Poverty in America

The truth is the US is the richest country in the world and in our nation, the poverty level is higher then it's been since the 1930s; but even with this our lower class has more then the middle or even upper class of most counties. We strive as Americans to make as many people in our country able to live above the US poverty level and help any legal immigrants do the same. One of the indicators to find out if your country is headed to prosperity is to watch the poverty level to see if it is raising or falling. Under President G. W. Bush it started to raise a little and in eight years averaged 12.2% poverty rate; under President Obama it has raised to more than 15.0% with an average of 14.3% over his past 5 years. I’m no rocket scientist but I can tell you this is not the direction we need to be going. In Presidents Obama’s first four year term, the US household income for the middle class has dropped $2,627 and the number in poverty rose by 6,667,000 people according to the Census Bureau. Currently there are 46,496,000 Americans living in poverty, the highest number ever which was a 15% increase over the average of President Bush’s eight years and it is still rising. This is just as much congresses fault as it is President Obama’s because they will not stop the out of control spending and out of control entitlements which are the cause of our rise in poverty. The minorities are even hit harder with a poverty rate around 27% for blacks and 26% for Latinos. The average wage of the middle class worker form 2008 to present has dropped 4.9% according to the numbers. The studies shown in the report are based solely on money income before taxes and do not include the value of non-cash benefits, such as those provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicare, Medicaid, public housing, or employer-provided fringe benefits, these are the raw numbers as matched in every year.


The five states with the highest raise of people living in poverty is Nevada at 39.1%, Delaware at 32.5%, Indiana at 30.3%, Georgia at 29%, and Idaho at 27.2%; some went Republican and others Democrat but when you look at the leadership makeup in these states, they are all liberal leaders or in the Republican area what the call RINOs which are liberal leaders. If you look at the big cities in any state, they will turn the nose of the state most of the time. If you take a look at Illinois, it is always ruled by what happens in Chicago; poverty is ran by crime rate, crime rate is enabled by bad leadership, bad leadership produces poverty and it is just a continuing circle until bad leadership is replaced at the top level or maybe many levels to get rid of the trash calling themselves leaders. What are the top five major cities with crime today? Number 1-Detroit, Number 2-St Louis, Number 3-Oakland, Number 4 –Memphis, and Number 5 –Birmingham, now what do all these cities have in common, we know bad leadership but what else?  

If you look you will see greed and corruptness causing their problems; all have consistently raised taxes, consistently put in more regulations which is stifling business, and all have seen their tax base, business base, and population leave. This is the cause of their problems but the liberal mind set politicians causing these problems are always voted back in to office. Take Detroit, the example hailed as the "US Liberal Model City" for all cities US cities to follow. Since 1962 it has had only Liberal Democratic Mayors with half of them going to jail and another criminal always being elected; how did this work out? If you read “LBJ’s 'Great Liberal Society', It’s a Failure - Detroit's Bankruptcy” you will see the failures of liberalism and the management of Detroit; the worse part is all the people suffering in Detroit. All these other cities with high crime rate, no money, and corruption are mirror images of Detroit and until they change their view and start being responsible, they will remain in poverty, watching their children being gunned gown in the streets, have corrupt officials, and will never be able to get ahead. This is the sad hard fact and when we have an administration destroying jobs, ask the coal, natural gas, oil, defense, and fishing industry, you will never bring a country out of poverty and will inadvertently make it worse. Ask yourself a question, which direction is the poverty rate currently headed; up or down? 

If you want yourself, your kids, and your grand kids to stay in poverty, never get educated, become drug attics, high underage pregnancy, and being murdered in the streets then keep taking all the free handouts you can, electing criminal liberals into office; refuse to be responsible with your personnel life, and you will succeed. If you want a better life, vote for the fiscally responsible candidate (I don't care the party), and work to pull yourself and your family out of poverty; the choice is yours to make, but don't blame anyone else for your situation if you are unwilling to work to get out of it. It's not easy; I know, I have been there and if I can make it out, you can too.

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