Judges Gone Wild (Judge Bert I Ayabe)

We are going to start with Hawaii Circuit Judge Bert I Ayabe as our first “Judges Gone Wild”; please tell me if you agree. He is a self confessed Liberal Judge which must believes the constitution is outdated. He is the president of the Hawaii State Trial Judges Association. Judge Ayabe was one of six nominees for a Hawaii Supreme Court vacancy in 2010. He first came to light during the request for the original type written birth certificate for Mr. Obama, but not over the request for it which no presidential candidate is history has ever refuse to provide but because he refused to let it be released with any supporting document. Look Mr. Obama is our President but why would the judge refuse to release it I don’t know; it would have shut everyone up so there was either something to hide for his candidate or he believes he is the almighty powerful judge and doesn’t believe the law and constitution applies to him. This is just back ground so don’t read into it; he now has shown which it may be.

The US Supreme Court in 2011 ruled it was the right of the people to film government officials while on duty and is protected by the 1st Amendment. The 9th Federal Circus Court (yes I meant to say Circus, they have been overturned more then all the others combined) was overruled after the judgment by the Hawaii court said you couldn’t which means First Circuit Judge Bert I. Ayabe would know this but click on his name and see what happens next.

On September 10, 2013, Dr. Horowitz was filming Williams for a documentary and Judge Bert Ayabe told the police to shutdown all video taping which he was repeatedly told it was allowed by the US Supreme Courts ruling. There was no law or ordinance which allowed this but the police did what the judge said even knowing it was illegal. Mr. Anthony Williams was an attorney for a woman who was a victim of foreclosure fraud and organized crime and respectively informed the judge and sheriff that they were violating the US Supreme Courts decision and their Constitutional rights. The camera was still running when Williams asked “WHAT LAW” prohibits journalists from videotaping but the neither the judge nor sheriffs could not answer the question. The sheriffs ordered Dr. Horowitz leave the court but when she got up to leave the police attacked her, dragging her out of the court and after seeing how many witnesses there was to their assault they arrested her but couldn’t answer what the violation was; and turned around on September 13, 2013 they arrested Attorney Anthony Williams. Then the Court Clerk stated, “State Supreme Court Rule 5,” but everyone knew that was no law, it was an administrative rule which violates the US Supreme Courts ruling and is used as a way to control information, the media, and ultimately the people. In short these “rules” diminish freedom, and violate our Constitution, civil rights, civil liberties, and much more but this is the liberal way. One of the plaintiffs stated later it was because they did not want the corrupt proceedings videotaped as evidence. I didn’t see the connection at first but after digging found something even more disturbing about this judge.

Everyone with even the smallest brain knows courts and the States must bring their laws and rules in line with Federal laws and Supreme Court Rulings in order to be lawful and have officials not violate their oaths of office. Why would this judge go to such extremes to shutdown the court and any proceedings being video taped? I found this answer and this shows how much the courts and police are corrupt in Hawaii. Circuit Judge Bert I Ayabe owns owns a minimum of $25,000-$50,000 of stock in the Bank of Hawaii, the principal money maker in all these foreclosure actions; can you say “Conflict of Interest”.  If you research Hawaii law, Rule 2.11 (a)(3) of Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct mandates that a judge not have an “economic interest in a party to the proceedings and stock ownership in a part” which is an automatic disqualification in every jurisdiction in the US. Our slick judge here tried to use de minimis (the law cares not for small things) but this is not sufficient for a judge to remain on the case by saying the holdings are de minimis. If you research the US Supreme Court rulings you will find Case law “Thomson V. McGonagle, 33 Haw. 565, 566, (1935)”; this settled the de minimis ruling crooked judges where using to cheat people and settled it where no official, including judges, can be directly involved with cases in which they have any financial holdings. I think the Plaintiffs who stated it was because they did not want the corrupt proceedings videotaped as evidence were probably right because this ruling directs that Judge Bert I Ayabe is disqualified from this case.

This is once again what happens when you elect these leftist/liberals from both sides into office and they pick these judges. If you elect a candidate that loves big government, one thing you can see throughout history is the bigger the government, the lesser your rights. This judge, just like most of the 9th Circus Court judges needs to be removed from his place because he is suppose to uphold the rule of law; not you his law position to circumvent it for his gain. Is it any wonder why people have been taking the law into their own hands lately; police and judges like this is exactly what our founding fathers fought against. This is the beginning stages of tyranny. Something to think about, this judge is the president of the Hawaii State Trial Judges Association; how is he influencing the other judges?

One last note, if you have a judge that belongs on this list please send their name and links so I can research them; your judge may be the next one on the Judges "Gone Wild" list.

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