Why America is Screwed Up!

When Jay Carney, the mouth piece for the "most transparent administration" (that's a laugh), is asked questions about the failure and lies of the administration on Obamacare, he does the most informative thing possible from a transparent administration, he remains quite and walks out of the press conference.

What else can you say; what about the IRS who targets people, they gave out $132 Billion in wrongful payments over the last decade and receiving bonuses for good work, under the Democrats and Republicans; they are going to run Obamacare?

When we ask the question, "what party hates women", the fact are different from what you hear from the media. Since President Obama was elected, the number of women holding jobs has dropped to a 24-year low with 154,000 less women working.

Then we have a government shutdown and at the end, we spend billions more in pork spending to get Mitch McConnell to get his payoff. Good job there trying to hold the deficit down senator.

If you look at the true actual numbers instead of what the Obama-Media says you will see according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 90,609,000 are not working; with a nation of roughly 313,900,000 a 28% over all unemployment rate. I wonder how President Obama can get the Obama-Media to report 8% unemployment; it might have something to do with filling his staff with more journalist then any other president in history with 16th journalist in the administration. President Bushes numbers weren't quite as bad but they were close, 80,507,000 which converts to 25% so both parts are sucking on this front.

Now one of the worse senators in congress for stabbing his party in the back I have ever seen in 50 years from either side, wants to run for president again. Mr. McCain, did you notice the last time you ran 30% of the Republican base that voted in the election didn't vote for a presidential candidate. If the Republicans let Mr. McCain run again, they deserve to loose again. Close to 25% of their base did the same thing to Mr. Romney and the Republican Party can't figure it out? I'm an independent and vote for who I think will be the best but your Republican base is conservatives; if you keep picking what your base refers to as RINOs for you presidential candidates  because "they have done their time", you will never be in the presidents seat again. The last three times you tried with RINOs, your base did the same thing, Mr. Dole, Mr. McCain, and Mr. Romney was your RINO picks and what happened; it don't take a genius to figure this out. Many independents like me are the same way, if we don't like the Democrat and Republican candidate because both are bad for our country, why vote.   

There is also food stamps being turned into cash on Craigslist; I'm sure this is another entitlement waste of we the peoples money from both parties not counting the government spending $130,000 on a NFL team to promote a law?

With all the screw-ups we see from both parties in our political system we need to first, get away from being the regulation nation we currently are and get our government back to the "KISS" principle (Keep it Simple Stupid). The Obamacare website could have been built for under a million dollars according to experts and we spent $600 million and it doesn't work. This happens under both parties and it needs to stop. We need the 28th Amendment but we need to first get people back into office who are for we the people; currently we have too many lawyers (sorry, couldn't resist).

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