The National News Media Disgracing our Military and Veterans

The people who fought and survived when many of their friends died; these people being female, male, Black, White, Latino, Asian, WWII vets, Korean Vets, Vietnam vets, Gulf War Vets, and any others I may have missed who marched on DC because of our government's treatment of our veterans. This is a legitimate form of protest we have all seen from many groups but the way the press covers it is reprehensible; the National News Media portray them; as racist, brawlers, whackos, mentally ill, Tea Partiers, and to the only person out of the hundreds of thousands with a confederate flag (if there were more the media would have showed it) and anything else negative they could. Unfortunately Sarah Palin (R) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had to use this as a political platform which in my mind tarnished the veterans purpose which the media harshly pointed out but the media didn't harshly anything about the political speeches for the illegal aliens march, or that everything was set up courtesy of our government for the illegal aliens but not for our vets; this was despicable. On the other hand the media did use the illegal aliens rally to praise the senators who spoke there but condemned the ones who spoke here; both should have been treated equally and fairly but this is not our National News Media's way.

At the veteran march you have female, male, Black, White, Latino, Asian, WWII vets, Korean Vets, Vietnam vets, Gulf War Vets, and other vets coming together; Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Republican, conservative, liberal, and others I may have missed coming together to say to all the politically elected officials; stop punishing the people, our country, our children, and our veterans. We know the administration sent letters out during the sequester and this shutdown saying "make it hurt" referring to hurting "We the People" and we know it is because most the politicians from all parties are greedy, partisan, elitist, and instead of doing what is best and right for our country and to help its citizens, they would rather do what helps themselves, their party, and their pocket.

No death benefits should ever be stopped for our fallen military; if it is all three, The President, House, and Senate Leaders should be removed and sent back to where they came. The military have fought, bled, and died for this country when most in congress have never served because they only think of themselves. They will say "But I am serving, I'm an elected official"; you are serving but only yourself. When you join the military you loose many of your freedoms, you loose time with your family, you loose your health, and now with our current elected officials, you loose the dignity and honoring to military members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. How many in the Oval Office and the US Congress would ever put themselves in position to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country and it's people; I can guarantee you few. Our media never reports on the way our military is treated, the way they are constantly used for political props; well they don't unless it fits their political agenda which makes it worse then the politicians.

The march on DC was for the veterans to say we have fought, bled, been crippled, and many of our friends have died for our country and you need to start fixing it because your greed is what has broken it. What happened to Lance Corporal Jeremiah Collins family, not being able to fly to and bury their sun should never happen; the consistent slashing of promised veterans benefits just to give to those to lazy to work should never happen; and the ignoring of the US Constitution should never happen! I get even more upset because our National News Media always take any military or veteran story and twists it to their needed view or agenda no matter how much it hurts the military and their family; this should never happen. Depending on what side of the isle the president is from will determine what you will say and how you will portray the military. An example of this is during President Bushes time the was a death meter on many channels showing the military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan but it went away immediately after the election of President Obama; are the military personnel dying under President Obama not as important? If it wasn't for our military, you the media wouldn't have the "Freedom of the Press"; so why do you keep stabbing us in the back?

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