completed, in stages containing balanced, phased, and safeguarded measures;
  • Each measure and stage should be carried out in an agreed period of time, with transition from one stage to the next to take place as soon as all measures in the preceding stage have been carried out and verified and as soon as necessary arrangements for verification of the next stage have been made;
  • Inspection and verification must establish both that nations carry out scheduled limitations or reductions and that they do not retain armed forces and armaments in excess of those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process; and
  • Disarmament must take place in a manner that will not affect adversely the security of any state.
Lucky for us in the 1960s we still had Democrats and Republicans who were patriotic, did love their country, and supported our military above partisan bickering and special interest groups; those days are gone. In 1989 we were the supreme power causing the collapse of the suppressive communist block and the Berlin wall to be destroyed. We proved this to be true in 1991, the 1st Gulf War by taking down the 3rd largest standing military in the world in just 43 days. We saw the result of this degrading of our military after the 1st Gulf War when we went to Iraq to fight the 2nd Gulf War and our equipment was so out dated we, the military people were dying in droves. We cranked up the war machines and came up with the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protective) vehicles and other advancements, we were making great advances in way to protect our military; now once again, that has stopped. Do we not learn from our past or is politics more important then the lives of our military members? Is giving people free phones more important then protecting the ones who defend our freedom? I think Calvin Coolidge said it best.

Calvin Coolidge- "The nation which forgets its defenders, will be itself forgotten."

I have watched the military, depending on what party was in office, be demonized or praised, second guessed and facing trials or commended for their bravery. When we left Iraq (I was there) we were taking fire but not allowed to return fire due to politics; is this protecting our military or playing political games with their lives from people never put in harms way or sacrificing anything for our country.

A new test for senior rank military leaders according to Dr. Jim Garrow, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, is "Will you fire on US citizens if ordered?" If this is correct, our politicians are getting rid of Military leaders who won't shoot Americans, you have to ask why? Why do they want them to shoot on Americans and what political agenda is hidden to make this situation viable? Could this be about "Gun Control" or something more sinister that we the people can't see? No matter the reasoning once again our military is being asked to bow to political desires. The political desires are often to appease leaders from the UN or other foreign lands and I think we should listen to and heed Alexander Hamilton's warning.

Alexander Hamilton- "Foreign influence is truly the Grecian horse to a republic. We cannot be too careful to exclude its influence."

All the cuts in the military and military development, all the political games using our military as pawns in order to pass pork spending, appease foreign influences, or even to find the ones to give the order to fire on our American citizens needs to stop. The Army leadership says budget reductions could render the Army at "high risk to meet even one major war," this assessment by top Army officials to Pentagon leaders. Are we going to destroy our military and our country just to provide for the lazy or for some political agenda? It is up to you to stop it, what is your answer?

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