Homeless and Poverty, On the Rise Again

In America homeless people have been around for a long time, not counting the free willed people and purposeful hobo we have had little homeless. It wasn't until the end of WWI that we started to see homeless people, but why? I have to go through some history to show the star of the problems.

Woodrow Wilson (D) was the president, he developed a program of progressive reform and asserted international leadership in building a new world order; from this time forward the homeless rate was on the rise in America. A lot of the progressive changes President Wilson made led to the "Roaring Twenties" but only if you were in the elite and had money.

Warren G. Harding (R) became president in 1921 and tried to make changes to bring the country back to order, but he was hampered by many scandals.  He was the first president to push for voting equality for  minorities and women and pushed for them to have complete equal rights. Under him the homeless rate stayed the same.

Calvin Coolidge (R) took office after Warren G. Harding death but he was the opposite of his predecessor. He was a Constitutionalist believer and believed in only having enough government to keep people safe. The people loved him and under him the nation began to recover and the homeless rate stared to drop. He believed the middle class were the true Americans and builders of the nation.

Herbert Hoover (R) was next, he believed the government was riddled with inefficiencies and began the Efficiency Movement, to farm out the government jobs to private companies who could do it better, faster, and cheaper then the government. He tried to stop the movement into the Great Depression set in motion by Woodrow Wilson but made a fatal mistake when he increase in the top tax bracket from 25% to 63% and increases in corporate taxes which caused people to loose their jobs. The homeless rate started to slowly climb.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) became president, his liberal agenda caused the explosion into the Great Depression and homelessness. In his first hundred days, Roosevelt passed major legislation by executive orders, bypassing congress to instituted the New Deal, programs designed to produce government jobs, economic growth by stimulus, and reform through regulation; this improved the economy for a short time but ultimately caused the relapsed into the Great Depression. If not for WWII, the country would have remained in the great depression for decades. The homeless rate skyrocketed under FDR until WWII and virtually disappeared at this time.

The next slight increase in the homeless rate began under John F. Kennedy (D) but was minimal until his assassination. Once Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) took over , the rate began to quickly climb. it leveled off in late 1968.

The next homeless increase up began under President Jimmy Carter along with the next semi depression. The socialistic policies caused gas shortages in to the country which lead to a sky rocket in the homeless.

When President Ronald Reagan took over for the fist for years the homeless rate leveled off and the economy began to grow. In his second term with the economy on fire the homeless rate dropped like a rock.

The homeless level stayed the same under President George H. W. Bush (R) but slightly began to drop under President Clinton (D) until the economy started to suffer due to policy changes. In his second term with a new congress the economy and homeless leveled out.

Under George W. Bush's first 6 years, the economy was booming and the homeless rate went way down, this was due to the two wars which with tax cuts stimulated the economy. From 2005 to 2007 nation’s streets and shelters has dropped by about 30% percent according to the New York Times. The last two years of his presidency with a new congress, inflation started upward along side the increase in the homeless rate.

President Barack Obama (D) took over with a Democratic House and Senate and for the fist two years, with the massive spending, regulations, and taxing, he and congresses caused unemployment, the national debt, and the homeless rate started to skyrocket, with 13% of all homeless persons being veterans which has caused the calamity we currently face.

USA Today estimated 1.6 million people unduplicated persons used transitional housing or emergency shelters. Of these people, approximately 1/3 are members of households with children, it is a 9% percent increase since 2007 and 19% of the homeless people are employed. Every time in our nation we start following socialistic progressive policies, we the people get hurt, not the idiot politicians. We need to vote the people out of office who are socialist, progressive, love regulations, love taxing, and are not fiscally responsible. By the end of President Obama's term he will have doubled what all other presidents have spent combined. This is the cause of the inflation, unemployment, and yes homelessness. The career politicians from both parties are the other cause.  


  1. Boy do you lie.

    At the beginning of Reagan's terms of office, there only a few hundred thousand homeless in America. At the end of his presidency, there were 2 million homeless in America! TWO MILLION!

    So how can you say it dropped? Because it DIDN'T!


  2. Go to the GOV sites not the right or left blogs; I have found falsities from both sides and will not defend either unless it is proven correct. The CDC.gov site gives stats, check them out.