The Government Shutdown

Many people think a major sticking point to the government shutdown is defunding Obamacare and in the Original proposal they would be right. The last three proposals are just to delay it so all people are treated equal and one of the true biggest sticking point is it makes congress fall under Obamacare just like the you and I, the common people, but our US Senate doesn't want this. When this mess known as Obamacare was put together and voted on, not one item, idea, suggestion, or recommendation was allowed from the other side. You cannot change a law once it has been signed according to the US Constitution unless it goes back through congress yet President Obama has by himself changed it over 20 times. We now know there are many problems and the first item of business for these same politicians was to remove themselves and their comrades from this debacle which is also against the US Constitution. These same politicians can force Obamacare down our throat but they don't have to eat their own crap pie; what is wrong with this? As usual, our media’s political interest covers up this issue, without researching the facts of its structure. This causes a problem, its one thing not to want Obamacare but it is shown to already be a horrible train wreck as stated by its Democratic lead writer and it hasn’t even got off the ground but this same set of politicians refuse to fix, delay, or end this ill thought out monstrosity.

President Obama promised health care premiums would be lower but what has actually happened is the opposite; they will rise by last GOA estimates between 20% and 200% not including the massive deductibles which the media will not tell you about and it will be the responsible of the policy holder. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimate currently health insurance premiums have already risen 24.2 percent in anticipation of Obamacare; what will it be when it is fully implemented? Under Obamacare, if you don’t enroll, you face a penalty of either $950 a year or 1 percent of family income; this would mean you would need to make a minimum of $95,000 to pay 1% equaling $950 dollar; the short of it is the makers of this bill are not for the little guy or the middle class, this bill makes the middle and lower class pay a higher rate for their penalty. CNN report says $45,790 is the average income in America with the middle class income elsewhere sited as $36,000 to $57,657. What this mean at $36,000 income you would be paying 2.6% and at $57,657 you would be paying 1.6% penalty, not the 1% penalty. The smaller 1% penalty is saved for people with more money like senators, bankers, union bosses, lawyers, well you get the picture. If this law is so good then why did the politicians, their helpers, and unions get waivers? The question you need to ask is, “Does Obamacare really help the poor and does it allow the rich a ways out of Obamacare the common person can’t afford?”

This does not help the poor and penalizes the poor more if they do not pay. The lower income jobs which middle class and lower class income people depend on are ending full time employees because of the burden of this bill; it has essentially turned the normal 40 hour work week into a 29 hour work week. I know many businesses in the news have publically stated they were dropping most employees to 29 hours to remove the massive burden from them brought by this bill yet President Obama says there is no proof this will hurt anyone. Does this mean the lower and middle class doesn’t count? Since 2009 the average income in the US has dropped for these classes by almost 2%; the middle and lower class with the effects of this bill will end up working two 29 hour a week jobs with no benefits and made to pay for Obamacare out of their pockets. The bottom line is the house has sent up several different ways to fix this and make our politicians fall under the same rules they passed for us but Harry Reid and the gang want their cake and eat it both. Where did the good Democratic politicians like Sam Nunn, who cared for the people, the military, and the integrity of the office go and how did we get the likes like Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi who want nothing more then to control the people and get as much as they can from us. How did we let Republicans politicians like John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Olympia Snowe who are no different then the Democrats I referenced get and stay into office? With the exception of Mr. McCain’s military time; none of them, including Mr. McCain has done anything to advance this country or help its people.

The bottom line is we have went five years without a budget which is mandated by the US Constitution and the reason being is politicians in charge (this time the Democrats) can spend as much as they want as long as they are not constrained by a budget; hence the $16.7 Trillion dollars in National Debt. All previous National debt from all former administrations (no neither President Reagan $2.6 Trillion dollars, nor President Clinton $5.7 Trillion dollars had a balance budget) accumulated a deficit of $9 Trillion dollars which should have been stopped decades ago but in the last five years with no budget in place it has escalated 53.9%; this is what happens when we elect liberals. The military should receive a flat 20% (for augment sake) budget tied to the national net revenue, this will prevent future politicians from either side using our military or the Department of Defense as political pawns. Our current politicians have few who care for the middle or lower class and the ones in charge now, no matter what they say, do not care about you. Giving you a fish doesn’t teach you how to succeed but holds you down; not having a budget and raising the debt ceiling doesn’t help us, it puts us in chains and enslaves us to the debt. Does this government shutdown hurt any of the politicians, NO; it only hurts the government blue collar working men and women many who live pay check to pay check and will never see the $174,000 the Senate receives a year. My sister is one, a single mom, and has never seen a six digit income or close to it, now she and many others are suffering because this administration doesn’t care.

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