Deficit, Taxing, and the Fiscal Destruction of America

We have a major problem in our country and in business anytime you have a problem, you find the root cause and fix it. With our country's problem we have many root causes,over taxing, over regulation, running up debt, massive entitlements, politicians refusing to look at facts, but the biggest problem is no accountability in our government. Our elected politicians lie more then a rug lies on the ground; they refuse to admit error and when confronted by truth, instead of debating the issues they result to personal attacks. It seems like we are being transformed into a socialist country, this is not what our forefathers would have wanted or any true patriot. First, we rebelled against England's tyrannical control and battled in the War of Independence to get away from the massive taxation, regulation, intrusion, and subservient slavery of the common person. Today due to the massive government bureaucracy we have almost returned to the same enslavement we had under England; it has become so intrusive that in places in America the politicians are telling us what to eat, drink, and even what temperature we can set our house thermostats. The taxes are due to greed and the regulations are for enslavement; this is how tyranny controls its people. 

The government has never been able to do anything as efficient as the free market place, the free market and capitalism will always make everything cheaper, better, and more profitable then the government. Look at the Obamacare website for a modern day example; experts from FaceBook, Twitter, and even Harvard University has said they could do it for less with the highest quote for making the web at $2 million dollars;  our government spent between $400 and $600 million. Many say we need to tax more and that the upper income people "aren't paying their fair share" but the truth is 40% of the lower income people aren't paying any taxes at all and many receive more back then they pay; so who isn't paying their fair share. The top 1% of money makers pay 37% of all the taxes, the top 5% of money makers pay 59% of all the taxes, so 95% of our citizens pay 41% of taxes; that doesn't sound fair.

If you taxed every millionaire everything they made in one year, it would be $726 Billion which is less then our projected yearly deficit; our true problem is spending with 60% of our expenditures going to entitlements. The root cause is spending, I cannot spend more then I make, a business can't spend more then the revenue it brings in so why can our politicians spend more then our government brings in? Why do our politicians lie about having a spending problem; Nancy Pelosi-"We don't have no spending problem", Tom Harkin-"We don't have no spending problem", and Steny Hoyer was called out by a NBC reporter when he stated the definition of a spending problem but wouldn't say we had a spending problem. You have Nancy Pelosi saying, "no one is saying it has to be balanced" talking about the budget and deficit; this is the problem. I showed these Democrats denying a spending problem but I know if the shoe would have been on the other foot the Republicans may be the ones denying the problem.

Massive entitlements are the second biggest problem we have, at the end of President Clintons and President Bushes terms entitlements were strenuous on our system. Under President Obama in New York alone, the 2008 Food Stamps expenditures went from around $28 Million to around $46 million in mid 2011; this is a 40% raise in just over three years. This is just one area with many areas of entitlements raising at the same rate of even higher. When their is over 60% of our budget going to people for not working we have a problem. I know we have the elderly, the mentally challenged, and the physically challenged we need to take care of, but we do not need to take care of the lazy, schemers, and criminal, unfortunately that is most of our elected officials. We do need to start holding them accountable, no matter which party, to the same standard as we the people. What many people miss is why we were so productive up to the mid 1970s, afterword our productivity started going down. As I have said before, the ones who protect us in this country, the military, has taken cut after cut for years; they are the ones who gave many the skills and discipline to be marketable in the work place. The lost of training once provided by the military and the liberal agenda to equal the fiscal standard of all citizens (socialism) in the main reason for our failure to be a producing country as we were 40 years ago. Laws are only to be made by congress but since the 1970s many US Government entities have been making their own laws which has crippled our country do to special interest. President Nixon ended the draft in 1973 but we never replaced the job skill training with another system so now instead of all the males being trained in the military with a workplace skill, we have done nothing. In the last 40 years we have allowed our production in this country to take a nose dive due to the massive regulations on businesses and providing able body people substitutes who should be working. Instead of our people being free to achieve anything they could as our founding fathers envisioned, our corrupt elected officials want to take away from the achievers and give to the lazy and for what; votes.

Dignity and honesty in our government is almost non existent; we should have class and honor in our congress and especially our white house, instead we have our president flipping Speaker John Boehner the bird because they disagree and our first ladies stating, "All this for a damn flag" referring to the American flag; they should be setting the example. I have never seen this level of disrespect from any party toward another party, our flag, or our nation. This is our biggest problem in our nation, the politicians from both sides of the isle have perverted the honor and respect the offices once held; special interest groups have more power then the majority (not talking race), and political correctness has destroyed much of our countries foundation which is what kept us strong. In stead of being for our country and we the people, the politicians are only for their grander, power, and pocket books. The ones bringing down the dignity of their offices need to be replaced no matter the party.

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